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excellent, 16 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Story of the formation of the first professional female baseball league, during World War II.

Playing rounders for a living is a tough job - but someone's gotta do it. And, in 1943 America, with Joe DiMaggio and co off fighting Gerry, it was down to the womenfolk to keep the sport of baseball ticking over.

As it happens, the All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League became popular enough that it survived for a further eight years after the War came to an end. But 'A League of Their Own' tells the story of those first pioneers to replace their oven gloves with catcher's mitts, as it were.

Central to the tale are the sisters Dottie and Kit (Geena Davis and Lori 'Tank Girl' Petty), who are plucked from their jobs as milk maids to join the ranks of the newly-formed Rockford Peaches. Among their more prominent team-mates are Rosie O'Donnell as the burly no-messing Doris, Megan Cavanaugh as gorilla-faced hard-hitter Marla, and good ol' Madonna as the yo-yo-drawered Mae 'All-The-Way' Mordabito.

But it's largely the presence and performance of Tom Hanks as washed-up Major League hero Jimmy Dugan that lifts this a cut above the average sport movie. Dugan's a boozer and a cynic, but he's also got a bit of heart, and gradually begins to take his job as Peaches manager more and more seriously - so much so, in fact, that by the end of the movie he even knows some of his players' names. Now that's dedication! Hanks also gets all of the funniest lines in this solid and, for the most part, entertaining feel-gooder. It's also an interesting story that's being told, although it inevitably contains practically every cliché we've come to expect from sports flicks, from the easily-categorized team "characters" to the big end-of-season-game climax. The film also gets bogged down in mushiness in the final stages, when we're reminded that the whole thing's being told in flashback and are returned to the modern day reunion of the girls, now all old biddies of course. Look out for the dodgy bit of dubbing involved in putting Geena Davis' voice over the lip-movements of old Lynn Cartwright in the role of "Older Dottie".

Mario Party 3 (2000) (VG)
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not a bad game, 28 June 2005

I didn't mind playing Mario Parrty 3, but i have got to say that it is no way near as good as the original which is the first ever Mario Party that was released on Nintendo 64. I do like Mario Party, I played the 4th Mario Party game which was the first ever Mario Party game to be released on the console Nintendo Gamecube. Now there are 6 Mario party games and I've only played Mario Party, Mario Party 3, and Mario Party 4. I would like to play Mario Party 2, Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6. I wonder if the will ever be another Msrio Party game, Mario Party 7. I'm sure there will be. I also would like to see another mario Sunshine game. Mario Sunshine 2. That would be cool because I did enjoy playing on Mario Sunshine. I give Mary Party 3 7 out of 10.

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fantastic, 27 June 2005

I watched Puppies for sale for the first time in 2005, i searched for this movie every where and i was happy that finally i found the movie. I look for very very hard movies and it does take time, all you have to do is keep trying, never ever give up or you won't be able to see what you want to see. Try is the answer. I found a hard link to this and it was hard to find: And i must say, I absolutely fell in love with this movie, the puppies were so sweet, it is a shame that puppies for sale wasn't made into a longer movie, it would have been great for this to be a proper heart warming movie. So great. jack Lemmon is my favourite actor and as many movies i have seen him in, i near say anything bad about his work, he is truly a heart warming, kind, gentle actor i have ever seen and i like people like that. I give puppies for sale 10 out of 10 because it is such a heart warming movie, I could watch it over and over again. It touches you heart and makes it gentle and warm.

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Great movie, 4 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now I have seen all 11 the land before time movies and i still don't get bored or tired of them, they just keep coming in and i think that now they are the worlds animated movie series to hold the most movies than any other animated movie, I thought that an American tail would get far with more animated movies, so far there are only 4 an American tail movies, i want more because i love the movies, but i still prefer the land before time movies, ever since the day i was born, They have started since 1988.

THE LAND BEFORE TIME: 1988 THE LAND BEFORE TIME II: The great valley adventure: 1994 THE LAND BEFORE TIME III: The time of the great giving: 1995 THE LAND BEFORE TIME IV: Journey through the mists: 1996 THE LAND BEFORE TIME V: The mysterious island: 1997 THE LAND BEFORE TIME VI: The secret of saurus rock: 1998 THE LAND BEFORE TIME VII: The stone of cold fire: 2000 THE LAND BEFORE TIME VIII: The big freeze: 2001 THE LAND BEFORE TIME IX: Journey through the mists: 2002 THE LAND BEFORE TIME X: The great longneck migration: 2003 THE LAND BEFORE TIME XI: Invasion of the tinysauruses: 2004

It has been rumoured that THE LAND BEFORE TIME 12 to be titled as:

THE LAND BEFORE TIME XII: The day of the flyers.

I give the land before time xi 10 out of 10

Dad (2005) (TV)
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A good piece of drama, 25 February 2005

This piece of drama was totally different to what i was expecting, as i thought it was going to be like the move Dad which stars Jack Lemmon and Ted Danson, I did enjoy this piece of drama as there was some good actors in it. I felt sorry for Richard Briers character as he was an old man who wanted things to be put right, for his wife and for himself. Things started to get worse for him after his accident, his wife ended up in a home and he was worried about her as he noticed that there were bruises on her arm, he wanted to look after her on his own, out of the home she was put in, The son was a right prat because he abused his own father, he was drived mad about his dad, wanting to do things he wanted but didn't get that, I felt sorry for the old man and almost cried, it was a weired ending as i thought they have should of done it better, to make it a happy ending. I enjoyed it, but felt sad towards the end. i give it 7 out of 10.

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One of the best tear jerker i have ever seen, 5 January 2005

Who will love my children has changed my heart, it made me cry all the way through, the most i cried with was when the family had to say goodbye to the baby, i cried the most with that, and each time a child was adopted, i cried when they had to say goodbye to their mother, it was sad for them to lose their mother, I felt sorry for the kid with epilepsy, i was glad he was adopted by the same family as one of his brothers. To me that boy i thought was the special one because he was going in a home. I feel that i am special because i am in a world with Aspergers Syndrome and sometimes when i feel down, i sometimes like to cry. I really enjoyed this movie, 10 out of 10. A true story, very good. Another movie that would bring tears to your eyes i think would haver to be Tuesday's With Morrie (

WWF Over the Edge (1999) (TV)
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God Bless you Owen, 17 December 2004

I will never forget what happened to Owen, it was a shocking moment to what had happened to him. He will always be remembered by his fans, friends and family etc: In my opinion it must have been the shocking moment of 1999, the worlds shocking moment of that year. He was such a good wrestler and loved by his fans, friends and family. He will always be in the hearts of us and all we have left of him now, is the memories and the videos of what he was in to do with wrestling, I heard about the rumours about making a movie based on Owen Hart's life. And his wife gave the creators her permission to make the movie. I will always remember Owen the way her was and i hope that goes for the rest of you who were fans of him. God Bless you Owen, and thank you for the good times you gave us.

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excellent, 4 December 2004

I thought Pinocchio 3000 was an excellent movie, Based on the Disney Movie Pinocchio, as this time this one is set in the future, for Pinocchio to be a robot instead of a wooden doll, i liked what was put into the movie as it was just like what the future would be like, cars, vans, etc: floating in the sky, everything that is set well into the future. In the year 3000, the 31st Century. Whoopi Goldburg is an excellent actress in my opinion, she has been for many decades. I never thought she would star in a movie that is animated and based on the same thing that's been made before. Overall i give this movie 10 out of 10 because i think it is fantastic. If i were you, go ahead and see this movie. You will be surprised with the difference.

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Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock, 30 October 2004

Halloween 3: Season of the witch is totally a complete different story in the halloween series, based on the season of the witch and is the odd halloween movie as this one is not based on Michael Myers. This movie was made in 1982, i first watched in 22 years later (2004) as i never heard or seen this movie before, I thought that this movie was OK, the music to the silver shamrock, HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SILVER SHAMROCK, AND THEN WITH IT ADVERTISED DAYS BEFORE HALLOWEEN FALLS (31ST October) 8 MORE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, 7 MORE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, 2 MORE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, AND THEN ON THE NIGHT THE HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN COMES ON WHEN LOTS AND LOTS OF CHILDREN ARE BUYING THE SILVER SHAMROCK HALLOWEEN MASKS. To me, i think Halloween 3: Season of the witch has got to be the least best movie in the halloween series because Halloween is mainly based on about the serial killer Michael Myers, i think it was a bit of a show off with Season of the witch coming out because i thought it spoilt it and then halloween 4 was released and it was back to the plot with Michael Myers on the loose again and killing more of his victims. i give Halloween 3: Season of the witch 5 out of 10.

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good, but 1st is better, 30 October 2004

Poltergeist II: The other side i think was a good movie as the sequel, but i reckon the original, Poltergeist has to be the best because it's what started the trilogy and i enjoyed the gore, the violence and strobe light in the movie, made in 1982, i thought it was quite effective with the grpahics. I thought this one was less frightening because to me i think the creators decided to take the frighteness down abit as well, i would think the first one shocked everyone as this what happened to The Exorcist and then the 2nd one came out. I give Poltergeist II 7 out of 10. I was very sad to hear about Heather O Rourke as she died during the filming of Poltergeist III, it was a shock to everyone and to the cast that starred in the movie. However, Poltergeist III was dedicated to Heather as it was her Last Movie.

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