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Here's a list of my theatrical memories.
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I know it's obscure in comparison to "The Hunger Games" and "Harry Potter," but if you haven't read the "Michael Vey," do so now.

UPDATE: I've decided to add alternative castings.
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Update: Decided to add the cast of "Second Son."
Update 2: Now that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, I changed her actress.
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If Hollywood gave ATLA another chance, here's who I'd cast.
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Here's who I would cast in the upcoming live action series for "Teen Titans."
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It's about time the Ronin Rabbit got his own film/series.
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This list is for the characters that were introduced in Shippuden. For part one, look here:

NOTE: I made this list back when Mickey Rooney was still alive.
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If you never heard of "I Hunt Killers," shame on you. If not, here's who I'd cast for a hypothetical live-action adaptation. I know ABC Family announced a TV series, but nothing has come of it since it was announced two years ago.
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Since I did one for the original MM, why not its sequel series?
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"Samurai Jack" isn't the only Genndy Tartovoski work that needs a cinematic continuation.
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If the upcoming SJ movie is live-action, here's who I'd pick.
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FMA is an anime I think can work in live-action. It has a more western setting, so that way we have lest racist casting like in "The Last Airbender," and it wouldn't alienate the audience. If you look at how we did "Harry Potter," you can see how it'll work. It's not over-the-top like "Dragon Ball." This may contain spoilers from the manga and anime.
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If they're going to remake "The Crow," their only excuse is if it's a direct translation of the comic.
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I imagine Japan doing this film, but I have a few white actors in mind.
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Yes, I know Japan made a "Gatchaman" movie, but it unfortunately sucked ass. That goes to show you that Japan isn't perfect either. This would be based on the story of the cancelled Imagi movie. If Imagi sells the film to another studio, I have doubts anyone would pick it up. The planned film was intended to be for mature audiences, and nowadays, mature animated films don't sell. An alternative would be doing the script in live action. The reason I'm using the BOTP and G-Force names is because those are the versions most people are familiar with.
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With America's love for Superhero movies, I think "Tiger and Bunny" has a lot of potential to appeal to Western audiences.
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I doubt "Truancy" will ever be made into a movie for two reasons: 1. It's incredibly obscure. 2. In this post-Columbine society, a lot of the trilogy's content just won't fly without controversy. However, if Hollywood decides to grow a pair of balls and try to make this, here's who I'd cast.
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My list if they decide to reboot from the beginning.
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If Hollywood tries to give DB another try, they should go the "Incredible Hulk" route and make it a sequel that doesn't acknowledge the events of the last movie. Besides, most Western DB fans were introduced to the franchise through DBZ anyway. To properly introduce the characters, there should be flashbacks explaining the events of DB subtly.
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