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Live! (2007)
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Good solid interesting film, why such a low rating?, 12 August 2012

I was surprised that this film was so good! Not just the script that kept me enthralled until the very end, not just the acting - kudos to Eva Mendes, she was outstanding, not just the editing that kept the film flowing perfectly, not just the direction, keeping it consistent, interesting and moving always in that suspense, but also because it has that same flavor, ambiance and sarcastic comedy/drama edge as NETWORK - the film takes the world of television to a level that one could say is almost prophetic.

I was amazed at how the acting of all the characters was great! The art direction, production design, all giving it that flavor of what television producing and production is all about. And the flow of it from the point of view of a documentary film maker was quite ingenious.

This film is fortunately on cable, so at least you have the chance to see it - and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this film!

Good solid EVERYTHING....

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Why?, 11 August 2012

I give it a rating of 7 because the acting is great! It was an important film for many cast and crew members and yes it won awards. What bothers me the most is why are homosexual men and women STILL accepted on the screen if they are portrayed as crazy, or murderers, psychopaths, etc etc etc. Yes of course it gave a certain edginess to the film - wasn't that the whole idea? But still - David Lynch - you should do better than that! Really! It gets boring to see these roles produced over and over and over and over again.

With that said, the film is interesting, there are some wonderful moments in the film, and I enjoy film noir, which is the wrong term for this film - how can it be film noir when it's in color? But then again, ahhhh all those young film makers.

The film could have been even more glorious if shot in black and white, but then we wouldn't have seen pink - hmmmm.

And the film is also very choppy - you have to go beyond beyond beyond to grasp the context of the film, because it is sometimes so far out into the world of David Lynch, one doesn't know what happened. I think, unfortunately, every one got nervous because of time factors, so editing was done to keep it within 2.5 hours, which again is unfortunate. I think if the film was able to play out longer, then the story line would be more comprehensible and much more interesting....but then again...

If there is a director's cut and a DVD with David's editing and how he wanted the film to really be seen, I would like to see that one....however that would not remove the stigma, the heaviness and unfortunate script of lesbian lovers gone mad.

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Brilliant a cinematic gem, 11 April 2012

Well it took me almost a year since its release to see the film. And I am surprised at how wonderful the film is. It is a great script. The film focuses on an older Margaret Thatcher as she looks back at her life and career and her relationship with her family, with her political colleagues and some of the decisions she made. Mostly it is a woman looking back at her life focused primarily on her husband.

Jim Broadbent is a great actor and he does not disappoint. He is as great as the older Dennis Thatcher as Meryl is in her role! And the man who played the younger Dennis Thatcher, is marvelous. In fact, I have to say that the entire cast is perfect! Just perfect.

I have been wowed by this film in an era when films do not wow me. This is a tour de force and honors Mrs Thatcher, as the first woman Prime Minister of England, whose politics I did not like (I lived in London during the early years of her Prime Minister-ship). Margaret Thatcher was a power-house and deserves our respect, regardless of where our political inclinations sit.

The editing of the film is solid, the cinematography also good, the direction is good, the interlacing of the history of this time period (using what looks like actual news footage of events)l is good.

This is just a good solid gem of a film! I wish it were longer, I wish there was time to go into more depth of the history however I cannot blame that on the film makers, that's usually the fault and concern of producers - you know those who are worried about how many minutes a film if they have never seen Gone With The Wind or other epics that transport you into a different time and place and hold your attention with the mastery and skill of craft.

This film does the same and yes Meryl Streep is wonderful she is simply wonderful. She could not have done this without the support of a great cast, great artists who dressed her and did her make up and hair, the great script makes it for her too.

Even when a film singularly becomes a potential vehicle for one 'star' there are all those around them who make that film work. A 'star' does not live in a vacuum, they must have the support of all those whose job it is to make a film work on all levels.

This film will hopefully in years to come become a classic. It deserves it. I was shocked and deeply moved at how much I enjoyed the film! What a surprise! It isn't just a vehicle for Meryl Streep, it is simply good solid film making. It is a gem.

Game Change (2012) (TV)
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Brilliant - my only complaint - it isn't in theatres, 10 March 2012

Amazingly good solid film. Julianne Moore is brilliant as Sarah Palin, and the rest of the cast - equally wonderful! The script is solid too, and keeps your interest, even if you remember every nuance of the Presidential race and the story we lived through. I don't want to say too much about the actual production, because it is so well done, mixing reportage with the actors. Mixing journalists with the actors.

It really is great. Congratulations to everyone at HBO and I really really really hope the film will be released in theatres around the country. It deserves the widest possible audience as possible.

I don't think it matters if you are Republican or Democrat, who you voted for or didn't vote either. The film is good, fair, interesting and well done.

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Awful - what a waste of money, energy, money, energy, 7 January 2012

won't even say it is a waste of talent because there is apparently no talent in this film. The actors, a big line up were obviously paid a lot to do this - Julia Roberts uses her name to land a lot of money in her bank account and let's face it she can't act. And this film really gives it all away. Finally exposed for the fraud she is.

Give me a break. What a terrible sexist, anti-feminist story this film is. Give me a break. With all these actors lined up there are very few if any moments in the film worth waiting up for.

I look for some sort of redeeming feature in a film - the score, the script, the scenery, actors, plot, locations, props, score - opps I said that. To use Tango music in Rome is the summation of how everything in a film can be wrong....and I won't get into the editing, it is as poor as the script and storyline.

Don't waste 2 hours of your life on this film unless of course you want a lesson on how not to make a film.

Blizzard (2003)
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A lovely lovely film, 20 December 2011

Well it is almost Christmas 2011 and I just watched this film on cable. I enjoyed it immensely. What a sweet lovely family film! It has that delicious Christmas spirit that we sometime long for. It has that gentleness that one treasures in family style films. The film has a certain quality that is similar to THE PRINCESS BRIDE - the telling of a story.

The film is great for any family of any religious background. It is a story of passion of sport, passion for life, passion for friendship, the magic of giving and sharing and the Christmas spirit.

Enjoy the film! A delightful cast, wonderfully filmed, with a great script. It has all those elements we appreciate in a Christmas story, similar to IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Thank you for keeping this film alive on cable.

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Wonderful, just wonderful, 17 December 2011

Yes I am a Jerry Lewis fan - I grew up in the Borscht Belt and remember him from the days he performed at the Browns Hotel. I was a volunteer for his Labor Day Telethon, and my grandfather told me stories of Jerry, before he was a star, coming into my grandfather's store in South Fallsburg, New York, jumping on the counter, tap dancing, singing and being completely crazy!

And I am a big fan of this film. For young documentary film makers, this is a great film to enjoy and learn from. I can't give the film a higher compliment than that.

Jerry Lewis's talent is legendary, his contribution to the entertainment world and primarily the film industry continues even today. His passion, his love of craft, his desire to learn, study and make it better, his love of nurturing young talent and sharing his knowledge and experience is astounding, admirable and hats of to this amazing man.

I can't wait for the film to be available on DVD so that I can share it with my friends and family.

Thank you Jerry Lewis. You make this world a better place. And the film is a great piece of work. Thank you!

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Good solid film - congratulations, 25 November 2011

I truly appreciate this film and congratulate the well rounded cast - men, women, small parts, large parts - well done. There are a few flaws in the film, which I don't want to get into as it could influence some of you who have not seen the film.....these flaws have to do with the script not staying on the edge enough - meaning I was able to guess where the script/action was going and that is something I don't like doing - I want the script to always always always surprise me. With that said, I can forgive the screenwriter a bit, but not totally.

Janet Jackson was for me the surprise of the film - I thought she was truly wonderful in her role and did a fine job. She was one of the few 'non actors' in the film and held her own with everyone else in the ensemble cast. I had expectations from others in the cast, having seen their work in other films and they all did well and appreciate their performances. The only other 'big' disappointment in the film was the role played by Whoopi Goldberg - I'm a big fan of her work however something was a miss with her role and I don't blame her. Again I think it has to do with the script.

I am not a Tyler Perry fan - I think he does a lot of negative images and impressions of African Americans and he loves stereo-types. Besides Precious, most of his films are very flawed, even racist. This film perhaps would never have manifested if it wasn't for the influence and power and money Mr Perry has. I don't think he should have directed the film and written the script. I think he should have worked more in collaboration with someone or someones and that would have helped the film tremendously.

His ego got in the way too many times....however again, that is part of the 'flawed' aspect of a film, which generally speaking I appreciate and enjoy. I rated it 9 because of the ensemble cast - they did a great great great great job.

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Good solid suspense film, why did the critics not like it?, 17 September 2011

Who knows why critics like or dislike films. This is a good solid film, with a huge cast and they all do a wonderful job. The script is good, the cinematography too is fine, and the entire story telling is just great. James Franco is amazing! I don't want to even suggest what his role is in the film - because if you don't know - let him surprise you. This is one of those films that I had not seen until it was on cable, and my apologies for not seeing it sooner.

The direction of the film - great! It is gritty, it is at times dark and hard, at times tugs on the heart.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! EVERYONE was great.

Good solid film - well done, 2 September 2011

Start with the cast - wonderful. From Whoopi Goldberg, Mary Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore - that's just for starters - a solid cast. Each one holds her own and rounds out the character with humor, sensitivity and a truthfulness. The script - good solid script - the director - Herbert Ross - he knew how to tell a story. And don't forget the soundtrack - love the music!

Add to that one of the first scripts that looked at AIDS from the eyes of women. Not just a straight woman, but also a gay woman. How the characters both men and women deal with the issue, which is usually for Hollywood and the motion picture world, a male issue (the only other film I can immediately refer to as an AIDS film relating to women is the HBO film GIA).

I highly recommend the film for all audiences - including teenagers. It deals with many delicate issues with great warmth, love, trust, humor and truthfulness.

Thank you for this little gem!

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