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The Best Biker Flick, 10 April 2013

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I removed my first review and am "updating". I kind of gave it a scathing review first time. I just bought another $150's worth of "cheap biker movies" from White Horse Gear and this was one of them. It's the best "cheap biker movie" you can get and worth it. Real bikers instead of tattoo-free clean-cut actors. Tramp does an excellent job. Very nicely done. All he had to do was be himself! Keep your eye on "Tiny". Later in the movie, you can tell he's very drunk (no drinking on the set, Tiny!) He wobbles and staggers about but then again, just being himself. One scene, Sonny tries to start his chopper and kicks it while it's in gear. Good thing it didn't start! "Slatejer" said it was funny watching Angels on "tiny Japanese bikes" but there was only one in the desert scenes. Conny Van Dyke's character was on a Hodaka. The rest were vintage European and English bikes. Sonny's dirt bike was a huge Triumph (good choice, Mr. Barger!) You need this movie! It is kind of sad seeing the Angels in this movie who are not with us anymore.

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Mild Mannered Bros., 10 April 2013

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I was very first. I'm the guy who collects "cheap biker movies". I just received this along with a dozen others I ordered from White Horse Gear (good place to find rare biker flicks) I assumed that there were 1% outlaw-type bikers in the lead terrorizing Barbara Eden's character. No. It was a bunch of obviously spoiled brats with expensive toys. The "bikers" were older, kind of rickety men. Patrick Swayze didn't come across as very intimidating as a terrorizing character but everyone needs work and he took the role. Kevin Bacon would have worked out better. As the movie progressed, it came about nicely. The first 1/2 hour or so is tedious but just wait. It gets better. This is a good movie to share with young kids, it's that tame. Of course Barbara Eden makes the movie. She still was looking good back in 1981. A bit more junk in the trunk but she wears it well. I wouldn't recommend this movie to "cheap biker movie" collectors but it is different. It's a "made for television" movie with cuts intended for commercial inserts. I'd recommend it.

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Sons of Laffery, 4 March 2013

I watched about 5 minutes of it and had to go puke. I googled"Laffing Devils" and there's no such club. There is a "Brotherhood" M/C (est. 1972) but I dunno about this show. It's just another staged/fake/scripted piece of crap like Wicked Tuna, Redneck Gator-Humpers, Hard-Core Spawn etc. etc. etc. People actually believe all this crap is real. Back to Devils Ride. What I saw was a 1%'r sitting down with 3 one percenters from another club on a sidewalk cafe table. As they're "chatting", each "Bro" has a camera in his face meaning 4 cameras would be required. Then a shot from across the street reveals NO cameras at or around the table. That means the show is scripted, the "Bros have to rehearse and memorize their lines. No 1% club is not going to do this kind of B.S. The cameras would be shoved...well, you know.Besides, you have to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild to even have more than seven words of dialogue. No 1%'r is joining the Guild, trust me. "One Percent" my butt. The only thing 1% about it is the idiots who watch it. That's their I.Q. "1%" Pretty sad state when Outlaw 1% clubs have to be made up and viewers are convinced this crap is real.

Smokey and the Band-Aid, 3 March 2013

Where to begin? I have yet to be able to watch this bomb for more than 15 minutes. What was "The Great One" (Gleason) thinking? I just don't get it. I know he loved to drink and he would have had to have been bombed to DO this bomb.

This was probably made during the peak of cocaine abuse in Hollywood. The drug obviously affected the judgment of all involved except Gleason who was just doing it for the easy money. He even admitted it. Anyway, if you thought Smokey II was bad, this somehow is worse. Even if you are a fan of bad movies, this isn't worth the time. It's not "bad". It's "useless"!

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Top Notch Comedy, 5 October 2012

It seems poor Bobo Fett1138 doesn't understand what "Comedy" is about. This double feature is priceless. What's not to like abut this movie? You have two tragic events made fun of to the point of comedic insanity. Sure, Nancy K. was "America's Sweetheart" and got smacked in the knee. Then we found out what she was really like. Stomping off the ice when she didn't win gold and losing her soup sponsorship for acting that way. She deserved being laughed at in this movie. And Lorena "Bobbed-it". Another tragedy. Poor guy gets his...well, you know, snipped off. And get's it back! Nothing too bad about that in the end. Let's have fun with it! That's what this movie, and all comedy's are about: Having fun. We all, with the exception of one wet blanket, loved it! Highly recommended.

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Nyuk, nyuk...nyot!, 23 July 2012

I see nothing but rave reviews. I have to disagree and put in my 2 cents "woith". I waited for the DVD to come out. Finally. First thing I notice is the price. Cheap. About 7 bucks less than any other new release.

Uh-oh...Well, being I'm a hard-core Stooge fan, I had to have it. Watching it that night, I couldn't believe it. It was slow and had very few slapstick know...violence! Sure, the lobster down the pants made me smile, but I bought this to laugh, not smile. It got to the point I was wishing it ended, when watching the original Stooges,I am bummed when they ended. The only reason to buy this DVD is to keep your Stooge collection updated. I'll probably never watch it again. I don't know exactly what it was that turned me off...poor copy-cat plot, rotten script or what. Save your dough and buy the DVD's of the original Stooge shorts. They just need to try again...after asking Stooge fans what they didn't like about the movie.

The Grey (2011)
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Just don't, 19 May 2012

My wife kept seeing the previews on T.V. and insisted on seeing it. To keep it simple, it's a horrible movie. Just no explanations of why these guys did what they did. Example: They leave the safety of the crash and wreckage that provided plenty of shelter and headed into the woods knowing the wolves are in there. Sure, make firewood runs into the woods during the day, but...weird. NEVER leave the crash site. It's common sense. The ending is the worst ending since the ending in Dutch Treat. The wolf is about to have it out with the lone survivor and it ends. The credits roll. Everyone in the theater leaves. AFTER the credits, the grand finally of the wolf/man fight! How were we to know? I just heard that's how it ends but I ain't wasting more money just to see the very end. Why after the movie "ends" and credits roll? Who's idea was that? Folks, trust me. Een with that, the movie sucked...BAD!

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Dune buggied rednecks, 4 March 2012

Jack said the rednecks are on "Go-Carts". I own the movie and watch it every few years or so. They are driving dune buggies. A far cry from go carts. I think the movie is great! Very unrealistic which helps make it great. I collect cheap biker movies and this well qualifies. Unrealistic is letting a fellow club member leave so he can get his head together. You gotta have a better reason for leaving any outlaw club. Usually it's prison or death. Just taking off don't cut it. Having a tripping Indian with trippy cookies is a first. Usually outlaws will do some things for cash. These "Bros" go for "cookies"! God bless 'em! Next they will be killing for apple pie. Yes, you could find better things to do with your time than watching this. Usually crushing your fingers in a vise or sticking your face in a fan is more entertaining. If you love cheap biker movies (and vintage dune buggies) you will LOVE this pile.

To the Doubters..., 29 January 2012

I see some of the reviewers have no clue. The ones that give a 9 or 10 rating are probably Vets. The 1 raters are your non-vets. First off, keep in mind, this (Deer Hunter) is fiction. Not based on any events other than a war and a steel mill. One rater says how they just suddenly were in Viet Nam. No basic or anything. How long would you want the movie to be?! All 3 going to the same place? It's called "The Buddy System". You could request to stay together. The brass didn't care as long as they had warm bodies. One rater with his "Hmmmmm..." He needs to do some research. How do you people know what went on over there? Russian Roulette? All kinds of "stuff" went on. Mostly torture and starvation. No medical help (ask John McCain). You doubters need to understand: Viet Nam was not a ten year long "Rambo" movie. They didn't fire 600 continuous rounds from a single magazine. One guy wonders why they went from the U.S. to combat/P.O.W. camp within a minute or so. Ever watch "Pappion"? Steve McQueen does 5 years in solitary in about 15 seconds. It's only a movie, guys! To all you Vets out there who read the drivel from the Rambo-loving non-vets, I apologize. They don't have a clue. Maybe they should join the Military and get some education on what really happens in the Military. The Deer Hunter is a great movie. I did wonder how glaciers got in Pennsylvania, but they were there once about 20,000 years ago, so "what the hey?" DBF 3/67 A.D.A. 3rd. Inf. Div.

Hell Ride (2008)
I don't get it., 13 January 2012

One of my hobbies is collecting "Cheap Biker Movies". I saw this D.V.D. for sale (used) at this sandwich shop. While waiting for my food, I scanned it. The illustration on the box gave it a "Cheap Biker Movie" look, so I said to myself: "Self: You need this movie." They wanted $5 for it. I tried to haggle. The gal says: "But it stars (wrong!) Quentin Tarantino." I said: "Never heard of him." I never have! Well, I watched it. I tried to figure it out. The plot was in there somewhere. Something about a box of treasure. The flashbacks were not needed as far as I could tell. Just added to the confusion. I just don't know. I was expecting a "Cheap Biker Movie" and all I got was 80 minutes of boobs, butts, lousy acting, elementary school hard-guy dialog and a confusing plot. I would have liked to have seen what was in the safe deposit box at the end (how did they get that box out of the bank?) The reaction was what appeared to be an empty box. Empty box, empty plot, empty acting. Okay, NOW I get it! Watch "Satan's Sadists" for what a "Cheap Biker Movie" really is about. At least it has a (weak) plot. This was rambling garbage. The fact that it was released on D.V.D. before it hit any theater says how bad it is. The fact that it earned a hundred grand or so really says how bad it is. Anyone giving this more than 2 stars hasn't a clue. The people who gave it 9 and 10 stars are really lost. This movie was as bad as the sandwich. I'll never do both again. Be warned.

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