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A story about a girl that everyone thinks is a boy, 9 February 2006

Simone has just moved to a new town with her mother and it is the first day of school...a new school. Her mom bugs her about her hair and Simone simply cuts it of so that it looks boyish like. When she gets to school and the teacher calls up her name she thinks that there has been a misunderstanding so instead of calling Simone she calls Simon. Simone doesn't understand at first but then she answers and just like that everybody thinks she's a boy, all because of that hairdo. The story continues with what she has to deal with being a new kid and all, she falls in love...with a boy of course. They showed this in Sweden in two episodes I think, it was quite a while since I watched it. Can't wait to have in on DVD, unfortunately there is no release date yet.

Tungekysset (1988) (TV)
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Brings back youth memories, 29 April 2003

This is a short love story about this girl who's in love with a boy named Tom. He is one of the cool guys and this girl is not, so she watches him play with the cool girls and she dreams about him. One day he finds out and gains an interest for her. They go on a date and yeah, they kiss. That's why the movie is called "Tungekysset" it's norwegian for French kiss. It's a cute movie and it still makes me blush thinking about it. I think I really can refer to it that's why it's so dear to me.

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Incredible!!!, 21 April 2003

Can't believe I found this movie here. My parents used to record old russian and chechoslovakian movies for me and my sisters when we were little. This was one of them, and we still have it on VHS terrible quality but still!!! It's got danish subtitles on it, I didn't understand a single word and still...I love it. It's about this girl, Popelka. She lives as a servant with a mean lady and her daughter. Popelka's room is in the attic where she keeps an owl that she kind of communicates with. She has also got a horse and a dog. Another male servant brings her one day three nuts that he accidentally finds. These are magic nuts so when Popelka makes a wish and throws one over her shoulder, the wish comes true. One day she finds a prince and his two playful friends in the woods, she falls for him and so the adventure begins including beautiful dresses, climbing trees and dropping the shoe at the stairs on her way from the ball. And I think you all knows how this ends.

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Wonderful..., 21 April 2003

...this swedish movie written by Ulf Stark is a very good one. The author has done quite a few good movies such as "Dårfinkar och Dönickar". "Hunden som log" translation "the dog who smiled" is about this boy Jojjo and his friends a blond male sexmaniac and a girl called Peggy. They travel town...goes to school sometimes, entertain themselves by switching mail between mailboxes and just chill. Jojjo's dog is getting old and one day bites Jojjo that gets really sad. This is quite hard to explain been a while since I saw it and it hasn't been on TV for a while. I think that a lot of people can recognize themselves in this movie, it all about youth. There's a sequence in this movie where Peggy sings this beautiful song that gives me the chills, I can still remember a few words from it.

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Hearing the signature melody I feel like crying..., 15 April 2003

...this is a cartoon I strongly remember from my childhood. Couldn't have been more than five years old when my parents brought home Candy Candy for the first time. In each episode there's both laughter, crying, love and evil. Candy's originally an orphan found in the snow one day by one of the teachers from the orphanage. She grows up there but get's adopted. This family she gets to isn't such a pleasant family. Well, the father is, but the children and their mother is dreadful. While living with them Candy falls in love with a beautiful stranger that she meets one day in the forrest.

I really loved this cartoon as a child and I still do. Can't wait until I get children of my own so that I can introduce them to the wonderful world of Candy.

For those who liked Candy Candy, I recommend Sandybell, or Hello Sandybell as it is called.

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Maria, maria, you and only you., 12 April 2003

I still get the chills only from singing that line from the song. This is an old cartoon from 1976, kind of a cinderella tale. Maria, her farther, mr Bottle and their dog Bello Blue live in a small quiet town in wealth. One day a fake fortune teller and her horrible daughter arrives to town trying to earn some money by "reading peoples fortune" by looking at their hands. The old lady (more of a hag) reacts when seeing the shiny new coin Maria's father gives her. She forces herself on him and marries him. The hag and her daughter Mary-Lou are both awful, they treat Maria lika a slave and spends all of mr Bottles money. One day however Mary-Lou is taking a swim the a lake in a forrest nearby and she has brought Maria with her as personal assistance. While Maria is crying after been hit by Mary-Lou a prince approaches and he totally falls for this beautiful girl. He says to Maria that's he's just a poor hunter and sings this song for her and gives her a garnet stone necklace. Mary-Lou comes along and scares him off. The prince announces that he wants to get married and that the girl with the garnet stone necklace is the one. Mary-Lou takes notice of Marias necklace and throws it into a well. They both fall into the well and enters a new world. In this world the girls are put to a few tests cause they both claim that the necklace belongs to each and one of them. Maria passes all the tests as the good human beeing she is. Gets the prince and the story ends happily as these stories should. Wonderful movie, I have it on VHS not the greatest quality but it doesn't matter to me, I love it.

Labyrinth (1986)
It's only forever, not long at all., 10 April 2003

I first spotted this incredible movie on a danish channel sometimes in my teens. A few years later I saw it again and totally fell for it. Now that I work in a dvdshop I have access to almost all those movies you remember as a child. This movie however is so magical to me. But I guess all fairytales are. Sarah, a teenage girl that lives in a fantasy world of her own feels like she's being unrightfully treated by her father and his new lady. She's left one evening to babysit her younger babybrother when she in despair "wishes that the goblins would come and take him away". And so the goblins do. The goblin king appears and Sarah begs him to give her her brother back. He gives her a suggestion that if she can get through a labyrinth that leads to his castle in 13 hours she shall get her brother back. And so Sarah begins her journey through the labyrinth. An adventourus journey filled with magical creatures, wonderful music and danger.