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Excellent movie about human character, 25 June 2007

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I saw this movie only once back in Russia in early 1970. This movie was made very soon after 1960th, when there was a brief moment of freedom of expression after Stalin death and KGB atrocities were revealed to the public. It is nothing unusual to hear today, but in 1960 and in later decade such information was not welcome by the regime in power, as they were really not happy with the brief freedom of that period. As such this movies was rarely seen in 1970 and afterward. The move shows a Soviet pilot who was landed to save a friend on the German occupied territory. After he picked up his pilot friend, his plane exploded on take off, but he survived ( his friend died in the explosion). After avoiding Germans and coming back to Soviet held territory he was arrested as German spy, and he spend 10 years in the Gulag. After his release, he was trying to find his girlfriend (when he saw her picture in the Newspaper article). He meets numerous acquaintance of his girlfriend, but eventually he learns that she dies during the some classified test. All the people he met praise excellent charter of his girlfriend, even in the face of danger ( she defended some people against the KGB excesses). I say this is a rather rare movie of the Soviet Era, and must be considered a classic.

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Very Inspiring movie, 8 February 2007

This movie is based upon the book of the 19th Century Russian writer - Korolenko. I found it to be very inspiring and well acted. Imagine: a blind boy born into an upper class aristocratic family in 19th Century Russian Empire ( actually the place is in Ukraine) . He is under constant control of his overbearing and protective mother. Basically a very empty life, then he meets a little girl, who forces him to rethink his life and introduce him to music. The music becomes his outlet and his foundation in live. As time goes by, he realizes that still has a lot of limitation due to his blindness. Now comes his uncle - a crippled man, but a man of high spirit. He is a former freedom fighter with Italian Garibaldi, who challenges our boy ( and young man now) to leave his comfy life and go travel with a band of blind musicians to understand the true nature of life. Our man experiences the same hardship as his blind companions ( hunger, bad weather, beating from local police), yet after his return home, not only he a better musician, but he able now to compose wonderful music. I think it is a great shame, this movie was never shown outside Russia, and in my opinion it is classical. If you can understand Russian, and you can find it, do see it.

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Typical Russian Comedy of the early 1960th era, 1 September 2006

I found this movie to be very funny, but then again I was born and raised in Russia in 1960th. It is difficult for the outsider to understand the typical Soviet Daily Life of that time: small cramped apartments, and inability for young couple to find a good living space for themselves - hence constant daily conflicts with the elderly parents ( although it was rather funny to observe their daily fighting). All in all, right now this movie may be of good reference point to the Russian Historians trying to look into Russian Living of that old bygone era. As usual Zoya Federova and Gribov are on their top actings as parents, whose life nice and comfy life was suddenly disrupted after their child was unexpectedly married and brought absolutely unfamiliar ( and sometimes obnoxious) new husband - Demianenko into their retired lives.

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Typical Soviet Era Unbelievable Story, 28 September 2004

Young patriotic young man ends up in the on Chukotka right after the civil war, where he intends to spread ideas of justice and equality among the natives. As it happens, instead he learn the local capitalist ways, and he start profitable fur trading with US, Japanese and other merchants. In the process, he made an enormous sum of money over $ 1 million dollars. Once his outpost is attacked by the Bandits, he runs away and ends up in Alaska Border Station. In order to protect $ 1 Million USD, he travel all over the world, and ends up in Russia (with the $ 1 M intact). In Russia, the money, of course, are stolen, but eventually recovered by the brave Russian Militia. When our hero come to the local Militia station to give himself up (expecting to be shut for his negligence), he is in for a big surprise. Natually, the money are put into Soviet Treasury, and our hero is commissioned to go back to Chukotka (this time as an official representative of the Soviet State). Everybody happy.

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Comedy, but very obvous political satire, 29 January 2004

Smart Man Nassredin easily penetrates into Bukhara Emir inner circle posing as Wise Man from Damasscus. He becomes Emir trusted advisor, and even convinces the tyrant to to relax the rule and release a lot of political prisoners (because stars favor this arrangement). Funny story. But, remember this movie was made in 1943 Russia - Could that be that Emir is the mirror image of Stalin? If that is so, moviemakers made an incredible bold movie for that time period. Wonder why political movie commissars missed that all the obvious references?

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Very unusual story, 6 November 2003

Most unusual story line: veteran pilot decides to make some extra-money by filming underwater shark feeding at the remote Red Sea location. He takes with him young son ( about 12-14) for a plane ride, while goes underwater. The trouble is: while filming, he has been viciously attacked by a pack of angry sharks which render him incapacitated to fly home. Now he faces an option: either both of them die in the desert or his little boy must fly them back. His son has some rudimentary knowledge of flying, but does not have any real experience. The father lost a lot of blood and he is in constant pain. He is drifting in and out of consciousness, hence additional danger may be that his son will be all along in the air. Keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat. The musical score is well chosen as well. Shame that this movie was shown only for the Russian Audience!

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Comedy about XIX century Russia, 19 August 2003

Poor clerk in XIX Century Russia is looking for a rich bride. The problem is that rich brides are looking for a rich husbands. Good performance by Vitsin and the entire cast. One of the best movies made about about Russian life of the period. Note: some jokes are typical Russian, so outsider might find them rather strange.

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Very boring and lame remake of original movie, 12 December 2002

Very boring and unnessary remake of the original "Gyperboloid Inginera Garina". Has a few nice effects, but in whole movies is a waste of time to watch. Suggest you get original and forget about this one! Acting is also much better in the original movie

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Good adult fairy tale, 10 December 2002

Best quote by Etush (King) refering to his daughter lover: "Our state is very small, so we all have to fulfill numerous positions in our Government. So, as court prosecutor I demand death penalty for you, as your advocate I can not find anything in your favor, and as I judge I have to rule for the prosecutor and condem you to die. Oh, I forgot to mention, I also fulfill the role of an executioner and jailor"