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Mindwalk (1990)
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great movie for everyone, not too hippy-ish or pretentious, 13 August 2003

while I do enjoy "cheap-thrills" movies when I'm in the mood, it's so nice to see a movie like this. often i don't enjoy watching movies because i don't learn anything important from them, so i go back to watching an episode of "Cosmos" or something, but this movie gives you some good facts and is interesting at the same time. the physics conversations are great, and are true too, nice!!

Really, I'd say this is more worthwhile than any big blockbuster movie that has come out. Of course its a very different style of movie, but these filmakers had good intentions which is respectable. seems like one of those times when someone cared more about helping the world rather than just making money from their movie. It was more satisfying than i expected and i was glad that it wasn't really artsy or cheezy, except for a little drama maybe twice in the whole movie... Great stuff, go check it out & always enjoy exploring and thinking...

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pretty rockin funny stuff, 7 May 2003

if you like action/revenge movies and 80's cheese, this one will be fun. It seems that not 5 minutes goes by without some machine gun fire in this movie. there's lots of guys getting beat up, the bad guys (pot warlord & goons) being really tough & bad, explosions, funny dialouge & one liners, and an outrageous amount of machine guns! A total guy flick, real macho and unrealistic, but funny as heck if you're in the mood for it.

Some parts of the soundtrack are real weird too, not in the "Liquid Sky" amazingly well-done weird way, but more like a 5 year old randomly programming a drum machine & keyboard. it just sounds real off. If you like Blastfighter and Commando, check this out for butt-kicking & laughs! it starts a lil' slow, but is all action for the last half of the movie. I got this the same day I got the dubbed version of Zu (Warriors from...), which I would recommend about 200 times more, but for certain occasions, this stuff rocks!

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yeah, 4 April 2003

geez, this movie rules! I love Hill & Spencer and this is one of their easiest to find films. (Why are their movies so hard to find here in the US? it sucks) This movie is great because not only is it really funny, but the dudes (H. & S.) are good for any crowd, even kids, because they're against guns and are good natured. This stuff had to influence so many later movies. Terence is hilarious, a goofy, smooth ladies man, kind of a pre-Chevy Chase/Mel Gibson type, and Bud Spencer is maybe even funnier, totally grumpy and rough, but with a good heart.

This is probably one of my favorite comedies ever, it's great for any occasion, and always gives a lot of laughs. There are so many great scenes, I crack up whenever they pig-out on beans! Hill and Spencer totally rule! check out the barbarian brothers movie too for more good-natured, goofy buddy films.

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this movie rules, 18 March 2003

Now I can see why many people aren't into this movie, like only one of my friends like it too, but this movie is hilarious. Just watch that part where Tom Arnold pretends to be a bush and if you don't laugh you must be feelin uptight, cause it's so stupid its so funny. The whole movie and plot is so ridiculous with such off logic. Its a movie I could always watch at night and just relax and laugh. Of course, if you're not in the mood for a goofy comedy watch something else, but I think its great anytime, whether partyin or waking up from a fun night.

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nice video with pre-Cosmos Carl Sagan, 21 February 2003

The video I got has the "Who's Out There" short, which has clips of Carl Sagan and others, and is then followed by the more interesting (to me) 25-minute film called "Life Beyond Earth", which the clips were taken from. "Life Beyond Earth" is a discussion of (mostly) scientists about how life may evolve in the universe, civilizations more advanced than ours, etc. Even though we have learned a lot since this was made, it doesn't really seem dated and is inspiring to watch.

I got this mainly because Carl Sagan is in it, but all the other speakers were interesting too. Carl is as usual casual, charming, funny, completely interested in the topic. I wish his lectures would have been recorded more often like Richard Feynman's were, for its great to see/hear him speak.

This is a great video, and if you want to see Sagan especially look for the release which includes "Life Beyond Earth", because he is only briefly in "Who's Out There". Still, "Who's Out There" is good too. Lots of interesting historical stuff, some great spaced-out visuals and interesting thoughts.

Thunder (1983)
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pretty entertaining & fun..., 21 February 2003

I know there are a lot of real bad action flicks out there, but this one isn't as bad as it sounds. Don't get me wrong, its not "good" or at least "quality" at all, but if you're in the mood for some cheezy action it'll do fine. There's a lot of bad, funny acting, a lot of building-up to a big revenge, typical '83 action stylee. I like the desolate desert locations and nice shots of caves & stuff. Antonio Sabato is pretty hilarious, especially when him & his boys blow up a gas station. I don't even think they had a reason to, just wanted a nice explosion in the movie or something.

Anyway, this is pretty entertaining stuff, and can't really be taken serious. Mark Gregory is a cool actor and its nice to see a native American as the good guy. Sit back and chill with a lil' Thunder Warrior to relive the times when we actually made movies like this.

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the Barbarion Brothers rule!, 11 December 2002

Yeah, this movie is totally cheezy, but the Barbarion Brothers never fail to crack me up, I love these dudes, they're just like big funny kids. This is probably even their least intentionally funny movie. Compared to Twin Sitters or Think Big, this one tries to be more of a real action/crime movie, which adds to the humor. Try to take these guys seriously as cops for a minute, you'll crack up laughing. If you like Terence Hill or the band Sparks, you'll probably get their humor. Goofy for sure! and with a positive attitude that makes you feel good.

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Funny stuff, 11 December 2002

A great movie for all ages, especially for people with a goofy sense of humor. The Barbarion Brothers act like big kids throughout the whole movie, always putting jokes first. One of the funniest things about this movie is the brothers' outfits, kinda like a mix of David Lee Roth and The Ultimate Warrior, but even weirder then that. Can't help but laugh at em, for one scene David is wearing a phone cord with a sign on it! This is probably my fave Barbarion Brothers movie, and their last one! (come on guys make a new movie, please!)

When the film starts the brothers are trying to save up money to open a restaraunt, until they get hired to babysit two twin boys. From then on its pretty much a bunch of funny mishaps and adventures trying to get along with the twin kids, a few fight scenes with the bad guys, and the bros driving their monster truck. I always crack up at the scene where the brothers first get their big paycheck, and they totally lose it like little kids, jumping and givin high fives, yellin "MONEEEEY!" There's actually a lot of great scenes. Also of note are the songs the Barbarion Brothers wrote for this movie, they are really funny. This has got to be one of my favorite comedies ever, really goofy, but if you're only into serious movies, I'd say watch it anyway to see adult bodybuilders act like funny kids! It'll cheer you up for sure.

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Rad stuff!, 9 December 2002

This movie rules, easily one of the better movies I've ever seen. I don't even speak french but it doesn't really matter because there aren't many words in it. This is nice because the Luc Ferrari soundtrack is amazing.

The film is all animation and maybe claymation/stop motion effects galore. Way tripped out. It's kinda academic but not in a dull or boring way. I believe there is a plot to the film, but usually I'm so amazed by the visual images that I hardly pay attention enough to figure it out. Basically, it's got a sort of early 80's industrial feel with lots of imaginative effects and scenery, bouncing balls morphing around crazy backgrounds, turning into small people, entertaining bigger people with weird headgear...Incredible, but pretty hard to find. It's worth the look if your into this kinda stuff.