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See It In IMAX 3D, 9 October 2006

The kids loved it, and I was not bored, and that is more than what you usually end up with these days. The 3D IMAX is truly amazing, if you are already paying the theater admission then IMAX is definitely the way to go. The story is not original, to say the least, but they know it and keep it short. I liked the voice talent, although this "the wiener dog has a German accent" thing gets old fast. A lot of people seem to hate this one with a vengeance (look at the distribution of the votes with all those people giving 1), but it still gets a 5.5 average, so that gives you a pretty good idea. This is no Incredibles by any means, but the two little girls I took enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Cars. Mostly harmless family fun with a few bathroom jokes thrown in: enjoy!

Cars (2006)
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Don't take 5 year old little girls, 17 June 2006

My sample of three 5 year old girls (including at least 2 smart ones, not counting my own daughter due to obvious bias) were bored out of their minds by the time it was over. Might be a movie for boys. Will watch it again on DVD to make sure I get all the jokes. Did not care for the story though. Thought it was pretty predictable, and I have the same problem with cars as with fish (read: Nemo): I just don't care about them the same way I care about people/superheroes (my favorite movie from Pixar is the Incredibles), monsters or even bugs. In any case, Cars had little chance with me: I had a strong bad feeling about this one ever since I found out about it. I was hoping they could prove me wrong, but for me it just did not work. Seems to work for almost everyone else though, so go ahead, enjoy. Just don't take your five year old daughter and her friends with you to the theater.