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Brutal re-telling of a true story of American Army nurses In the Pacific theater during the Second World War., 5 January 2005

Like "Cry Havoc" (also made in 1943 but with a small cast and a modest set), this is a film about American Army nurses stranded on Corregidor, Philippines during the horrific time when General MacArthur was ordered to retreat to Australia. Both films are fascinating and moving because they were made during the War, before its outcome was known.

The performances of the very large cast of "So Proudly We Hail" are uniformly good -- with the exception of Ms. Goddard, whose mannerisms are annoying. George Reeves gives the performance of his career and even the much-maligned Sonny Tufts turns in a subtle performance.

The balance of violence and romance works; and commendable also is the script's restraint coupled with unexpected plot turns and un-clichéd character studies. It's long, yes, and occasionally strives to sound like a documentary, but it is never boring and one of its set-pieces, a patriotic speech made by the chaplain (Walter Abel), still resonates today, during another war.

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Stupid, stupid, STUPID!, 24 August 2003

This was the STUPIDEST awards show I have ever seen in my entire life! Now, I never watch Cartoon Network, but my younger cousins told me about it and I thought it might be fun to watch. Boy, was I wrong!

Now, I've watched lots of Oscars and Grammies awards shows, but nothing was ever as dumb as this! I don't think that there's any point in giving out awards that don't exist to things that don't exist.

Overall rating: 1 out of 5 (The cartoons that won something were interesting enough to watch, especially The Rabbit of Seville).