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Great New Show, 27 September 2007

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I thought it wasn't going to be as good as it was, they hyped the show so much i felt like they practically showed the show in the preview but there was a lot more to it, a lot happened in that one hour, i was impressed, i actually think the next episode looks better, i will definitely be tuning into the next show. Give the show a chance and watch the next few episodes before you fully judge the show. Michele Ryan was a great pick, she does make you care about the character which is important to a show, Katie Sackhoff is a pretty fun villain, there's something about her that hooks you in, i hope they find a way to keep her around. There was some cheesy lines but thats with any show, there aren't to many good shows on TV like there used to be especially since reality took over but this definitely seems like a fun scifi/fantasy show, that can take you away from a bad reality every week so try and check it out.

Halloween (2007)
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Horrible, 12 September 2007

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I thought this movie was terrible, i am a HUGE fan of the Halloween movies, i could not wait for this movie to come out so when it did i went opening night only to real disappointment, i feel Rob Zombie destroyed the movie, it was not scary one bit, i felt like the actors were trying to be the ones in the original, i didn't care what happened to any of them, where in the original i wanted to see them live. He killed all these people and left Annie alive, that was kind of odd, even the background of the movie having Michael Myers parents be like white trash was just stupid, i think a lot of people would end up being killers. Michael Myers was pretty much supposed to be just pure evil without there ever really being a reason, thats what pretty much scared me about the originals. I never really review movies at all because i am pretty easy to please but this was such a disaster i had to share my opinion:)

Peter Pan (2003)
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Best Version of Peter Pan, 7 January 2004

i loved this version of peter pan, i think it is the best one i have ever seen, the acting was great, these kids will definitly have great careers, i strongly recommend this movie, fun for all ages. i wasn't sure if i would like it or not but i really am glad that i gave it a chance, i wish the kids could be nominated for something. if you like the story of peter pan then make sure you see it in the theater, it is well worth it.

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GREAT SHOW, 7 December 2002

Lindsay Wagner is wonderful as Jaime Sommers, the bionic woman. For a show in the mid-70's it was brilliantly done, the cast, the plots, the special effects for its time were awesome. It is not a surprise that lindsay won an emmy for the episode (Deadly Ringer), it was definitly one of the best. Lindsay is a great actress and hopefully she will be acting for a long time to come.

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A BRILLIANT SHOW, 7 December 2002

I love this show, i started watching it last year on soapnet and i absolutley love it, i taped every episode and i still watch it everyday. Angela, Richard and Chase when in scenes together have great chemistry. The cast is incredible, Abby Dalton as the psycho daughter of Angela and Margaret Ladd as her looney but very intelligent other daughter Emma are brilliant in their roles. Also stars Susan Sullivan, Ana Alicia, Laura Johnson. I can go on and on, i wish i watched this when i was younger but i was 3 when it started. I highly recommend watching this show.