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Singing is a gift from God, like any other gift few singers know how to use that gift to the fullest and use their potential to the maximum. Few could modulate and mold their voices akin to a singing impersonator with hundreds of voices. The ones who were able to were more popular. The prime example of that was Kishore Kumar.

These are singers, who have a unique and distinctive voice with timber and depth, range and resonance. They stand apart from the singers, who have a good singing voice, but their affect is flat, that hundreds of other singers share. A good melody has its place, but most of the times the melody is composed for the particular singer's vocal vocation, and is enhanced by the singer. There are only Four Genre of Songs-Romantic Songs, Sad Songs, Songs with Joy and Mirth and Songs with Religious Ferver or Prayer songs.

The late Mohamed Rafi, had a great voice, similar to the late Ustad Fathe Ali Khan. But he could not modulate his voice like him or had depth and resonance of voice as Ustad. There was nothing distinctive about his voice (after few songs it was a monotony) or depth as in Mukesh, Kishore or Hemant Kumar. Lata Mangeshkar shares the same traits with the late Rafi. She is a great singer but there is no uniqueness to her voice as Asha Bhonsle.

It is amazing how the Indian playback singers modulate their voice to the actor or actress they are lending the voice to. Recent example was Shreya Goshal, singing for Soha Ali Khan, as in the movie "Khoya Khoya Chand". it is surreal how close she sounds to the actress. This is as close to Asha Bhonsle came to imitating Asha Parekh' voice.

No matter the genre, their singing will last and linger for ever. The melodies will haunt us for ever. Few of the recent composers are kachada suvvar rats from kuttaestan, who would not be fit to clean the toilets of the great composers, let alone compose a tune.

These scum banchods who are illegal and illiterate for language and music, have no creative talent, they pirate and copy-cat songs from old Hindi movies and rehash them into vulgar music and "Item Dance" numbers with vulgar and mechanical and un-aesthetic dances done by imported imbeciles with no talent that cater to the filthy frontbenchers from filthtystan.

Any six year old can compose these songs with a synthesizer and probably fare better. Five songs in each movie times 1000 and odd movies churned out in a year, like an assembly plant equates to 5000 songs of rubbish malady manufactured each year. This is pollution of the music world.

They have taken the Indian music down the gutter. Their music is not melody but sheer malady. These kuttaes are entirely supported by the fellow suvvar producers from suvvarstan and the three leading dogs and the three bosudike banchod camel brothers with this leading khoja six pack ab ape. These camel bosudike suvvar rats pirate all old movies and their own movies (body cavity searched in all airports for dvds) without any copyright and then they sit on film panels condemning the practice. These sewer rats should have never been allowed in the movies in the first place or compose music.
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Choreography is an art not an occupation. If there is no aesthetics or class it can be vulgar item dance. That is what it is turning into lately.
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Hedy Lamarr (born as Hedwig Keisler in Vienna, Austria, a bombshell of a beauty, was indeed a beauty with brains, as she held several patents for remote controlled torpedo technology, and was worth $3 million dollars, at the time of her death in Florida, at the age of 85) and Elizabeth Taylor, were considered the two most beutiful women ever in English cinema.

Hedy Lamarr's counterpart in Hindi cinema would be Sadhana and for Taylor-would be Waheeda Rehman. The three were captivating as Hedy Lamarr in "Samson and Delilah" or Nancy Kwan in "The World of Suzie Wong" (the most romantic movie ever made) and Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. The three were truly beutiful women and there was one movie that captured their beuty over the countless movies they starred.
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A movie does not have to "Theme" or a misfortune or a handicap to be an Oscar nominee. Any movie that has a good script and good direction will do. This will automatically exclude 99.99% of the movies churned out like a assembly line fashion in India. As far as the Kongs and Kuttae brothers maderchod's movies the Oscar committee will not even consider them worth spitting on.

An Oscar nomination has no meaning when it comes to the Bollywood movies. It is based on an one person or persons with enough pull or bribe to get the movie nominated. Prime example is 'Barfi" a slovenly stupid and excruciatingly painful to watch movie, that was nominated for Oscars. The performances were pathetic and the International fraternity will not consider this a work of art, but only pity the Indian cinema.

On the other hand, the ek tha banchods suvvar scums movies are nominated since these swines bribe everyone in sight. These suvvar swines have no creative talent and produce movies for the chamcha frontbenchers sewer swines who like the fellow cousins camels, live in the gutter and the taste belongs in the gutter.

These bosudike banchods are born to bribe, since they lack any creative talent and only know how to mimick or copy the older stelwarts of film making not to mention they all look like camels albeit to their credit-few are more handsome camels than the rest.

There is no way the Hindi Film industry can depend on these Ek tha banchod brothers and the three idiots to make any decent movie since these camels are only meant to ride camels and spit like camels. These banchods have no creative talent.

Maderchods have canine ancestry and scum of the earth dirt bags are only good for working in the sewer or riding camels. The midgets are good for maderchod midget mud wrestling or camel race since they are built with sixpack abs like the leading maderchod cretin with his IQ lower than his biceps.
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This list is for siblings, where, one of the siblings have done better than other or just happens to be more famous than other or more popular than other or more talented than other, as always happens in a family with several siblings and the genes are not passed down the chain equitably. They have also contributed to the art of Indian cinema with their talent in acting, fashion or merely being a star.

This is also when the Indian cinema was in a peak, when it was not ruled by the three Kuttaes from Kuttaestan and the three Kongs (the ugly kong, the midget and the meathead) and this list does not include the three kuttae brothers who are the maderchod Banchods of Bollywood-a National embarassment and disgrace to the Indian Film industry and Indians. Thsi list also does not include a suvvar frontbenchers propelled Ek Tha Kojah with a corn cob cheap hair transplant that is one of the few things visible from space (other being th great wall of China)
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The success of a movie is bent upon the right actors that fit the part. If there is no famous actor then the talent agent (if there is one) need to find one from the files. This is what this industry is all about. You don't bank on three camel looking toady midgets or six pack ab apes with an IQ in low 20's or kachada camel brothers for every movie unless you are catering to the suvvar illegal and illiterate and fithy frontbenchers from filthystan.

Good Talent Scouts, wear no blinders nor practice nepotism. They are not obligated to their friends or repeat the same actors in every movie. They don't try to win favors from the filthy frontbenchers who are the filthy idiots who have never seen an international movie and are totally immersed with the ugly camel actors from camelstan and support every sewer movie made by them. The reason they are all midgets and ugly too is because they were brought in to perform in the Three Ring Circus and they escaped the circus to Mumbai where they are actors and producers now.

In Hollywood, there are Talent Agents with their own Guild, that oversees quality and standards, and they are the best in what they do. This is one of the reasons the Hollywood movies are a rage all over the globe. Movies like "Bugsy" "Good Fellas" 'God Father" and "Shawshank Redemption" had reputable Talent Directors who chose the actors to the fit the part like a glove and they became immortal movies. In fact, Francis Ford Coppola, threatened to resign from "Godfather" if Marlon Brando and Al Pacino were not chosen for the parts.

According to Morgan Freeman's biography, Frank Darabont, who belonged to the "Book of the Month Club" got the book by King, in his mail and reluctantly read and paid King, a nominal sum of $1 for the rights to the movie and then spent nine long years in coming up with one of the best and Oscar winning scripts from prolific fiction writer Stephen King, for the movie "Shawshank Redemption" chose Morgan Freeman, for the part of "Red" and Freeman, in turn was told to select his co-actors.

This will never happen in Bollywood, an industry, inaptly titled and ruled by incompetent mutant ninja turtles in the nature of the three or more idiots-the so called leading actors-and the six pack ab chimpanzee from monkeystan, who look and smell like camel jockeys and were brought in by the older stelwarts for menial labor like cleaning after the camels in a Kamala Three Ring Circus.

These maggots have taken over an illustrious industry started by the likes of Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Mehboob Khan to mention a few and turned into "Item Dance Industry" that caters to their maggot cousins-the filthy frontbenchers.

These bosudike traitor and scum maderbanchods have no clue about talent or how to find a good talent, since they have sewer taste and they themselves have any talent if there is miniscule of talent it is put on pedestal by the traitor criminal frontbenchers and the media. Their sole existance is to payback to their benefactors and mint money for themselves at the cost of the industry.

These maderbanchods, only know about "Item Dance" since they only cater to their cousins, the frontbenchers of the cinema, the kind who spit like camels in their own homes and ride camels to the cinema. They are oblivious as to what makes a good actor or the right actor for the right part, since they only cast their brothers, family or friends or import the imbeciles who are good for nothing idiots for the item dance.

Very Few have the innate talent of a scout and they cast imported imbecile actresses, who can't walk and chew paan at the same time let alone act. As far as dance it is mechanical and unaesthetic and remotely resembling the art of dancing.

They are the traitors of the the industry and should go back to the circus. picking behind the elephants with a pail, so they can still claim to their freinds back home they are in the Showbiz.
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An Emcee should have a good personality with a sense of humor and wit, not serious looking or act serious, an ability and agility to ad-lib, a flair for frivolity and a gift for gab. Respected by their peers and longevity in their field.

They have to be bold and un-inhibited, can't be condescending or dominate or be biased towards fellow artists or be unfair to other actors or demeaning. Very few posess these traits.

They should not have a conflict of interest in promoting their own movies or songs of their films. An Emcee can make or break a show. The recent award shows with Priyanka Chopra with comedy sketches and parodies are funnier than any comedy movie.
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Few are born to act and they are natural on or off camera. Good acting talent will show up in a debut movie, no matter the story or the direction. They do not come from a modelling background-but theater or no background. They are not good at the "Item Dance" but they have flair for free style dancing that comes natural to them and it is genetic not generic.

There is no one who came from an item dance to being a good actress. The item dance is the stooping stone for failure and they are branded as such and appeal only to the frontbenchers, who are oblivious to taste or class, since they are illegals and illiterate. For them any thing moving is the best movie.

Item dance will never attract the attention of an International producer or director or a casting agent. Item dance will give them physical stamina but zero acting skills.
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Bless Them Lord...They Know Not What They Are Doing !!
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These are the movies liked by the Filthy Frontbenchers, who have no taste or class and mostly suvvar sewer rats and illegals from dirtydesh and filthystan. They like fart jokes, toilet humor and cheap thrill sewer movies ("Ek Tha Tiger" "Three Idiots" 'Delhi Belly" 'Housefull 2" "Lagaan' ) and they have seen Bazzigar, Sholay, DDLJ, DCH and Dabaang about 200 times and byheart the dialog, so they can mouth along when they are sitting with their suvvar filthy mouth gaping in front of the screen-so close to the screen-they can almost touch their banchod favorite monkey camel actors from monkeystan.

These actors are ugly to the bone and were imported for menial labor and walk with pail behind camels and elephants in the Kamala Three Ring Circus and instead of going back to the suvvarstan stayed illegally. They were never meant to be actors or directors or producers but pirates. They all look like camels and kiwi. The camel jockeys spitting at home and sidewalks are the scums from scumstan. The worst maderchod traitors disguised as actors and producers who belong in the sewer than movies.

The so called Top 100 Crore hits and the Top 25 so-called hit movies in the last two decades are wholly supported by these filthy suvvar maderbanchods frontbencher kuttaes from Kuttaestan, These mader banhchods have a canine ancestry on their mother side and suvvar ancestry on their fathers side, hence, oblivious to taste or class.

In their garbage sewer taste "Sholay" is the best Indian film ever made since it starred one ofi their own favorite maderchod scum. Yes, Sholay was a good movie, but not the best movie ever made. The best movies produced in India were "Sangam' and "Guide" "Swades" "Jodha Akbar" "Bhumika" to name a few. These Kuttae banchods have not heard of or seen the above movies, like the rest of the decent population-since these maderchods-live in their cocoon of filth spitting in theaters, side walks and even their own homes.

These banchods were in show business in garbagestan (pickng up behind an elephant and these scums are actors and producer/directors here.) The three leading dogs go through body cavity search in all airports and detained since they pirate their own movies and they are treated like dogs and terrorists, since they are leading actors only for the frontbenchers in India.

Only movies these lowlifes know, are movies, starring their favorite Banchods of Bollywood actors. These doggy looking actors? who prance like monkeys with banana in award shows (the jury and the cameramen are from Filthystan and we have to endure looking at these ugly scums every other shot of the audience.) Given few rupees, they dance like apes or demented penguins at weddings. These madarchod scums also bribe everyone in sight, to self promote and cross promote their canine breed. These rats pirate their own movies and then shed crocodile tears in front of film panels.

The reason that an Indian movie has not made it to Oscar, is that current movies, are made to please and appease these lowlifes by the lowlife producers, starring chamcha banchod actors from Filthystan. One of this leading actor ape, is built like a woolly mammoth. This scum suvvar maderchod can't speak a sentence let alone deliver a dialog, even then, it sounds like an obscene phone call or a mating call of a sea urchin-more of the latter-since he is in the same class as a water buffalo. This Ek tha banchod suvvar dog khojha from khohjastan has a doggy hair transplant that he covers with generous supply of vaseline and his eyes are like he was crossed between a toad and a buffalo. This suvvar scum has six pack abs to show for his talent. This maderchod is clearly a leading khoja scum of the earth actor who has canine ancestry on his mother side and suvvar banchod ancestry on his fathers side. '

This illiterate and illegal scum is worshipped by the suvvar maderbanchods, most of the scums in the media and the show award organiszers. One of the leading actor is a midget suvvar monkey who led twelve henpeckecd cretins for a cricket match. This suvvar is also a born cretin with suvvar ancestry on his fathers side.
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Yes, There are/were many beutiful women in Hindi cinema, but the following had the features that made impossible to look away. They had chiseled and classic look that mesmerized the screen as in Nancy Quan in "The World of Suzie Wong" They captivated the audience with their looks and no one cared if they acted or not but most of them were great actresses too.
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They have a genetic predispostion to comedy and a flair for comedy. Few started out as actors. Either the frontbenchers from Filthystan, didn't appriciate the acting (since they have no class or style and they only see the Ek Tha Waterbuffalo banchod brothers and the three makkaka monkey maderchods or the demented cretin with a hairclub for khoja men hair transplant that he covers with a generous supply of vaseline and walks and talks like a khoja banchod.)

This tiger suvvar from suvvarstan a bonafide illegal and illiterate scum, talks with a clear lisp and has the looks of cherubic monkey mated with a buffalo ending with toad eyed maderbanchod, who prances around like a chimpanzee in his kuttae banchod brother-sponsored bought and sold-award shows. This scum maderchod with canine ancestry on his mothers side and suvvar ancestry on his fathers side is considered a leading actor in India, more like leading orangutan, a six-pack ab jackass, whose dialog sounds like mating call of sea urchin.

The actors themselves did not take acting seriously or they just could not resist the urge within to do comedy and they became comedy actors.

The reason the Hindi cinema is in a gutter, is because of this The Ek Tha mader banchod with suvvar ancestry is a certifed cretin by the Board of Cretins, who has the leading khojha in Hindi movies. This maderchod is a buffalo who is kicked in all airports and stadiums by cops and body cavity searched. Indeed some of his dance moves are as a result of the body cavity search. This suvvar is a disgrace even to the suvvar kind.

Few are versatile in both as in Amithab Bachchan, Abishek Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Paresh Rawal, and Priyanka Chopra. Comedy is tougher than acting, since, it is to do with timing and emotion and not just emoting. The greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin, was also one of the greatest actors and this was before the sound came to cinema.

Comedy requires use of 42 muscles in the face as opposed to tragedy that only needs 17 or the other way around or in the case of the Ek Tha Buffalo from filthystan, whose dialog sounds like a toad struck in a sewer-a six pack ab will do the trick. This ek tha maderchod is disgrace to all actors and even the canine breed that he belongs to and the buffalo that he is. This imbecile looking cretin is the worst thing that happened to the Hindi cinema and India and the mankind. This bosddike scum is a degenerate of humanity.

What counts is the versatility and un-inhibition, that is needed to do comedy as in Priyanka Chopra in her skits at the award shows and Abishek Bachchan as "Abbas Ali" in "Bol Bachchan."
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These were actors revered by fellow actors. Brando, was an actors' actor, akin to Scorsese, who is a director's director, and so was Richard Burton. They were/are not repetitive in their acting and they did good home work, on the part they dramatized to make it as authentic as possible, like Robert DeNero, who put on 40 lbs of weight, just to fit the part of Jake Lamata in 'Raging Bull" and Brando stuffing cleenex to sound like the Don-as in "Godfather."

Good actors are not conformists, since conformity brings mediocrity. Good directors like Raj Kapoor, Coppola, Kazan and Scorsesee, Wise, Wyler and DeMille, never directed the actors, but the actors were adept and able to draw that particular emotion from the library of emotions cataloged and stored in an area of brain for easy access. Good actors also concentrated well before a shoot, to get in the frame of mind and portray the charector they were bringing to life.

The three Kongs the so-called leading actors in India, are demented cretins and suvvar banchods monkeys from monkeystan, who are here illegally. They can't walk and chew paan at the same time, let alone act. They are put on pedestal by the suvvar scum front benchers from dirtydesh and suvvarstan who have no class or taste and not to mention any clue about acting, and few Media rats who are also here illegally. The banchod brothers pirate their own movies and they are acting under thei influence of bail (AIB) when all of them have been convicted of terrorism or fronting for terrorism.

Cheapness, piracy, stealing,, copy-catting, terrorism, criminal activity, six-pack abs and no-talent is rampant in this breed.f
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South Indian actors excel in drama since they are not concerned with looks as much as their Northern counterparts. They have an innate and natural flair for acting. The male actors are more manly looking compared to the ugly looking (ugly maderbanchod suvvar kuttae banchods fraction from Kuttestan.) as in the North.

The South Indian movies, have no audience in the North, other than few good movies that have been translated, where as, Hindi movies, play all over India. Because of this infraction, very few of the South Indian actors are ever recognized in the North, unless they win a National award. Few of the best acting talent is from South and almost all the best classical dancers are from South.
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They are at the top of their profession by their unique and distinctive talent. After seeing movies like "Ek Tha Buffalo" with an actor who looks like a cretin and talks like a demented monkey and looks like a water buffalo with toad eyes and "hair for suvvar Khoja banchods" cheap hair transplant there is no way the International cinema will take this and other cockroachs from dirthydesth seriously as an actor. The international cinema may be hire him to clean the carpet let walk alone the red carpet.

The suvvar front benchers have taken the movie industry down the gutter and this banchod meathead midget with a six pack IQ is acting under the influence of bail from terrorist activities for which he was jailed for more than six years. This scum is a disgrace to the profession and the decent actors and the canine breed that he belongs to. These maderchod cretins should have been hired to clean sewers and not acting. These scum of the earth trash of manhood banchods have no acting skills. Only thing they have cultivated are six pack abs and talk like imbecile cretins since they have no education. The live in filth and are the scum of the society.

Most of the banchods that appeal to the frontbenchers are filthy suvvar sewer rats who live in the same slum as the frontbenchers and all have cherubic face with zero acting skills and almost all of them are midgets that come handy when walking behind elephants with a pail. One of the midget makaka monkey is a traitor scum and the other midget is a on bail. These ugly banchods with pot belly and face of oranguntans and goat features are a disgrace to cinema anywhere.
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An authentic Indian movie has to have four ingredients-the State of Bihar, Krishna Vamshi, Nana Patekar and Ajay Devgan. The state of Bihar, itself, is as authentic as you can get, and then, we have Krishna Vamshi, the 'Scorsesee' of Indian movies. You have to add Anurag Kashyap and Manoj Bajpai to the list since "Gangs of Wasseypur" which is as authentic movie as you can get.

The Ek Tha Banchod with the eye of a buffalo and mix of a toad. is a scum maderchod suvvar, who cant chew and walk at the same time. This banchod maderchod with suvvar ancestry is a disgrace to the human race. This scum talks with a lisp. This maderchod is the leading buffalo actor with lisp along with the kongs and the three idiots of the cinema.

This also has to do with with the afore mentioned actors being brilliant, who don't have to comb their hair before every take (like the scum and actors form kuttaestan do) and the parts fit them like a glove. Without a doubt, Krisha Vamshi, is the leader of the pack-the class of directors-that seek and inject authenticity, needed violence and gore, as Scorsese, does in "Good Fellas" and "Casino." These movies are a treat for fans that seeks some authenticity and gore-but not gorefest.

Now Dhulia, Gauri Shinde and Anurag Kashyap, have joined the ranks of Krihna Vamshi. The movies are getting more authentic than ever.
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2012, is the 100th Anniversary of the Indian cinema. There is not much to celebrate since the Banchods of Bollywood (3 leading terrorist maderchods and 3 kuttae banchod brothers) have made seeing movies an excruciating process, since these maderbanchods have no taste or class and were brought in by older stelwarts to do menial labor like gaffers and cleaners.
These ugly dogs lack any talent and almost all of them are either traitors or terrorists or fronting for the terrorists (detained in all airports and body cavity searched) fake their patriotism for the sake of minting money from unsuspecting audience and at the cost of film workers in Mumbai, who are unemployed and unequally paid, since they only hire imported actors and dancers.

These are suvvar scum of the Indian society. Decent Indians and Non Resident Indians, wil not be seen with them or see their kachada sewer movies are these are not even worth to be spit on. They only work with imported imbeciles who can't walk and chew paan at the same time, let alone speak Hindi, act or dance.

One midget has a "Hair club for suvvar khojas" cheap hair transplant. This ek tha buffalo has toad eyes and talks with a severe lisp that almost sounds like a mating calls of a sea urchin (PG certification as a precaution?) He walks like a khoja and talks like one too. There is noway this maderchod suvvar filthy scum can be a leading actor, may be for the maderchod illegal and illiterate frontbenchers who share his kiuttae ancestry. No decent movie goer will consider this cretin with a lisp as a leading actor. This banchod has an expresion that comes from a body cavtity search for pirated DVD's in airports since these banchods pirated their own movies and this camel suvvar is looks handsome to the camel frontbenchers.

The kuttae brothers are a Brother Conglomerate-the Ape Brothers Conglomerate (ABC.) One Ape produces kachada films-even with sequels, the second camel not only is retarded maderchod meathead with six-pack abs and an IQ to match. This banchod is a real life retard and a cretin who dances like a demented monkey. The third Ape collects the awards, which are pre-fixed with bribes to the award show jury and kuttae award photographers. These madarchod lowlifes have brought utter and untold shame to Hindi Film industry, with few of the worst movies in the last decade.

2012, has shown a promise to be better with movies that are creative, innovative, making the movie going a fun experience. These are huge box office hits and they have minted over and beyond their tiny investments. They are liked by masses who have taste and class across the board, and are not pre-recommended by the Madarchods of Mumbai Media, the banchods from Suvvarstan fed and raised on suvvar scum, by nature and nurture with canine ancestry and Anti Indian, who survive on the morsels of vada pav and biryani thrown by the Three Monkeys of Bollywood, who only give good reviews for the the kachada (sewer) movies produced by them. These suvvars camel jockeys are partly responsible for the decadence in Hindi movies in he last two decades.

The only hope for HIFI (Hindi Film Industry) is the newer sleuth of directors that include-Sriram Raghavan 'Ek Hasina Thi", Motwane "Udaan", Dhulia "Paan Singh Tomar", Chandan Aurora "Mai Madhuri Dixit Banaa Chahte Hoon" and Sujoy Ghosh with "Kahaani." to mention a few of the older stelwarts like Aushutosh Gowariker ("Swades" and "Jodha Akbar") Madhur Bhandarkar "Fashion" "Traffic Signal" and the most awaited movie of 2012 "Heroine"), Ram Gopal Varma, Sudhir Mishra ("Khoya Khoya Chand.") Anurag Kashyap with "Dev D." Good directors have good intuition about good actors and what actor fits the part and not compromise their morals or principals as in Gauri Shinde in "English Vinglsh"

The suvvar scum from suvvarstan directors, have no morals or principals since they have suvvar ancestry (canine ancestry on the mothers side and terrorist ancestry on their father side). Their bottom line is minting money as fast they can and appeasing the frontbenchers. They are least perceptive of the glory of Indian cinema, respect for tradition and culture or parampara or desire to propagate the art of cinema. Infact, they are good at destroying what is built. These suvvars only associate with the fellow suvvar kind who share the same trait, hence the talent is put on the back burner.

The suvvar frontbenchers from dirtydesh and flithystan relish the cheap movies shown to them by whistling from the front benches and the trenches, at the vulgar and cheap "item dances" with underworld tunes and gyrations, that the suvvar music directors churn out in record numbers, spitting paan in the theaters, gawking at the dishum dishum fights, handed out by this suvvar banchod ek tha camel, one of the so-called leading actor? whose dialog sounds like an obscene phone call or a mating calls of a sea urchin.

This water buffalo with a corn dog hair transplant is a midget with muscles of an ape and bran meat head. His cretin like IQ is manifest more than on occasion when he opens his mouth. He has the appearance of a toad that was woken up to do a demented penguin dance, that the banchod frontbenchers like. In his acting he clearly displays his canine ancestry on his mother side and suvvar ancestry on his fathers side.

The above directors, are the light at the end of the tunnel that is dark and dreary for the inaptly titled and shamelessly copied Bollywood (One of the leading monkeys and the kuttae brothers go through body cavity search for DVD, in all airports since these maderbanchods are known to pirate their own movies and few of them were convicted for terrorism and now Acting Under the Influence of Bail (AIB.) They are treated like dogs in airports, since only in India, they are worshiped and put on a pedestal by the filthy frontbenchers who have no class or taste (maderchod illegals from Dirthy Desh and Fillthystan)

They bring novelty and nobility to movies. Bollywood is stagneant and smelly with movies like "Delhi Belly" "Three Idiots" "Laggan" "Housefull 2" "Dabaang" to name a few, that no decent moviegoer consider them as work of art nor garner respect from abroad. No wonder that no Indian movie has been selected at Cannes or Oscar and these monkeys are not not even invited to clean the carpet let alone walk on the red carpet.

The newest star in the horizon is Gauri Shinde with a gem of a movie called "Enlish Vinglish". What a breath of fresh air and talent after suffering from nausea and vomiting induced by this Ek Tha Camel and his fellow camel brothers who are handsomest camels in the show biz.
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A Legend is one with an unique talent. They are revered by a discerning audience who have taste and class and admired by their peers for their superlative acting talent, style or looks. They become Icons to the masses. This is when stars looked like stars and acted like stars and the audience had good taste and class as opposed to these banchod front benchers from Dirty Desh and Filthystan, who have put these three suvvar dogs on pedestal and worship them as the greatest actors. One is an ugly dog, second is a midget monkey and the third is an ape in the IQ in double digits who dances like a demented penguin. All have criminal background. These suvvars are treated like dogs in all airports and sport stadiums.

Some of them rat scums are not qualified to clean the toilet of the Legends, let alone be a star or be seen on the same stage. These dogs are a disgrace to the profession and a an International emabarrasment since they are detained and strip searched in all airports. These suvvar banchods are kicked out by cops in sports stadium and banned for life. These banchods are so ugly the worst looking villains look better than these vermins.

The recent Apsara Awards where the Legends were brought on to the stage one by one like a winner in a contest, was a farce and a disgrace. They were treated like dirt. The Kuttae suvvaar producers from Kuttaestan have no clue how to treat and respect these stelwarts of the film industry. These Kuttae maderchods fed and raised on suvvar scum, belong in the sewer where they came from. These maderchods have no place in cinema or producing a quality show.
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This is an unique gift, since few of the best looking are not neccesarily best actresses and good actresses are not blessed with good looks. The best of both worlds would be, an actress, who is Liz Taylor for looks and Merryl Streep for acting. Liz Taylor was considered the most beutiful woman (and Hedy Lamarr) but was not known for acting-at least not consistent.

Sadhana in the East was the greatest beuty but she was not known for acting. Merryl Streep, is generally considerd the greatest actress and is not known for looks, though it is a fact they grow on the viewers and "become attractive" because they are good actresses. It is also known fact that even so so looking actress can "become attractive" by the end of the movie since the acting abilities mask the beuty or beuty is overlooked for the good acting talent.

Waheeda Rehman in the East, probably comes close to the Liz Taylor for looks and Merryl Streep for acting. But not many in the West know Waheeda Rehman or Rani Mukherjee. since the Indian (Hindi) movies shown internationally, are kachada (sewer) movies like "Ek Tha Tiger" "Laggan" "3 idiots" "Delhi Belly" just to name a few, produced by the Banchod Brothers of Bollywood, a goonda conglomerate, and the so called leading actors-the kongs-who have no clue about movies, since they were brought in for menial labor and gaffers or camel drivers, by the older Indian stelwarts and were never meant for acting.

They are good at manual and menial labor like cleaning sewers and coolies and not much else-may be picking up behind elephants as in circus showbiz-where they are the most handsome men with a pail. They are not cut out for any creative talent like producing or directing or acting.

The maderchods are good for piracy, since they are known for pirating their own movies. The six-pack abs comes handy for one of the so-called leading actor-more like a water buffalo with a matching IQ. His dialog delivery is that of a maggot cretin. Few times it sounds like mating calls of a sea urchin. This has prompted the censors to declare all his films as PG, as a precaution.

He has a perpetual facial expression that comes from a body cavity search for pirated DVD's in all Airports, where he does his demented penguin prance as he does in every other award shows and also weddings for a few rupees. This toad eyed maderchod suvvar scum has blank expression of swallowing a toad. It is no wonder the industry in the state as it is now with this ragmophead filth rat suvvarscum is the leading actor more like a leading dog.

This maderchod demented cretin, has singularly brought the decadence of Indian movies in the last two decades. This scum is a disgrace to humanity and even to the canine and dog breed that this scum of the earth belongs. This toady eyed ugly and filthy looking banchod with a corn cob "hair club for khoja men" hairpiece that he got in the corner store for few rupees, is also a midget in real life that is good in a circus with a pail. In his recent movie, he speaks with a clear lisp and a hush hush, that is more like a water buffalo than a tiger. There is no way this sewer scum with canine ancesty on his mothers side and kuttae ancestry on his fathers side, is the leadng actor in India. This toad fed on suvvar scum that has settled in his brain with an IQ in the low 20's, delivers his dialogs that sounds like a obscene phone call. This donkey eared maggot is worshipped by the fellow donkey suvvar sewer scum illiterate illegal maderbanchod banchods front benchers who spend their entire monthly paychecks and buy tickets in black market to see this swine maderchod makaka monkey and other monkeys and they literally worshipp these dogs.

The Banchods only use only imported imbeciles who can't walk and chew at the same te let alone act. As far as dancing is concerned, they have no skills. The motion is mechanical, unaesthetic and forced and even vulgar. The imbecile imports are not indicative of the real Indian actress talent and never will be.

Acting and looks are inborn and few of the nuances of acting are cultivated. It is a geniuine treat to watch an attractive actress act well too, no matter they are from the East of West, albeit the actresses from the East, are more feminine.

On the other side of the Aisle, I would think, women would like to watch someone like Warren Beatty (and the late Richard Burton) act well too. The most handsome and debonair actor ever-Cary Grant-never was known for acting (as per Grant, you are only acting when you scream, holler and bleed to death for the audience-in that definition-the three Kongs in Hindi movies are the greatest actors!) Where as in the East, good looking guys like Dharmendra and (the late Feroze Khan) were not considered great actors. The 3 kongs in Hindi movies, are ugly to the core so much so, even the eagles flying overhead cover their eyes. They are handsome in the eyes of the beholders, which are the slum trash of India-the front benchers. These maderchods are a disgrace to acting and the canine and suvvar breed they belong to.

They are propped up as the leading actors by the filthy front benchers from filthystan and dirtydesh, who here illegally and they are the illiterate slime scum slum of the decent Indian society.

Few of the thumbnail pics may not be indicative of their looks while they were at their peak of glory, fame and looks.
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In a Planet of Seven Billion, on all probability, there are Seven Million beutiful women. This list is painstakingily put together, since, choosing 25 women out of Seven Million, is not an easy task but someone has to do it! This list is exclusive for the women not only born beutiful but the Creator, threw in "sexy" as a bonus. If beuty is a hershey bar..then sexy is hershey bar with almonds in all the right places! If beuty is a cake..then sexy is frosting on the cake! If beuty is for the eyes of the beholder.. then sexy is for the the discerning and discriminating eyes of the beholder!

This is when they were in their peak of beuty and sex appeal. For a few recent thumbnail pics may not be indicative of their past glory. Few, have ruined their natural God given beuty and looks for sheer vanity and scorn of the scalpel, but the image captured by the camera, has left an indelible and non blottable image for ever, in the brain of the beholders.

Beuty, has no borders, language, culture or color. Few in this list might not have been heard or seen (not even a thumbnail pic!) but they have features that make them one of a kind and sexy beyond belief. The All time Top Four would be; Claudia Cardinale, Raquel Welsh, Ann Margret and Rakhi Sawant.
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The pendulam of acting does not stand swings both ways but for these, it mostly in the middle or what is called mediocrity. Few of them are good looking and few come from acting background or modelling background but they are not a Bachchan or a Mukerjee. They might have one or two acts of brilliance, but for the most part the acting is not consistent or the acting is nothing to write home about. For a few the good looks and genes eclipse their gene'iune" faults.
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Either an actor is good or bad or made to look good or made to look bad. These are "Made to Look Good", by a minority of the population, who have no taste or have sewer taste, like toilet humor, like fart jokes, condescending and demeaning to women, Anti Indian, Anti Patriotic, Traitors, demeaning to India and Indians (illegals from Ditry Desh or Filthystan), no class or style, pirate their own movies, copy freely the music and the scenes and stories from old Indian movies or Hollywood with no shame. Have no creative talent. Use the money that is generated from the poor Indian audiences on foreign locations, in-turn making the Mumbai film industry workers unemployed.

Then we have the front benchers-these are dogs-who spit in theaters and home, live in filth, most of them illegals from Dirty Desh or Filthystan, loud mouth the dialog (the dialogs are byhearted by these kuttaes, since they have seen Sholay or Bazzigar some 200 times and these madachets scums think "Sholay" is the greatest Indian film ever made), talk loud and obscene, use foul language, use four letter words in past tense, pre tense, as a phrase, paraphrase, as a proverb, verb, a noun, pronoun and as an adjunctive. These are the low lifes of the society the filth of decent Indian society or any society-the "chamchas." A true Indian and a decent Indian would spit on these scums.

These actors have the pulse of these chamchas and they know their taste well so they cater to these lowlifes and these lowlifes support them in turn, irrespective of any junk they produce, as long as two or more of these banchods star in the movie. They are unduly hyped and put on a pedestal by them and the "Morons of the Mumbai Media" the pimps fraction of the Mumbai journalists, who are related to these actors. These scums will wait for five hours to get a "Darshan" of these chamcha actors.

These banchod journalists were formerly the front benchers, who were given a pen and a dictaphone by the magazine publishers and given press credentials. They will give great reviews to these actors and their rotten movies for half cup of chai with vada pav or few paisas thrown at them.

These actors also bribe the Award Show organizers (who is to be of high caliber but now they are recruited from the front benchers), so they can get themselves nominated and their movies nominated. They are also photographed by the show cameramen, who are also madarchods from Filthystan (every other shot is focussed on them, infact one of these banchods who looks likes a goonda in black suit, sits all the way up front with an arrogant look like he owns the joint and the industry. He has a constant facial expression of smelling a gas leak. This kutta (dog) with his fellow kuttae's are practicaly a fixture in every award show. These actors are embarrasment to the Indian Film Industry and shame of the acting profession.

They should never have been allowed to act or produce a movie. There should have been some kind of Equity or Guild as in Hollywood or it is not too late to form one. They have taken the Indian Film Industry down the toilet to an irrovocable state of no return. What used to be a Rolls Royce is now a Hundai struck in a gutter with only one wheel spinning. Good producers like Ghai, Bhandarkar, Jha, Mishra, Varma just to mention a few, have stopped stooping to the gutter with them and gone back to teaching or retired. This explains as to why there are no good movies or very few (like "Uddan" "Traffic Signal" "Jodha Akbar"), coming out of Mumbai, for the last two decades.

The good movies have no audience since they don't cater to the kuttae frontbenchers and do not have one or more of these banchods starring in them. They have polluted and plundered the industry to ruins.
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They might be good in other things but not Hosting an Award Show, for one or more of the reasons-but not all of them. Either they are too serious or serious looking or lack the contagious laughter or do not have the gift of gab. Hosting requires a certain off-the cuff ad-libbing and interviewing skills, that they clearly lack, resulting in a show that is drab, dreary and boring. One or two are clearly abnoxious and condescending. Some have taken to buffoonary to make up for the lack of talent, as in the Hosts for the recent "IIFA" award show. People matter what, but buffonary is a cheap way to make'em laugh, specially the free loading VIP's and the ones who don't understand the language who are laughing at them-not with them.

Few of them are too dominating and rude to the fellow actors grabbing mic. from them and self promoting songs from their own movies in the dance numbers, instead of the songs that would have made aesthetic dance numbers. This is clearly unethical conflict of interest. But but they do it anyway, since they lack any morals or scruples in the first place or they are supported by the illitertate illegal maderchods from filthystan, who produce these award shows, who are the disgrace to the canine breed that they belong to. These scums are the reason the Hindi film industry is a laughing stock with this Ek Tha Buffalo scum maggot makaka monkey cretin with toad eyes and a "Hair club for Khoja Men" cheap hair transplant with canine ancestry on his mother side and suvvar scum with an IQ in the low 20s and cherubic monkey face and ugly swine maggot maderchod, who prances like a demented penquin in all award shows is a national disgrace and an embarrament.

A Host can make or break a show..they mostly break them.
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This is when actors were handsome and actresses were beutiful. They looked like Stars and acted like Stars. Not like the three Kongs and the Kuttae brothers of today, who are ugly filthy looking sewer rat scumbag maderchod midgets, who are disguisting to look at from any angle. These mophead banchods look like they just creeped out of a sewer-dirty looking swines. One of these leading swines, was kicked by the cops and banned for life from sports stadium. Would be good for the industry if all of them are banned for life from movies. This was the era when the directors took the part of match makers and had class and decency, and they knew the audience well and catered to their fancy and imagination. Few of the couples were eternal favorites with their movies celebrating Golden Jubilees (not to be compared with 100 crore club katchada movies like "Ek Tha Tiger" "Dabaang" "3 Idiots" "Delhi Belly" etc. or the favorite movies of filthy frontbenchers)

Current Hindi cinema has probably the ugliest bunch of actors fraction from kuttaestan, of any country. They are mostly propelled by the frontbenchers who have no taste or class. They revel and equate in seeing themselves thru the ugly actors-with beutiful actresses-fulfilling the greatest fantasy of an average ugly illegal slime suvvar from suvvarstan and dirtydesh who were brought in for menial labor like cleaning sewers and now fronting for terrorists. The Ek Tha Khoja banchod with eyes like a toad and facial epression of cretin with a bad and cheap hair transplant that he got in the corner drug store, born as an imbecile with suvvar ancestry. No decent actress will like to be seen with this filthy scum.

They are applauded by the media maggots and the front benchers who are the filth of any decent society. All of them are illegals from Dirth Desh and Filthystan. For a fellow suvvar lowlifes other suvvars will look handsome. Most of these madarchods are out of shape with fat hanging tummy, chubby cheeks and look like goats with a beard than actors.They look like apes with six-pack abs with an IQ lower than the biceps, and mash for a brain, as one of the leading Kuttae brother does. There is no way this is going to change since ugliness, no-talent and six-pack abs seem to be contagious in this breed.

No decent actress will be seen together with these cockroaches, let alone act with them. Most of these cockroaches are from Dirty Desh or Filthystan, who were brought in for menial labor to wash dishes or gaffer boys and cleaning rest rooms, by the older Indian film stelwarts or they are here illegally.They are low life scum of the society that should never been allowed in front of the camera.
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The best fashion designers are Indian, Italian and French. Rest of them are copy cats of the above. The newer Indian fashion desigeners have no clue about design and they are cut and paste designers who have neither the class or taste or inbred designer eye. Their designs stand like sore thumb. Few of the models won't even touch them with a ten foot barge pole let alone seen wearing them. Fashion design is an art that very few have the innate talent for akin to an artist or a singer or a musician. Few of the newer designers are so gaudy and gross they are an insult to the art of design and fashion. The aesthetics of design is what sets them apart from a mediocre here today gone tomorrow kind.
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These are cross section of movies old and new, classic and art form, older and newer film makers of repute, the resident Indian producers and the non resident Indian producers.The movies are indicative of the collective talent present in the Indian Film Industry.
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A screen villain in Hindi movie is a respectable profession, as opposed to the villains in James Bond movies (steel belted radial teeth, sporting a Nehru jacket, sitting on swivel chairs smothering a kitten, with a bad Russian accent..we were expppecttting you Mistthur Bond, would you like to drown in my shark pool..Misttturr Bond)

The Hindi villains are a breed apart. They were also more handsome than the 3 so-called leading actors (the ugly kong, the midget kong and the meathead kong-and the kuttae brothers from kuttaestan with canine ancestry on the mothers side and suvvar ancestry on their father side.) The banchods look like pakka villains since they are the ugliest looking leading actors ever in Indian cinema or any cinema or the face of the earth.

They wore silk dinner jackets and in the pretext of lighting the ever dangling pipe, cast an evil eye on the female gender. They had to be good actors, just like a clown in a circus who is a better performer than the highwire act. Pran, is the quentissential villian, who screened the future son-in-laws diligently. If they were disliked, they would invariably loose car brakes, on a downwinding road from the mansions. The villains in the Indian movies lived better than heroes-atleast till intermission-even though, there was no hint as to how they accrued their wealth.
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This when patriotism was rampant and there were no terrorists masquerading as actors or fronting for terrorists in the Hindi cinema. Few of the great patriotic producer/directors were Manoj Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Mehboob Khan. The current movies like "Laggan" is not only un-patritotic but Anti-Indian and demeaning and degrading to the India and Indians produced by treasonous scum suvvar kuttaes of bollywood.
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Not every movie billed as suspense has intrigue. These movies stand out as real suspense, till the end, with great direction and acting. The background music and song are crucial to the suspense in Hindi movies, since, few songs bring a sense of anticipation and fear, specially when the song or background is recurring as in a good Hindi movie as in a Hitchcock movie. Few directors were good (Desi Hitchcocks!) in this-like RGV and recently Sujoy Ghosh.

All suspense movies don't have to have a creepy clerk checking in a single woman into a Bates motel (but cobwebs at the registration desk gave a clue of things to come) nor a blonde in a shower to shock and awe the viewers. But there should be some kind of threat to the senses and prefarbly a bleached wrist bone with timex watch still ticking or proverbial skeleton in closet. Invariably the music sent chills down the spine and goose bumps the size of goose berries and creeping jolt of jarring music as Bernard Herman did in "Psycho" and Madan Mohan did in "Bees Saal Baad."
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These are the few of the immortal compositions and group singing from movies. The lyrics was penned by poets, who had artistry for words and set into music by composers with affliction and deep rooted affection for music, as opposed to latter day composers-wth exceptions-who have no musical background and more like goonda background.

They pirate the old songs, copy the other musicians or songs freely and and compose songs that any six year old can compose with a systhesizer. There is more malady than melody in their compostions. They all sound alike since they were composed to fill the normal six songs per movie. Older composers had musical background and they were dedicated to their craft. These songs have a religious ferver to them and evoke a sense of purpose in the listeners.
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Talent, that is multihyphenated and spills over the brim of Bollywood. There is no barrier of language, border or culture for their talent. They are universally accepted and respected. The talent is unique and well bred. Dicipline, work ethic, perseavarance nurtured the talent. Few had the vision and tried to hang on to the legacy, but gave up when the inaptly titled Bollywood was taken over by the gangs from suvvarstan-akin to the inmates taking over the asylum. They had and have the talent in making of the Icons.
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Dancing in the movies, is rooted to classical dancing as practiced by Bharat Natyam as in South, and Kathak, as in the North. It requires incredible display of dexterity, stamina and grace that very few are capable of. The modern "Item Dance" is vulgar derivative of the Indian classical dancing that the front benchers from Filhtystan and Dirthy Desh with no taste or class or talent admire and relish. These maderchods worn born without taste and the item dance suits their suvvar taste. Vulgar in their middle name and cheap is their surname.

This has become a commercial entity with the original intent, aesthetics and meanng lost in the shuffle. This item dance has replaced the classical dance, since the newer actresses and the imported illegal and incompetant imbeciles are incapable of dancing gracefully (can only gyrate-a talent that is easily picked up by watching old Hindi movies,) to the direction of few cheorographers who themselves have no training and lack any taste or class and trained in Kuttestan style of dancing. The dancing is too mechanical and unaestentic since they are not trained in the classical dancing.
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Film Fare is the oldest and the most prestigious award shows akin to the Oscars and a pride and joy of the Indian cinema. Lately (almost the last decade,) it was taken over by few Goondas from Filthystan. These banchods maderchats scums suvvar rats (cousins of terrorist Kasab who killed over 150 people in Mumbai) were putting their own cousins in every award shows. One such maderchod banchod was supposed to be a producer! of the show interviewed on National TV, sitting on his bed in dirty pyjamas in filth. The show had lost its meaning and prestige and now it is gaining some of it back though we have few vestiges left.

The 2012, Show, was one of the best Film Fare awards to-date with the best Red Carpet-Emcees-Vishal Malhotra and Manish Paul and the hilarious parodies and comedy sketches by the hosts-SRK and Ranbir Kapoor. It takes courage and boldness to enact these sketches and not every actor can hadle it. They make a good team, since Ranbir, being the younger host plays dumb to SRK. The other good hosts are Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar. The best part of the show was the parody with Rakhi Savant (the sexiest actress in India.) How come she is not seen on the Red Carpet or perform in all the award shows?

Few disguisting and wierd things that seems to be indigenous to the Indian award shows-while most of the award shows-show snippets of beutiful women in the audience, why the hell do we have to see this lyricist? an ugly dark scum over-rated fat scum maderchod blimp from Scumstan, who has a fixed expression of smelling a gas leak, and this banchod filthy looking and ugly director from Flithystan with one movie to his credit, dirty looking and dressed in dirty jeans, in every other shot? These banchods should be cleaning the red carpet than walk on it. Let these cockroaches sit on the carpet at the feet of the good actors, so these monkeys are beyond the camera angle.

There should be some kind of dress code as in Oscars since- men and women alike-would like to see beutiful women in the audience, the likes of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sameera Reddy and Amy Jackson. There is one or two weird and pervert suvvar rat scum photographers and editors from Filthystan in all award shows, who seems to be on payroll of these scums from monkeystan. Also this ugly blimp a Kuttae in Kurta, is a fixutre in all award shows and never seem to miss an award show. Does these madarchods with canine ancestry on the mothers side, ever take a vacation or even better-a hike? or go back to scumstan for good?

Homage to Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand was a farce to promote a lousy band and two makaka monkey singers from scumstan. Better not pay any homage than giving a shoddy one.

The bottom line and common factor, to the best dressed actresses, were the simplicity in design and choice of color and fabric (sari) they wore and their own innate taste, as opposed to be dressed by the newer designers (barring a few-like Manish Malhotra, Bhairavi Jaikishan and Neeta Lulla,) who lack the class or taste and make a mess of the design. A sari is an enemble that a woman has to have certain body and curves to wrap around. A woman can't be too thin or too heavy-to wear. Hence doesn't look good on all women.

The recent 2012 Apsara Awards, was a farce and insult to the Legends, who were invited one by one on stage and treated like some cheap game show contestants. This show also had few kuttaes from Kuttaestan running the show who have no clue about dancing or running an elegant show or paying respects to the elderly since these kuttae banchods have kuttae ancestry.
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There are movies made for the sake of minting money and then there are movies made for propagating the art of cinema, these, come like comets, once in cinema lifetime, instead of gloom and doom they lift our sullen mood. These movies bring life time of cherished memories. Like all good things in life, good cinema, trancends borders, language and culture.

These movies may not all be rated in the top, but there is something innately common with them either in the story, acting, music, a favorite actor or actress or the overhaul sentiments expressed. These are the movies that should be collected on DVD and watched once in a while, lest we not forget that there are/were gifted craftsmen who made/make great movies. This was the inner sacred sanctum, not sacred anymore (see Favorite Films of Fithy Frontbenchers made of Banchods of Bollywood")

The Three Cockroaches of Bollywood, ugly scums born in sewer. These suvvar rats have taken over Mumbai Film Industry. One is an ugly like an elephant man, the other is a midget makaka monkey cockroach, the third one is an ape with an IQ in low 20s. These scums are no fit to clean the toilet of these moviemakers let alone act and produce a movie. These scums belong in the gutter along with their fans and the chamcha Mumbai Journalists.
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The 100th anniversary of Indian Movie Industry, there should be movies befitting the occasion. If the following movies are any reflection of this occasion, the Indian movie Industry is in the gutter. The industry has been in decadance ever since the three maderchods were put on pedestal as best actors. These suvvar rats are not even qualifieed to clean toilets in an airport, let alone walk the red carpet. Most of the kachada movies have ugly banchods (fake patriotism to mint money) with pot belly and look like maggots from maggotstan. The newer actors from filthystan are the ugliest ever to appear in Hindi cinema.

The only apt word to describe these movies are Kachada (garbage) movies from maderchods from Kachadastan. Few of these movies have a reputable name attached to them to attract the majority audience (since they are mostly meant for the Filthy frontbenchers from Filthystan and illegal suvvar rats from Dirtydesh-cousins of Kasab-terrorist who killed more than 150 people in Mumbai) but they cant be duped by the big names.

They are Kachada movies no matter what and make money since the banchod filthy frontbenchers spend all their money on these Kachada Movies, as long as the movie has one or two monkeys from Monkeystan acting in them in the main lead. These demented and retarded frontbencher maderchods have money to burn but never have class or taste and never expected in the first place since they all share Kuttae ancestry.
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They are classy On or Off the screen. They don't need a Lulla or a Malhotra on a retainer, to look good. They have an innate sense of fashion and style that makes them look radiant at all times. They have class and elegance that sets them apart from the tinsel town actresses.
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These were the greatest stars, some were better actors but they had their unique stamp and style that made them stand apart from the rest. They were not neccesarily icons, but they left indelible mark in the movies.
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Fashion sense is mostlly Nature with little of Nurture (money to afford the costly life style.) A healthy physique is good attribute but not muscles the size of Montana, as this one of the so called leading kuttae banchod water buffalo actor has. This meat head who is good for dancing in weddings for little money, has no genetic taste and he is disgrace to the acting profession. This maderchod with six-pack abs has canine ancesty on this mothers side and is a disgrace even to the canine breed. The fashion sense in men in-bred, unlike actresses, who need the help of designers, actors seem to can do fine on their own.
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There were few things in common with romantic Indian movies-beutiful women and handsome men, the melody of music and the scenery. The music composers, were the best in their trade, and the singers, that evoked the passion in their singing (like Asha Bhonsle for Sadhana in "Hum Dono" or Rafi singing for Rajendra Kumar in "Mere Mehboob") or the music and melody of a duet, as in the title song of "Chalte Chalte" composed by the likes of Jatin-Lalit and Aditya Shrivastava or the composition of music maestro Naushad for "Mere Mehboob."
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These actors was acting was all about. They did not attend acting schools or were into method acting. They were born actors for whom it was natural for them to face the camera.
a list of 20 titles
These are melodies that will never be replicated since the old music directors and few of the newer directors, had feel for the song and a melody. Some how the solo singing happens to be more haunting than duets and few female singers like Asha Bhosle, had the innately sexy voice that she modulated to suit the actresses-invariably Asha Parekh and Rajshree.

Among the male singers Mukesh and Kishore Kumar had that kind of voice. The newer Malady Directors, in the last two decades from Kuttastan, are suvvar banchods, who have no clue about music and never will. They have taken the Hindi music to the gutter. If Jaidev Varma were to be alive today he will be turning over in his grave! listening to their music.
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No film-maker, sets about to make the most romantic movie, but few turn out that way, because of the story, sublime mesage, acting or music or all of them. Naivety of the romance was what made a movie special at least in the older movies, since the Bibilical times, a man cared and nurtured the woman. In the newer movies the naive and innocense, is lost in the shuffle. The candlelight in the old romantic movies is now replaced by the hand held mobile devices that have spelled doom and disaster for love and romance, the same way an atom bomb did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The damage from the mushroom cloud can be felt for generations to come.
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An actor is either Good or Bad or Made to look Good or Made to look Bad. Bad actors are propped up by the friends in the media and the frontbenchers (who are slime trash of any decent society and mostly illegals, who spit in theaters and generally are filthy suvvar scum maggots who tend to mass worship the actors who share the same traits) for their own gain and satisfaction and not neccesarily for the good of the profession or the integrity of the industry. Most of the frontbenchers are illiterate and criminals who lack deceny, taste or class (criminal behviour in sport stadiums and body cavity searched and detained in all airports)
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There is no where in any cinema, that music plays a role as in Indian cinema. In a way every Indian movie is a Musical. The music was-not is-what sold the movie in the past cinema. Few of the current music directors have streched themselves too thin, taking on too many assignments and this has diluted the movie music to an obligatory four or six songs that have neither a tune nor melody. Hence very few music directors have time and talent to compose good music since they are paid the same money and adulated by the masses of mostly illegal frontbenchers whether it is good or kachada music. If music maestro Naushad were to be alive today he would be turning over in his grave, listening to the malady of the music composed today.

Producer/directors, the likes of Raj Kapoor, produced one movie every two or three years and the lyricists and the music directors were sat through and each lyric, song and sequence was anaylzed, as to what that song or scene meant in the context of the movie. Current producers from kuttaestan and the banchod brothers of bollywood (cousins of terrorist Kasab who killed more than 158 people in Mumbai) have no sense or appreciation for the art of cinema or music since they lack any taste or class or background in music.

The only art they know is the art of minting money from the front benchers and the unsuspecting public. They churn out two or three kachada movies in a year with rotten music composed overnight by chamcha music directors using synthesizers resulting in malady not melody. Hindi movie music will never be the same, since these no talent nerds have no creative talent. These Banchods would have not come here illegally if they had any talent in the first place.
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This is instrument that looks similar to Sitar but the music coming out of the instument is lilting and heavenly. Very few North Indian musicians were familiar with this instrument and only few like Shankar-Jaikishan, used them mostly as background music or an interlude. The maderbanhcod musicians from kuttaestan have no clue about South Indian instruments. These banchods were not trained in music not versatile with any instruments other than the synthezer. The greatest proponent of Veena was Chittibabu from South who was in the same league as Ravi Shankar for Sitar.
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The Kongs and the Kuttae brothers movies, have the worse choreogaphy, since these maderchods have no creative talent and they use the same banchod choreographers, since they are fellow kuttaes from kuttaestan All dances have the same moves-unappealing, un-aesthetic, repetitive and boring. The "Item Dances" are vulgar with under-world gyrations that cater to the the filthy frontbenchers, who are make the bulk of the audience for the 100 crore movies. They have no taste or class and the "Item Dances" fit right into their sewer taste.

Choreography was the domain of few who had training, class and style and that is taken over by the goondas who have no clue about choreography. The item dance choreographers are the sewer scum from suvvarstan who should never have been in the movie business if not for the kongs and the banchod brothers hiring them.
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Duets, are clearly Indian since no where in any cinema couples sing to each other nor in real life. Some movies are known for the duets that were composed by few music directors who are durable for duets the likes of Aditya Shrivastava and Nadim Shravan.
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These are the actors you would like to hear narrate a story or voice-over in a movie, as in Morgan Freeman in "Shawshank Redemption" or Ray Liota in "Good Fellas" or Lorraine Braco in "Good Fellas". They have clear diction and spacing and a voice with resonance and depth.

The three kongs and the kuttae brothers have no diction and their dialog sounds like an obscene phone call or in the case of one six-pack abs maderchod-like mating call of a sea urchin, since he was fed and raised on suvvar scum. The reason for that, these banchods were never meant to be actors, more like rest room cleaners or gaffers. The filthy front benchers made them to be as actors with blind adoration and mass hysteria that is rampant in this breed.

Voice over is underutilized in Hindi movies. A good voice over can cover lot of details, that would otherwise require reels of stock and bridge events, that otherwise could not be shown. It not only saves enormous expenses for the producers but also leaves a lot for imagination-that can be used in a sequel.
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Piano based songs were staple in older movies, where the heroes and heroins had class, style and elegance befitting an upper echelon of the society. They invariably played on a grand piano, that were a fixture, in all the mansions and the parties thrown by the rich fathers who were invariably portrayed as villains (since they did not approve of the boys that their daugters were hanging out with) for their daughter's birthday, attended by the boy liked by the girl and the boy who was matched by the parents.

Few composers like Shankar-Jaikishan and Ravi and recently Shankar-Eshan-Loy, were/are trained musicians and have a good ear for music and few of the compostions are melodies that will linger for ever. Few of the newer composers who work with the banchod brothers are suvvar scum with no talent, that cater to the frontbencehers taste in music, which is mostly kachada item-dance numbers, copy-catted with synthesizers that any six year old can compose.

Good movies took a year or two to produce. For example-Raj Kapoor-made "Jis Desh Mai Ganga Behti Hai" in 1960, before he made "Sangam" in 1964, after a span of 4 years. Both movies had some of the best compostions by the duo of Shankar-Jaikihshen. These days the suvvar kuttae brothers with canine ancestry on the mothers side, produce three kachada movies in one year and worst kachada songs for the kuttae front benchers-the maderchods who have never heard of movies like "Sangam." No wonder the Hindi film music is in the gutter.
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Hindi cinema has transformed into a gutter cinema, since the minority frontbenchers from Kuttaestan are dictatiing the quality of the movies and minority of the producer/directors are catering to the whims and wishes of the frontbencers, from time memorial, have lacked class or taste. Akin to eating junk food they will never develop a taste for gourmet food. They have neither the expertise nor the taste producing or directing a movie since their only motive is to line their pockets. The older stelwarts have either given up in disguist or have no power over these imbeciles of cinema.

The posess borderline talent or no talent or their talent has been over-estimated by few Maderchod Mumbai Journalists who promote them and put them on the pedestal for no reason other than they have been bribed or they do this to get access (darshan aka interview) with them.

They have no vested artistic or patriotic interest in Indian cinema nor propagating the art of cinema, but to mint money as fast they can to churn out more rotten movies to the front benchers who are the dogs and sewer suvvars and filth of the Indian society and are fed and raised on suvvar scum. Dogs have better taste than these sewer scum frontbenchers who are mostly illegal and terrorists from dirtydesh and flthystan and fronting for terrorists.

They have no experience in this field and any experinecce is acquired as gaffers working for producers lke Subash Ghai. RGV to name a few. Collectively they have produced the worst Films in the Indian cinema. They should find a day job as menial labor for which they have aptitude for and save the film industry from shame and disgrace.
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These directors are known for their dedication to the craft and the sheer amount of energy and time they spent on pre-production and paying meticulous attention to details. Most of them also wrote the screenplay and wielded the megaphone, which gives them an extra perspective and depth for the direction.

Few of the newer Indian directors are pubescent bachhas who make one kachada movie and they are seated in the front in all award shows by the maggots of the Mumbai media who are the cousins of Kasab (Terrorist who killed 158 people in Mumbai.) These suvvar rats have no morals or integrity and worst scums of the society.

These are not average run-of-the-mill directors but the the best in their craft. They were geniuses' of the trade. They have few common denominator that seperates them from the average director-namely individual style. Part of their talent is their intuition about the right actors for the role and casting them at any cost. The actors in turn were loyal and gave the their best as in Robert DeNero for Scorsese. Good actors harbored a lifelong desire to work with these directors and many got their wish.
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Snce the days of Dadasaheb Phalke, who produced the first ever Indian movie "Harishchandra", cinematography and sound, were of the highest caliber and quality in the Indian movies. The black and white movies had the charm of their own ("Hum Dono' with Dev Anand and Sadhana) like and till this date are superior than the color added to them later.

The color-that was called Eastman color-came to the Indian movies with "Sangam" and Raj Kapoor, who had the greatest ensemble of talent, the likes of Radhu Karmarkar (director turned camerman) captured some breath-taking scenery, that was right in the back yard (Ootacamund or Ooty-a heavenly hill station near Banglore) than trotting their equipment all the way across the globe. The color processing was superb and few of the movies like "Prem Rog" the photography seemed like 2D or even 3D for a movie shot in the late 60's.
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All directors are not alike. Few have the directing gene or an innate ability to narrate a story or they have an astute eye for a talent. Few old and new directors have that brilliance that sets them apart from the banchod directors (see the worst directors.) The yester-year directors were dedicated to the craft and they cast the actors based on their talent not because they are a sibling or a cousin or they owe them a favor or they have financed the movie (as in this scum makaka monkey producer who hired his brother ape actor with an IQ in the low 20s (low 30's-to be fair.) This Non Indian scum can't walk and chew banana at the same time let alone act-and this monkey is one of the three leading actors as per our imbecile Mumbai media who are maggot cousins of three actors.)
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These movies are hyped beyond reason or for reasons unbenownst to the viewer. These movies are produced and directed by no talent nerds, who should have never been given a role in producing a movie.
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The Bhajans in the Hindi movie are replaced by the Item Dance by the imbecle imports who have no clue about culture or tradition.
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These are few of the greatest proponents of music who are masters of melody. They may not have composed the best music for all the movies but their brilliance shows in most of their compositions. They have a good ear for a melody and invaribaly they associate with good lyricists and good producers.
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These movies took lot of pre production planning and effort by the producers who were/are stelwarts of the Indian cinema as opposed to these Kuttae (dogs) producers from Filthystan pubescent director with popsicle movies and johnny come lately, who have no clue about movie making. These dogs are financed and supported by the filthy frontbenchers who are illiterate, illegals and garbage lowlifes of the decent Indian society. They have no clue what a good movie and never will. They have genetic defect in taste or movie making. These producers toiled and tormented to make these movies but their efforts were not appreciated by the scum of the earth Mumbai Media, who are the Filth from Filthystan, who only support a few of their fellow canine breed. Good movies are for ever the twinkling stars of the movie solar system.
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Good directors work with good script and good actors (The yester year directors wouldn't have spit on the current three so called leading actor banchod makaka monkeys let alone direct them) These are the men who catapulted the Indian film industry to the dizzy heights and put India in the map of the International cinema. The current directors from Filthystan are madarchods, These vermins would not even qualifed to clean the feet of the yesteryear directors.
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There is patriotism and then there is fake patriotism as practiced by the three Kongs (the ugly, the midget and the meathead and kuttae brothers), who do it to mint money as in the new TV show. These maderbanhcods are terrorists from birth and and they hide under their fake patriotism, so they can continue with their goonda and terrorist activities undetected. These suvvar vermins rightfully belong in the sewer.
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This maderchod journalists from Mumbai and NRI journalists, who are fed and raised on suvvar scum from filthystan, gives one star to this good movie. These banchods have canine ancestry on their mothers side. The only movies they give good ratings is for the movies acted by the three monkey from monkeystan and the kuttae brothers from kuttaestan.
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Most of the movies are like books read once and discard never to be seen again, but these DVD's, are good to treasure since the movies/TV series, are unique, for their contribution to the art of motion pictures. it could be a spectacle or a breathtaking cinematography or visual splendor or choreography or acting or just the art of movie making or pure entertainment. Either way, these are few gems that should be seen once in a while lest not we forget we have/had great craftsmen who made great movies.
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These are what is called "Kachada" movies that were misled as good movies either by the cast or a name director or producer or clever advertising that trapped the unsuspecting moviegoer in seeing the movie at least once. The best part of these movies were the well-lit exit signs. These movies should not to be seen again in any format for the sake of preserving the health of the viewer.
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The three leading monkey actors who are suvvar rats have no respect for the Indian culture. These madarbancods with canine ancestry, have shoved the Indian film industry down the gutter. These maderchod midget who is best suited for cleaning the camera than facing one with demeaning movies like "Laggan", "Delhi Belly" "3 Idiots" to name a few.
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Some of the greatest lyrics was penned by Shilendra and Sahir Ludhianvi. The current crop of lyricists have no poetry in their soul nor the talent barring a few. They are more intuned in attending all award shows and collect their ill gotten awards by a jury planted by the Three Kuttae brothers from Kuttaestan.
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These were/are the actors who articulated well, had fluency in dialog delivery, were natural, and well coordinated either while they were dancing or walking as opposed to these so called leading three idiot banchods suvvar cockroaches with cnine ancestry.These non Indian maggots from maggotstan, can't walk and chew paan at the same time. These three scums look like demented penguins when they are dancing since they were picking up behind an elephant in the land where they came from.
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These movies don't have the hype generated by this banchod, ugly looking, con artist doggy looking, suvvar scum inflating the cost of the movie, to pocket himself hundreds of crores at the cost of the Mumbai film workers who are either working for less than a minimum wage or unemployed..

These movies are the real Indian films produced by the real talent who toil and torment to get recognition but it is taken away by the three corrupt rats, who bribe the theater owners, award show organizers, journalists to get nominations.

These movies are produced by the real talent in Mumbai, as opposed to the three "Ape Brothers Goonda Production Company" who sit like dogs all the way up front drooling for an award since they have fixed the awards before hand.

There is also One kuttae brother, whose sole job is to collect the award for safekeeping. The leading brother is an ape, whose acting borders from imbecile to idiotic with a brain the size of a peanut but built like King Kong. His dancing is like a frog caught in a blender. This madarchod scum is worshipped by the filthy minority from Dirty Desh and Filthystan the non-Indian maggots who came illegally and wholly supported by the these three ape brothers and their cousins who are lowlife scum of the society with canine ancestry.
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Classical dancing is the foundation for the modern Dance/Item numbers in Indian movies. The following, not only had the innate grace and beuty, but were also good actresses with expressive gestures, that laid the foundation for their acting career
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Late Ustad Bismillha Khan was the greatest proponent of shehnai. He played classical music and only few music directors have incorporated this unique sound in their music.