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Suggest as Nominee for the Oscars...Instead of "Barfi"...If I May !, 23 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Women writers and directors like fiction, fantasy and platonic relations as evidenced in this movie and "Mr.& Mrs.Iyer." Gauri Shinde, does a great job as a first time? director, of this gem of a movie, which is a cross between "Mr.& Mrs. Iyer" by the very talented Ms.Aparna Sen and "Monsoon Wedding" by the prolific Ms.Mira Nair. The story is absolutely spell binding and riveting like a suspense movie, since, all immigrants to The United States of America, have gone through the routine and nothing is a fantasy. The sessions in the English learning school with a gay teacher (David-a good perf.) is hilarious with the quirks and traits of different ethnic groups brought up without being insulting or demeaning.

Each scene flows into another like a garland and the screenplay is simple and homely. The movie is as sweet as laddoo. Sridevi, The French guy (Mehdi Webbou),the kid,and the niece Radha (Priya Anand)the stand out among the rest of the cast, who are above average and the interaction and peace at the end of the semester, could not have been better achieved by United Nations Peace Force.

The long story is poignantly related by the woman director, whose feminine touch is evident all along, like Shashi, riveted to the romantic movie, when her platonic relation is watching her. The long walk catching her mental turmoil after the brief spark of awkward romance on the top of the skyscraper.

Not everything is as sweet as laddoo. The grandmother left back in India with an excuse she can't get Visa (not Passport as in the movie) was cruel and utterly selfish of her son, to devoid her the joy and happiness of being part of her grand daughters wedding. This is typical of how Indian women are put on a pedestal and worshiped and treated like second class citizens at the same time. If she couldn't get Visa the wedding should have been canceled in New York and they parties should have been flown to Pune, and the expenses should have been born by the parents of the groom (applies to all weddings)

The scene in the Deli is so authentic it is tough to believe it is a movie. So is the actress taking Sashi's call at the English school (the patience, perseverance and tolerance shown is so much opposite to the attitude at the Deli and the director is so shrewd to show the contrast.) All said and done, this is feel-good movie that should have been the Oscar Nominee-and probably would have won too-instead of the slovenly stupid and annoying movie called "Barfi."

Heroine (2012)
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Not Bhandarkars Finest Hour, 7 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The script is not tight and the movie is too long with few scenes that are non relevant to the story telling unlike Bhandarkar's previous films. This is Kareena's best acting after "Chameli" and she should win an award or two. Kareena, who looks little like the portrait of Mona Lisa without makeup, does well in her introspective insights and reaches the bottom of the pit when even her manager (Govind Namdeo, who was superb in "Mai Madhuri Banaa Chati Hoon' as an Agent, is mediocre and lost without significant part here) throws the books at her.

She does portray the confused Desi Heroine well. The best part of the movie is the segment with Ranvir Shorey and the movie inside the movie with a great acting (not to mention great cleavage!) by Shahana Goswami as a drunken lesbian seducer. The scene with the heroine in the car stranded too long and claustrophobic even for the audience. The heroines want adoration and it is tough to deny it.

Bhandarkar, tries hard to portray the times and tribulations of a Desi Heroine, but seems to be confused himself as to how to go about it. Other than Kareena, Ranvir Shorey (Bhandarkar's protégé as a director, who is not in the Hundred Crore Movie Club) in the movie is good to watch as always. The other is Divya Dutta as the PR Gal.

The movie deserves a rating of six or seven, since not so good movie by Bhadarkar, is hundred times better than the maderchod banchod produced the so-called Hundred Crore Movies, meant for the sewer and filthy frontbenchers who are dictating the Hundred Crore Club market. Their movies are a disgrace to decent Indians and the illustrious Indian film industry. If not for the likes of Bhandarkar,there would be no film industry...just "Item Dance Industry" taken over by the goonda banchods like Ek Tha Kojha maderchods, acting and producing movies for the frontbenchers and praised by and selected swines of the Mumbai Media since they are bribed to do so.

Barfi! (2012)
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Menacingly Boring and Overrated Movie, 2 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Except for Ranbir Kapoor, whose acting is mediocre-as expected of him and his generation of borderline talent-the movie is overrated as expected, menacing and annoyingly boring beyond belief. Any movie with a sentimentality (handicap or a misfortune) however stupid appeals to a certain segment of the audience and gender. But that does not mean the movie is good or Oscar material. In fact, the movie will never make it to the Oscars.

The Indian directors and the selection committee, are very naive as to what is an Oscar worthy movie, since they are in their little pond and belief that the industry is big enough to know what they are doing. They just have to watch the Oscar nominations or winners from the past-as simple as that.

"Laggan" the last movie, touted by the same people and the Media, as one of the greatest Indian movie ever, was a piece of trash, that was sentimental (handicap) theme with 13 demented cretins led by an idiot (an idiot even as a leader of the gang is still a cretin) trying to win a cricket match with a last minute miracle of shoulder disability. The movie itself being demeaning to Indians and the brave servicemen who defend the country. Then again this movie was made by a producer whose IQ is in the range of a cretin and he is a unpatriotic illegal traitor who disguises as film maker.

If you compare this movie to "Ek Tha Tiger/Water Buffalo" any movie is Oscar worthy! In fact the hero of "Ek Tha Water buffalo" would have been perfect to portray the deaf and mute since this maderchod scum is a real life a dumb cretin (heavy lisp, khoja hair transplant, six-pack ab,and dialog delivery that sounds like mating call of sea urchins)

The acting? of Priyanka Chopra, is pathetic and unbearable to watch and her mannerisms are irritating (this has no bearing on the real autistic children.) We were told that she is autistic, but where in the terminology? does it say she can't wear makeup and have to bat her eyelids like a chipmunk! The Ileana D'Cruz girl can't act..period. She should take some other vocation (teach autistic children?) and save the industry from disgrace.

Few Scenes are funny till the Chopda girl trotters on and then we don't know to whether to cry, cringe or laugh at her heavily googled interpretation of an autistic girl/woman. Here is a good actress-probably the best actress-but not everything she touches is gold or autistic.

The cinematography is good as in any Hindi movie and Ranbir's (touted by the same producer to portray Kishore Kumar! in his new movie..this must be another low point in the casting by Basu) flair for trite imitating his grandfather Raj Kapoor, has manifested on more than one occasion and more than one movie. The gene has not skipped a generation-but has stopped at his father Rishi Kapoor. He is one of the most overrated actors..mostly by the virtue of his famous name and he is not even good looking like his grand father or his famous uncles.

If this movie is Oscar material, then God Bless the Indian Cinema. God only can save the industry from the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Ek Tha Tigers and Buffalos and the 3 leading idiots...the Kongs of Bollywood.

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Raaz.....The Junk Secret in 3D, 19 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vikram Bhat's "Raaz" was one of the best thriller Hindi movies, but the latest offering is a voodoo gone bad (The 16th Franchise will have Bipashu practicing Feng Shui?) and in 3D..or three times bad. The hero is a chubby cheeked midget who is slovenly boring and imbecilic. His acting is mostly staring into space and exposing what used to be his biceps. Pity the heroines who have to kiss a goat. Since when? a clown singing happy birth-day is a horror segment in a movie may I ask? Bipashu (a clever mix of Bipasha and Basu)is in fading as an actress for this franchize. She does not command the screen as she used to and she better leave the heaving and the heavy breathing to Sunny Leone. Shouldn't her gripe and black magic be more against Sunny instead of Sanjana! The direction by Bhat is corny and appeals to the astute Six-Year old moviegoer sitting on an adult lap. The story is ridiculous and vehemently put together to accommodate the wanna-be actors that are picked from the men doing dirty laundry at dhobi ghat. They must have auditioned for Bhatts, ever since they were given permission to churn out movies. The horror in the movie seems to be more in the making than the content.

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Ek Tha Water Buffalo, 26 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The hero looks more like a water buffalo than a tiger, with a corn dog hair transplant that he covers with a generous supply of brylcreem jello under a hood that makes him look prettier than the heroine. He is toady eyed and talks with a lisp and hush hush, more like a cretin than a spy. His build is more like a imbecile pehlwan than a Agent. When he does speaks anything intelligible the dialog sounds like an obscene phone call or even mating call of a sea urchin, which again fits with a water buffalo than a tiger.

One of the worst movies ever that is targeted to to the sewer scum filthy illegal illiterate frontbenchers and not for a decent Indian audience. This unknown actress who has face like a horse, has no acting or dancing skills. Erratic action in a tomato stand (even the tomatoes are rotten) runaway dialog, stunts befitting a khoja hero, worst editing, lousy music and horrible and vulgar dancing with the water buffalo, non existent story or story made up to spend money earned on the backs of the poor Indian audience in foreign locations. The hero is more like a coolie or servant of an actor and the ugliest maderchod in in the history of movies.

This movie belongs in the annals of the gutter. The success of movies like this, is an indication, that the inmates are running the asylum and the moron frontbenchers are dictaing the box office. Spells doom and decadence for Indian movie industry. Only God (and newer directors like Gauri Shinde of "English Vinglish" ) can save this industry.

Cocktail (2012)
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Nerdy Movie, 23 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yet another rotten film by the 20something crowd, who clearly are no-talent nerds, who are in this industry because of connections or nepotism. On their own they are worthless bums, inluding this hyped up jerk director, who has written the story. The story is stupid, contrived and excruciatingly prolonged to spend the money earned on the back of the unsuspecting Indian audiences on foreign locations and actors-who are pathetic (as in the scene on the beach front Where do they get these Anglo actors from..Central Casting?) The direction is awful and the music by the newer composers are typical of six year old playing with a synthesizer. Erratic disco numbersc and music if any is not worth listening. The dialogs are stupid and boring. This movie sucks big time and the producer, director, story writers and music director should get a day job and save the industry from disgrace. Only acting of any substance was Dimple.Padukone is good in few scenes. Rest of the times, she acts like she is on vacation from acting. Saif Ali Khan acts like he is on vacation. Rest of them are filmy wannabees AKA Nargis Fakrhi and Sonam Kapoor kind, who cant' act or dance. They take more than they give to the art of cinema.

Bhumika (1977)
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One of the Best Indian Movies, 11 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is riveting akin to a suspense movie since the story builds up to a crescendo. Any one with a hint of how a good film should be made should see this marvel of a movie. Shyam Benegal is a genius the like of Raj Kapoor, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Satyajit Ray. For example there is a long shot of a corridor with no action or actors but it builds a certain expectation. The scree play is one of the best in an Indian movie. The story even though has a disclaimer is intriguing since it is loosely based on an actress in the 40's. All have acted well but Smith Patil is the ace as in the movie within the movie she is in the witness stand and switches from acting to a normal with such an abandon that clearly set her apart from an amateur actress. This is one incredible movie that will never happen again since Bollywood is taken over by pubescent directors with kachada movies that are not even worth to be spit on.

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"The Face That Launched a 100 Crore Movie", 14 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If not for the stunningly sensationl-Sonakshi Sinha, this movie has all the ingredients of a kachada movie. You can't expect much class from a Telugu director like Prabhu Deva (Vastundi Shigramu..Kachada moviealu-Bhayankara Kattivarasalu-Bhayankara Mustiyuddalu) who is not only the worst but cheap and un-aesthetic choreographer. By letting him direct a movie, the producer, the caliber of Bhansali, is stooping low and has shown disrespect to the Hindi cinema. The music is horrible, and it is a shame, if this duo, were paid for this malady of composition. The humor is low brow and stupid, very much consistent with front-bencher's expectation of comedy.

Akshay Kumar,is the highest paid actor in Hindi cinema. He is capable of good acting as in "Patiala House" yet, he keeps churning out stupid, dimwit, buffoonary as in this movie. The action is generic dishum-dishum that a six year old street kid can direct. I give this movie a 3 for Sonakshi (who looks very much Indian as opposed to the imbecile imports, who can't act, dance or speak Hindi,) reminding us of classy actresses of yester-years, the likes of Vijayntimala and Sadhana. The rest of the movie is for the birds, with cheap thrills for the front benchers who relish and dictate the 100 crore movie market, and not for the sophisticated audience, which is in the process of extinction and this movie along with "Dabhang", "3 Idiots" and Delhi Belly" will only help to hasten that process.

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Neither Danger Nor Ishq., 30 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie has two reputable and talented names, that evokes an interest namely-Vikram Bhatt and Karisma Kapur. Karisma, who dumped her hubby of six odd years and embraced the movies for good, is one of the best talent from the Kapoor clan. Her thick eyebrows are kind of distraction from her acting. She is good in certain roles like regressed past as in this movie, since she has that eternal lost-look that fits right in. Somehow Vikram Bhat, fails as a director, since the movie is not tight as you would expect from a Veteran like Bhat. There are no strong male actors attached to the movie. The beginning of the movie and the scene inside the hospital is totally confusing to an average viewer, till the hypnotherpay sessions. Rajesh Duggal has talent in his blood..wish it was in his acting. Divya Dutta and other actors do fine. The one number by Himesh "Tere Chehra" is good. This movie hundred times better than the flicks by the 3 suvvar kuttae brothers and the 3 suvvar Kongs who are a disgrace to the movie industry.

Department (2012)
Loosely Produced Movie, 29 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

RGV is a force to reckon in Hindi movies, but this movie is a bummer, the likes of 'Darna Mana Hai" from his Camp. The script is bad and loose. The worst camera work of any movie. If the directors idea is to convey the thinking process or a controversy, you do that with the script, not the vertigo generating and going in circle camera work as in the Hospital scene. The action which seems to come at a regular interval is expected in a picture dealing with underworld, but the item dances also seem to come at a regular interval, with Sanjay Dutt's character, avraciously indulging in the dancing to the underworld tunes! Amitab Bachchan, looks aged, and for an actor of his caliber, this part is a cheescake. There is nothing in this movie that has a stamp of the famous RGV banner. It is too drawn out with repetitous and boring conversations. Not worth the expectation and clear disapppintment. The camera guy should find a day job for the sake of the Industry.

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