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thought-provoking, 14 March 2009

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I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it. I do not usually like the portrayal of religious topics but found some great metaphors that stayed with me after the movie ended. The main character's unbelief and skepticism were believable and to me demonstrate how each of us cannot earn God's grace. The scene of Henry smashing the image of Christ only to have rubble falling on his head is so true of many of our own efforts to earn God's grace. Even at our worst it is God who reaches out with hope and unmerited favor. The power of caring people surrounding us being used to bring someone out of the pits was true to life,just as the tendency for people to doubt the miraculous. If nothing else, I think this movie leaves me eager to discuss and ponder the important questions in life. Our human nature shouts that Henry does not deserve his miracle because of his unbelief. Yet each of us is in the same situation and must choose what to do next.