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Film shows an utter contempt for the human consciousness - callously promotes vegetative state!, 5 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Believe it or not, I am actually typing this review as the movie is playing. I'm a half-hour in and, to be honest I'm getting more enjoyment from the prospect of venting in this review than I believe I will experience from giving the remainder of this film my full attention.

I appreciate that starting a movie review and forming an opinion DURING the movie is generally considered bad form, but frankly the misery of watching this film is rapidly depriving me of any sense of morality.

I was drawn to the movie due to a genuine interest in getting into a voice-over career and was originally fascinated at the notion of watching a film on that very subject - but after a little over a half-hour of watching this film, I'm struggling to retain much interest in the subject, the professionals who make their living in this field...perhaps life itself!!! :-/

This film has no personality, no real humour, not a lot of story from what I can see, no soul at all! The actors in this film are all miserably wasted, even the ones who have proved themselves to be quite talented in superior productions, barely register here at all. They're on that screen, but they just don't jump off it - they are like ghosts haunting my screen, but offering no real presence.

Right now, this film is forcing me to re-evaluate my passion for film. In the past I have prided myself with sitting through any old tripe, so that afterwards I could objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the film, but now past my mid-thirties, I find myself questioning whether I have enough disposable time left on this earth to squander on watching films like this empty, miserable drudgery.

OK, at the risk of drifting into the realms of sado-masochism, I'm going to sign off for a time and give the second act of the movie an opportunity to reveal the underlying qualities of this film which may redeem it and eventually reward the enduring viewer with some kind of resolution to that elusive narrative arc...

...nope! The 'nose-kissing' scene has pretty much killed any remaining enthusiasm for this film (although the lead-up in the 'secret room' was a nice scene). At this point, I am operating solely on morbid curiosity to see what utter lunacy occurs next...

....ALAS! I found myself from this point unable to commit to this movie in 'real-time' any further and was forced to skip through and navigate the rest of the movie in a form of 'scanning' mode, seeking to sift through the wealth of self-indulgent fluff in order to divine some value in this miserable and fruitless cinematic hell and claw something of value back for my lost and irreplaceable hour of life.

This film left me reflecting on what I was actually expecting from this experience (or any cinematic experience for that matter!), I find myself close to an existential meltdown as I am left to ponder the meaning of life.

As I shut the movie off before the credits roll I feel I'm doing the cast and crew associated with this film a favour in not tarnishing their names by association with what I have just tried to watch.

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UTTER GENIUS!!! (But only if taken as some kind of parody!), 12 March 2009

Genius or utter madness? That depends on your interpretation of this film. I responded to it on the level of a self-aware "cop-movie parody", and I sincerely hope that was the intention as I don't see anyone taking it seriously! :-D Paul Rudd for one seems to be chewing up the scenery and really getting into the spirit of things! Is this film supposed to mark a departure for Rudd from his core background in the comedy genre? Some kind of insane attempt to reinvent him as a hard-boiled action star? I think not!

With the cheesy, almost awkward acting, low budget FX, and zany over-the-top action set pieces, it all kinda evoked that old TV show "Sledge Hammer" for me! HILARIOUS!!! :-)

Of course, I may have totally interpreted the film wrong. If it was in fact an attempt at a 'straight' action movie, then it was certainly an amusing failure!!

Watch with lots of alcohol and some mates!!! ;-)