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The waste of a good idea, 17 March 2010

Harper's Island starts in a very promising way. It's the classic story where the killer will kill everyone "one by one". The first episodes are catchy. The island is haunting and so are many of the main characters. You soon feel that the series is working on clichés. If you're a clever writer, there's nothing bad in clichés per se. Unfortunately Harper's Island writing isn't clever. In every new episode the problems grow. The last 4 episodes are a complete writers fiasco. If you want to turn your brain off, the show is entertaining. It's pure slasher popcorn. If you like good character's arcs and a solid plot, you can loose H.I. without regret. Plot holes are countless; the lack of character's motivations it's often annoying. More so in the finale. The acting is erratic. I guess this is due mostly to the inconsistencies of the plot and to the fact that often the writes use red herrings to confuse the viewer. Forcing the characters to swing from an extreme to the opposite, without motivation. A characters acts for an episode or two "as the bad guy" or... "the real good guy". The setting is very nice. The art direction and the camera work are solid. Unfortunately suspense for the sake of suspense can't, in my opinion, stretch for 13 hours.