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About as funny as a dead puppy., 24 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Any advertising for this sketch show clearly seemed to imply that it was going to be a contemporary version of 'Big Girl's Blouse' : i.e. Jane Turner, Magda Szubanski and Gina Riley. (and to some extent Marg Downey)

Not so much. Its like they are sprinkled here and there to prop up what is otherwise a very average and lackluster comedy show. The writing really lets it down, there seems to be zero spontaneity or improv and the players are treading through scripts that might have seemed okay to the writers trying to come up with something, but the ideas were not 'big' or clever enough to carry the whole sketch.

Glenn Robins was an embarrassment in a sketch about 'Dad - dancing' that felt flat, the skit about the weather forecast was just awful. I felt ripped-off when Magda, Jane and Gina made the very odd appearance because it should have been all about them with the others supporting them!

The end, where facebook messages to Domino's pizza while footage of desperate refugees played was the only slightly honest and astute observation I noticed, but it was as depressing as it was out of place.

Gawd ... where'd they find the writers? Go and find some open mic'ers maybe give some fresh perspectives a go!

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Unbelievably overrated., 16 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Putting aside the tiresome word-play in the title, the main character seems anything but 'good' ... he just seems like a smug, arrogant little pr*ck! He's almost insufferable as he poses for close-ups under perfect lighting and blows puffs of smoke in the direction of the camera.

We know he's clever because he does mathematical formulas on the bathroom mirror in a bar ... yawn.

It seems highly unlikely that a college professor would have any influence on a courtroom's judgement. To me it was an unlikely and rather weak plot twist.

He is then trotted before an array of therapists whom he tries his best to irritate ... why? If he's so clever why would he harm his chance of being kept out of jail; it makes no sense whatsoever. Just for the sake of having an attitude problem that can be unfurled in the course of the story... does this make it edgy?

Then he comes across Robin Williams' character and, gee ... do you think they'll end up as friends who change each others lives in some profound way? Gosh I just don't know.

Following is a parade of over-the-top dramatics and character evaluations that really become tiresome as everyone's sob story unfolds.

It skips across academic topics like the synopsis of a "for dummies" book: the most basic snippets of knowledge thrown in here and there. "Next week we'll be talking about Freud ...", oh please! Was it the first day of Psyche 101?

Why was Affleck's character sitting in some sort of job interview? So random. The chemistry between Damon and Minnie Driver was non-existent. Williams and Driver were good in this, but with such a dismal script ... they did what they could.

I don't think this film has aged very well at all, and I'm truly baffled about why this amateurish dramatic for the sake of it production has been so overrated.

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A soulless mess absolutely devoid of charm., 17 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dreary to look at and utterly devoid of the charm and warmth that made the 1971 film an enduring classic. Because of the iconic original we know what is coming in the storyline, but the delivery is so lacklustre that it ends up as unsatisfying.

The musical numbers are more annoying than entertaining, and none are memorable in the slightest. It would have served this film to drop the musicality altogether rather than serve up this slop.

Why are all the oompa loompa's identical clones of one creepy, ugly man?

Johnny Depp ... hmm. He looks like a dark-haired Sharon Stone and totally lacks the humour and warmth that Gene Wilder brought to the role. He is trying too hard to be 'kooky' and it is just annoying. The whole back-story of Wonka's dentist father was silly and unnecessary.

You can't really fault any of the actors, who do the best they can under bad direction. Such a shame.

Dreary, hollow and unsatisfying. See the 1971 film it is far superior!

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Cann anyone spell ..., 3 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I reckon terminus is a group of cannibals calling fresh meat to themselves. I can't believe no one else has mentioned or theorized this.

Of course I may be completely wrong.

Nice to finally hear Michonne's back-story but sorry if I found the prison flashbacks a little dull and regressive. I find - and have for a while - Rick's son to be kind of bratty.

Okay is that enough lines ?

No it wasn't so I'll just try to ramble on a little more when I've really made my point about the cannibals thing. I do think that season 4 has been great, really liked it now that they got out of that boring prison and the even more boring Governor is gone!

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Despite interesting subject matter it does not engage., 11 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was oddly disengaging. Try as I might I just couldn't 'like' the main characters nor care what they went through. I feel more sorry for the real guy locked up for life when child molesters often get released only to re-offend.

Jim Carrey looked way too old to be playing a thirty year-old. I'm not sure how old he really is but boy, here with that bad dyed hair he looks about 60. His depiction of the main character is just awful; like a hyper-active schoolboy with no clear motives. It was just a direction-less, awful, hollow performance from him and he looked awful. He is past his use-by; neither funny enough for slapstick nor good enough for anything remotely serious.

I did not believe for one moment that there was any 'love' between the two leads at all. Zero chemistry, zero believability and an almost insulting and simplistic straight-man's idea about what it means to be gay. I didn't believe the 'love' part ... what was to love in that cardboard character of Phillip Morris? The 'love' part was the main plot device and it just wasn't evident or believable here.

It seems the makers went full-tilt for a comedic angle here but more substance was needed to engage the audience. Prison life is made out to be so simple and easy, 'love' is just there with no questions asked.

I wanted to like this, but it was a forgettable and empty mess; there's far more depth to be found in simply researching the story online. This movie does no justice at all to the real story.

Bernie with Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine was a far better example of a quirky crime case made into a film. Avoid this one like the plague, its an insult to gay people and the audience's intelligence.

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A Great episode ... but ..., 30 January 2014

The USS Defiant receives a distress call from a Starfleet captain stranded on an alien world after her ship has been destroyed. She's stranded on a Class L world (inhospitable to human life). Its also surrounded by a strange energy field. The old mystery force-field bit.

The stranded Captain Cusak asks that they keep a constant conversation going with her to keep her alert and to make her feel less isolated, and naturally they all make friends with her because she's a great person.

A strange energy field that surrounds the planet is finally punctured and its has time-shifting (temporal) properties. Anyone else notice that the previous episode had a very similar premise with Molly? DS9 tends to do that.

On the planet they find the long-decomposed remains of Cusak's body deep in a cave, having been dead for about three years. They were communicating through time; mmm k.

The thing that really annoyed me was that here was a starfleet captain, dead only three years ... and the team that happens to discover her remains take it upon themselves to conduct a funeral??? Seriously??

Did they try to contact her friends and family at all? Truly strange.

The Quark/ Odo hi-jinx is hardly worth a mention. But besides the ridiculously self-important funeral they conducted it was a good episode! If not a little sad.

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One of the better DS9 episodes., 24 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this episode we are introduced to the first 'Defiant-class' ship that isn't the Defiant itself. (May stand corrected there?). I must admit I never 'loved' the design: it just looks like a flattened transporter to me.

The ship has been commandeered by very young 'red guard' star-fleet cadets after the senior officers all died. Haven't seen that happen on a ship before ... even the 'Equinox' crew survived mostly.

It is quite a sad episode, but its nice to get off the station and get a glimpse at some new characters and 'normal' star-fleet.

The action sequences are very good in this episode too!

Due Date (2010)
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A silly, unfunny, amateurish abomination., 13 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Apparently Zac Galafinakis is so unbelievably hilarious the director thought he could just point a camera at him and the magic would happen.

It didn't!

Robert Downey Jnr should have smelled this from a mile off. What is he doing here? Isn't he a little old to be playing an expectant father?

Of course to drive a story forward they had to get this odd couple into proximity with each other but here this is so contrived.

This is - as others have said - a far inferior version of 'planes, trains and automobiles'. RIP John Candy, sorry they tried so clumsily to emulate one of your best roles in this abomination!

Scumbus (2012)
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Sorry guys but , wow., 8 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm sorry guys but, gosh, the plot devices were a little vague, some did not make any sense at all.

The movie just takes place in a silly little universe of its own, but the aesthetic created here doesn't make you want to stay. Its messy and a little convoluted about what's going on at any one particular time.

I did not particularly find Glenn Robbins to be overly funny, when the punchline is a mere mention of a tranny , watch out. Ed Kavalee has a natural glowing comedy presence here. It was that annoying partner trying too hard to emulate a 'Hot Fuzz' vibe that just drowns him out though. The annoying guy, ugh, the plot, ugh ...

So (just for me) Kavalee and Shelton stood out as genuine scene- stealers, the script needed to be run past someone who would be brutally honest, and the casting misfired with almost every character. On such a tight budget these crucial matters need extra attention.

This could have been a really fun, honest piece but the sense is that its trying so very hard to be liked and emulate other things, like 'Hot Fuzz' for example. Its grabbing at disparate elements but doesn't grab an audience.

Instead this is so indistinct. Where are they? Why would there be a caravan there? What are they doing in the caravan? For the life of me I couldn't quite kinda tell you.

The collaboration between these two particular writers was not so successful. They needed a third party to swoop in and really give it a going-over to make sure the plot devices that carry it forward are clear and make sense. Otherwise, what a waste of money!

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Predictably the unpredictable "Governor" is back., 29 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Governor as a character ... sorry he makes no sense to me. What are his motives? He is just as likely to kill someone as help them and its tedious. There needs to be some level of consistency. What's his back story? Is he psychotic for any reason?

Totally unconvinced that he could just stumble around with zombies falling behind him for no particular reason. Just a few episodes ago that young, upbeat couple had been killed collecting fruit, but the governor just swishes his shoulder to th side a little and that gets rid of them. Sorry not buying it.

Still its nice to get away from that dreary jail and that stupid flu and the ever-serious Rick. I wonder what Carol's doing?

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