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Really enjoyed it, 3 March 2012

I did only have modest expectations of this film as the trailer reminded me a bit to much of Dune. Really surprised to find a film which had a good plot line (albeit cynics will liken it to Avatar-lite), well acted, reasonable characterisations, brilliant visuals and a surprisingly good hero figure in Taylor Kitsch. I saw the preview screening this morning - don't really care how much it cost to make - what I found was a big budget film that I really enjoyed from start to finish. My advice - don't follow the cynics and naysayers - see it for yourself. I will normally not go see 3D films (they give me a headache) but the 3D wasn't too intrusive on this one.

Avatar (2009)
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Awesome film, 18 December 2009

Don't really care if I'm merely echoing other peoples views. It's enough for me that I feel compelled to put this view out there. I've read the official critics reviews in the Times and the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and my only response to all of them is that they've been in the job too long. (The Daily Mail's Chris Tookey even had the gall to refer to it as Dances with Smurfs without attributing the description to South Park) This film is a masterpiece - mildly derivative, yes but how many films are truly original any more? It was worth the hype and it crossed genres in so many ways. My wife, who is an unapologetic chick-flick lover, thought it was the best film of the year, if not the decade. It wasn't over-long, it created a believable, stunning and imaginative new world and the story was involving. Not interested in faulting it. Hope it achieves similar numbers to Titanic and that the reviewers who gave it average reviews go back to giving rave reviews to films no one likes or watches about lesbian care workers having crises of conscience on bleak northern tower blocks.