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A good romantic movie for the people who believe in love....., 1 August 2009

Hi, This is the third movie from Imtiaz Ali's Direction. I didn't like this movie as his earlier movies. Still i am giving this movie 7 out of 10 because of very good performances of Saif, Deepika, Harleen & other characters but for direction i will give him 10 out of 10.

As earlier Imtiaz's movies have lot of comic & funny moments this has very little comic scenes & a lot is focused on Romance. So if you like romantic movies, don't wait & go for it.

There is nothing much about the story as it is simple love story a boy & girl in love but didn't realize it. But the most important thing is the combination of two similar stories of different times at very best.

At the end it is a good movie will beautiful performances....

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Have u seen De Taali???, 9 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I Haven't seen Saving Silverman Yet. But i have seen De Tali. And i would say this is a copy of De Tali.

Simple Story, 3 friends swearing for one for all and for all! When the love of one goes away the other two tries to get someone to save their friend.

But the new girl they find is con. So now it is their responsibility to save this friend from this girl.

Some twist & turns and then a happy Ending.

Acting of Arshad Warsi is good in his role and others are OK. Not even a time pass movie.

I would suggest to watch De Tali instead of it as there are some hilarious moments where u can laugh some times.

So guys don't waste your time here. Go some other place if u really want some good time.