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"Millennium" (1996/I)
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It was alright., 17 December 2002

Millenium had a great cast including Lance Henrikson. I was pleased he was in it, he played the perfect part. Millenium was alright, but i thought it could be better because Chris Carter was producing some of the episodes.

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Dull and Boring., 17 December 2002

Family affairs is quite dull an boring. In the beginning when the soap started in 1997 it seemed quite interesting. The storylines sounded interesting and the characters acted good. But for some reason the old characters started to fade away and were replaced by weirdos.

"Cheers" (1982)
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Ted as done so well here., 17 December 2002

Cheers is another great and memorable NBC TV series which lasted some 11 seasons! Great cast and storylines was involved in this programme. Obvious reasons stopped this programme being shown in 1993. Anyway, i rate this series a good 8 out of 10.

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Stunning and shockful., 17 December 2002

This series should have really competed against The X-Files when the show was first broadcasted in 1995. The Outer Limits uses great storylines and shockful horror scenes, which will definitely scare an adult. When i first saw this series, i started to have some nightmares over it. But not for long!

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Brilliant., 17 December 2002

Tim Allen is a right laugh once again. Really Home Improvement was his first main attraction. Tim Allen has made me laugh with his good humour and his slapstick acts. Including destroying his projects and basically breaking anything in his house!

"Roseanne" (1988)
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One of the best., 17 December 2002

Roseanne will hopefully be remembered as one of the best TV series. Roseanne started in 1988 and was great. It had impeccable storylines to start off with and a perfect cast, including John Goodman. As time grew on the show started to grow stale. It wasn't as entertaining as it used to be. That is why Roseanne stopped in 1997.

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Similar to Drunken Master., 16 December 2002

Young Jackie plays like his previous self in this film. There is some silly babyish chinese-style acting in this film (there is less in the sequel). Jackie is in a remote village with his father. Later on he teaches him Kung Fu. Nothing much in this film.

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Good Indiana Jones spoof., 16 December 2002

Jackie does well again. This time he is a chinese version of Indiana Jones. Not a lot of martial arts action, because this film is mainly an all-action blockbuster. Amazing stunts are also show in this film. I rate this film a good 8 out of 10.

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Not a good sequel., 16 December 2002

Fearless Hyena 2 is the Jackie Chan mickey take film so to speak. Lo Wei creates out takes from Jackie's previous films and inserted into this film. This happened mainly in Post Production. However this film has some good music and fighting action in the beginning.

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EastEnders. Good but not very good., 16 December 2002

One time in England this show was the second best soap opera. Times have now changed. EastEnders is th best. This show is slowly but surely crunching Coronation Street. The effects have already shown up. In the ratings, popularity and overall public interest. Coronation Street has to do something fast.

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