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SO SAD to say this, but in my humble opinion, one of the worst episodes :(, 3 December 2010

I'm an enthusiast of the series and I really enjoy the episodes, but unlike other times, with this particular episode I found myself wondering what happened to this show after all its success! In my opinion, first of all, camera angles at times were weird. Editing seemed a bit "untidy"---definitely not neat and needed a bit more thinking. Too many unnecessary close-ups, weird cutting of camera angles. REALLY noticeable cuts. Even characters lacked depth, and this is the first time I thought that even the script writing was sloppy: dialogues were very predictable, stereotypical, lacked freshness and they were repetitive and boring. Even the storyline with Puck seemed ridiculous to me, much more in this episode than ever before (I actually loved the irony in Puck's character, but after this episode I'm SO disappointed...). And, above all, it's kind of tiring already so much focus on Kurt. I love the character and all, but it's the 9th episode this season that it's focused on him like, waaaaaaay too much, and yes, we audiences CAN get TOO much of it. Even the songs were not that great either... the song sang by Kurt and Rachel was not one of my favourites, nor was it delivered in a nice way, either. The only song I truly liked and enjoyed was the first one New Directions sang on the competition. The second one was not as nice. But I generally can forgive this show the choice of songs, since whether I like the songs or not is a very personal matter. What I just cannot forgive it is its sloppiness in both plot and execution. This show deserves WAY MORE than just what I saw today. Let's hope things improve with the next episode, I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!!

Stardust (2007)
Surprisingly GREAT!, 22 March 2008

I chose the title off the shelf of my video club just because--and I honestly confess--I saw the names of Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Clare Danes. Not with much confidence (and expecting a total disappointment like the latest Disney's "Enchanted", which I thought was AWFUL), I started watching it and I was almost instantly THRILLED, EXCITED, totally and completely SURPRISED and AMAZED. Glued to the screen. I devoured the story and I delayed returning the video just to show it to my family and to myself have the opportunity to watch it again. We all thought it was the best film we'd seen in a very, very loooooooong time!!! The acting is just perfect: all the irony, puns and attitudes are what they are supposed to be. I liked the portrayal of all the different characters: sincere, believable and funny. And, above all, I'm absolutely amazed at the solid storyline: the plot does not have a single flaw, and it is refreshing to watch such a film, logical in its own laws, well developed, well portrayed, excelling in visual development (not only the CGI, but all the landscapes.... all the scenes, actually, are worthy of belonging to a painting in a museum). The romance has the perfect ingredients to make anyone -and I really mean anyone of any age!!!-- fall in love with the film. I loved it from beginning to end, and I'm certainly buying the DVD.

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At last...! A PERFECT romantic film!!!, 23 March 2006

I've always loved Jane Austen's novels, and I thought I'd never see a good adaptation of "Pride & Prejudice"...partly because I thought that the adaptation that Emma Thompson did on "Sense & Sensibility" was superb - and never before had been unsurpassed - partly because I thought it impossible for actors these days to portray the characters faithfully and appropriately.... I am completely amazed... and PLEASED above all with this version!! I thought Keira would do poor justice to Elizabeth...and I even considered not going to the cinema at first... But I must admit that I was truly impressed and delighted by the whole of it. It's just a PERFECT movie!!! And I love the fact that you don't necessarily need to show kissing or sex to convey LOVE... This film is no less than a piece of ART... it does true justice to its original novel. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone seeking a fun, romantic drama with a twist... This film is complete in every way, with a very talented cast, breathtaking landscapes, surprisingly artistic and carefully elaborate camera shots.. and lots, lots of PERFECTION in every way.

you cannot miss watching this one. It's just.... PERFECT

a love story out of a fairytale, 5 December 2002

I believe this is one film to remember for its beauty, charm and hypnotizing appeal. Hugh Jackman is the incarnation of every girl's dream as an XIX century truly, believable and loveable prince (Duke, in this case) charming.

Meg Ryan's character is not as consistent as Jackman's, and the downside is that she is rather annoying at times, but one learns to come to terms with her (and "forgive" her in a way) once the film is over: such a jewel in the film industry needn't be thoroughly perfect!