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Really enjoyable, 25 July 2009

After watching the trailer I was surprised this movie never made it into theaters, so I ordered the BluRay. I had a great time watching it and have to say that this movie is better than some major animation movies out there. Of course, it has its flaws but I can still really recommend it. The animation is well done, very entertaining and unique and the story kept me watching it all the way to the end. Some of the backdrops are just drop-dead gorgeous and you can see the French talent behind it. I thought that Forest Whitaker's performance feels a bit lifeless but that is how the character Lian-Chu is depicted in this movie. So overall, thumbs up, I liked it a lot and I hope it is successful enough for all the studios involved to continue making great movies like this. I would recommend to give it a chance and be surprised how great a movie can be with such a small budget. Hektor alone is worth watching the movie since some of his moments are Stitch-like hilarious.

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Exceeding Narnia I in every aspect, 17 May 2008

Going to the theater I didn't expect to be blown away but to be at least entertained well - but I was wrong. The roughly 150 min movie DID blow me away with a wonderful, intriguing story, above average acting, a life-enriching message, outstanding effects (a far more seamless integrating of the animal characters), and an even more refined music score. Narnia II is a must see and could elevate the series to the likes of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars... after coming out of the theater I felt the need to watch it again and immediately watch part III... a wonderful feeling. Take the time and watch it - especially on the big screen, it's worth every penny you spend.

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My heart cried tears of joy over this incredible movie..., 9 December 2004

This movie is unbelievable, marvelous, fantastic, brilliant, awesome, thrilling, tremendous, amazing, breathtaking, stunning, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, moving, touching, funny, stirring, reaching, strong, engaging, sweet, fast, slow, true, bold, spirited... it is incredible.

Today I saw the future of computer animation. Hilarious funny animation and a brilliant, sincere and touching story. Simultaneously I was sad that Pixar created their best movie for years and I'm not yet working there. This movie was, is and will be writing animation history. Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas honor this movie with their appearance. This says everything.

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Wonderful Christmas stories for the whole family. Excellent animation... hohoho!, 16 November 2004

Jingle... jingle... I've waited quite a time for this one to happen and it was a logical evolution step (getting Mickey into 3D). And it worked. Disney Australia did a great job on this one and I'm really looking forward to more animation in 3D from them.

The short stories are full of beautiful animated Christmas spirit. They have a nice humor and they tell you what really is important about Christmas (well, except they don't talk about Jesus Christ).

I think this DVD will be part of our every-year-watch-it collection for Christmas times. So I really recommend buying this DVD. I think the production value is very high and that Disney has to make two more DVDs like this to earn money with this.

Hohoho everyone, have fun.

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technically convincing movie with a lack of timing, 20 March 2004

Well, today I've finally watched "Back To Gaya" which I was eagerly waiting for. My anticipation was damped because of the bad trailer which had a bad synchronisation and did not help to make one curious about the movie. Fortunately the movie was much better than what I had expected. Actually it is quite good but it has three major timing problems:

1. technically: the animation is not very good (not a single run cycle seems correct in this movie) 2. the pace: the movie seems to last longer than it is because of bad pacing 3. the jokes: first of all there are too few and second they have a bad timing. Either you know the joke seconds before it is spoken or you miss it because you don't have time to laugh about it

On the other hand BTG is technically very well done (except the animation) has tons of places and objects, is beautiful colored and has a nice music. Everyone that likes CG-movies should see it, it's worth the money... all the other should give Brother Bear a chance - since it is much better than most people think =) Well, give it a try - both of them.

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Well worth a watch apart of bad creature design, 9 February 2004

I gave this movie a chance because a friend said that it's not that bad - he was right. Have a look. The story is well balanced (if you like SF). The only thing that bothers me is the creature design that is not very believable. Thumb up!

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Excellent and breathtaking movie following The Lion King, 5 December 2002

Well, I hope that the U.S. residents had a good reason to stay home this weekend and that this will change next weekend because this is a boy's dream coming true. I love it. It's breathtaking, funny, technically high-sophisticated and brilliant animated. It has no slow-downs or unreasonable story-turns, its pace is just right and the boy in all of us men will love it. I think it's far away from Anime since it has this lovely Disney-touch without missing the coolness of an Anime (like Atlantis did). Go, see it, you won't regret it. It's worth every penny and I'm going to see it two more times at least. Now I will dream a little more... of treasures and pirates and spaceships and...