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I Wanted to Be Velvet, 15 August 2003

I was about the same age as Lori Martin when she starred in the TV version of "National Velvet" and I loved horses. I longed to be her, wanting my own horse, desperately. I even dressed like her, wearing blue jeans and checkered button-down shirts and sneakers. I wore my long ash-blond hair the way "Velvet" wore hers. I bought, and read and re-read dozens of times, the few comic books published that were related to the show.

I sat glued once a week to watch "....another lovable adventure of "National Velvet"...". I would then nag my Mom to take me to our local riding stable the next day so I could be Velvet for that one precious hour of a trail ride.

I am now a middle-aged woman who is lucky enough to own three wonderful horses. And every time I saddle one of them up and get ready to ride, I remember how I felt when I watched this wonderful program...that exhilarating feeling that I will never lose, thanks to "National Velvet". I just wish the shows were available on DVD or even on video, I would buy every one of them!