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clearly meant to be a follow-up episode.., 26 March 2010

I don't have much to add to the first review except to mention that they ,also changed the character's name from Joey Frost to Josh Snow. Why do that? That, along with the change in actors was a jarring continuity flaw.If they want to distance this episode featuring a young card prodigy from a similar earlier episode why make all the allusions to the first one? Making the two characters names so similar (Frost and Snow? Really?) further adds to the confusion. The usual twists lead to a flat and unimaginative conclusion. All around a disappointing storyline for Goren and Eames, two characters who are clearly being phased out by this time to make room for Jeff Goldblum in season 9.

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Campiest, Hippest Christmas Special EVER!, 5 December 2002

Why isn't this available on video or DVD? Fortunately, I taped it when it aired one Christmas when my kids were toddlers. The date above says 1988 which surprises me because I was under the impression it only aired once. My youngest was born in '87 and I'm pretty certain she was older than 1 when we first saw it. The year I taped this, and every year since they have watched it over again, rewinding certain parts to see them played backwards. This was hilarious to them. The Christmas special has the same kitchy, glitzy sets and props of the Saturday morning show with all the regular characters as well as several great drop-ins. Some particular favorites of mine are k.d. lang performing a frenetic "Jingle Bell Rock" and Charo singing "Feliz Navidad". There is even a touching moment when Pee Wee explains the true meaning of Christmas with the aid of an old educational film of children performing a Nativity pageant. We just watched that original tape I made for the gazillionth time. My kids are now 15, 14, and 12 and they catch the sly camp humor that eluded them when they were younger. My copy is old and deteriorating. I can't believe this hasn't been released for purchace by now. Are people still so hung up on that minor picadillo that future audiences will be deprived of ever seeing this truly entertaining, good natured Christmas special? I surely hope not. I don't know how many more viewings my copy will endure.