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Nice Change, 5 December 2002

I turned into PC during the end of Tainted Love. I love the story arc idea, at least each series has an ending. It's not as overpowering as Dark Shadows and it has interesting twists. The actors are colorful and the supernatural story lines are intriguing while keeping to the typical "love triangle" of ancient soaps. Brian Gaskill and Erin Hershey shine as the Super Couple. Lynn Herring is great, "Livvie" is the typical "soap bad girl, and "Caleb" speaks for himself. The show definitely needs more air time. I would love to see it go to one hour!

"Charmed" (1998)
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Captivating, 5 December 2002

Best show on TV. Truly talented actors and exceptional writing. Lots brought to the mix. True emotions along with the ongoing life battle of good and evil. Story line moves uphill from the very first episode. Lots of twists and turns. House is spectacular, and while the leads are lovely young women, show does not play on the "babe scene" in my opinion. Guest stars are pretty cool too (Alex/Anna Devane AMC and Ian Buchanan, Debbie Morgan among others), join in the legacy of "CHARMED". Sorry to see Shannon Doherty leave but Rose is a strong actress. The character's (Paige's) strength and devotion to the craft and her sisters, and her honesty carried the show beautifully. A definite 5 star show!