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Awesome comedy, 12 February 2006

I have always been a fan of Steve Martin. I think he has always managed to bring down the house and never go overboard. Comedy after the Jim Carrey era... no offense to FunwithDnJ , i literally did not feel that the movie was like 90 minutes. It felt like half an hour almost. Very fast paced and very innovative comedy. Full marks to the team. Also Kevin Kline was the right mixture of greed and mischief, yet pitiable. But most importantly I would like to commend the fact that they dd not demand too much of Beyonce in her very first movie. Often a showbiz star will be asked to perform a really dazzling role in a movie, but she fit right into her character.. and the soundtrack is definitely worth trying the 1billionth song download on Itunes with.

Longshot (2001)
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tylo keeps you glued, 17 May 2004

I did like the movie but primarily the parts which screened Hunter Tylo. Considering this is tylo's only movie, I would definitely recommend her fans to watch it. Well to be fair the acting sucked. This is the only movie which features Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears (air hostess!) and The Rock! But the screen just lights up when Tylo comes on.

For anybody who is expecting anything more than a plot which befits a grade school story book, this shall turn out to be disappointing. Actually the numerous cameos by celebrities like JT are pretty hilarious, and try their best to make up for the perennially weeping look adorned by Joey Sculthorpe in his attempted romantic and sensitive look. Jen Morris is actually pretty OK and spicy in her role. But of course the movie centers around Tylo and i give the director credit for not forgetting what his assets are :)

forget your apprehension, 3 May 2004

every new SRK movie is met with apprehension that will he repeat himself all over again and will his magic finally fade and will the movie turn out to be an embarrassment for every SRK fan to defend against the hritik-aamir-etc fans. well main hoo naa is very openly one of the many SR(Mayur)K undertook to carry totally on his shoulders. And although sushmita is good (she is an okay actress you know) SRK is the life of the movie. The direction is okay ... but Farah has not taken any risks. But the answer to the question is yes SRK is great and his performance deserves a big screen view (please not a vhs this time). The younger supporting cast finds it difficult to feel the mood of the movie and seem to be under the impression that like most other movies their role in this is also to look good and not act for a change. But visibly in the scenes with SRK they feel comfortable being away from the limelight. Amrita needs some nurturing and some theatre, if so i would not be surprised if she is hot property some day. So go watch it guys. It is a treat for all ages