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It's a family tradition, 5 December 2002

This movie is one of the most endearing portrayals of the human spirit and the good in all of us. Of course, some of it is is a fantasy film. But, the message it sends is pure and good hearted for all ages.

Out family watches this film every Christmas Eve and we never tire of it. You can't help but fall in love with George, Mary and Clarence!

And although it may seem a little sappy at times, isn't that what makes us feel good and wish we could asertain even SOME of that goodness in our lives?

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The most brilliant war film ever made!, 4 December 2002

My husband and I had watched all the episodes of The Band of Brothers on HBO...we watched again when the series was repeated. Every time we view it, we'd see something different we didn't catch before. My husband actually had tears in his eyes when listening to the soldiers that were being interviewed before each episode! Insurmountable genius to use that format.

I purchased it for my husband for Christmas because he told me, "that film is the best movie I have ever seen and it moved me more than I can tell you"

As a woman, most of my friends think I am "different" for liking war movies, but I was literally mesmerized by the special effects and was glued to the edge of my seat listening to each man's accounts and memories (and I had the tissue box handy for my husband!)