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Phantom (2013/I)
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Phantom - Worth seeing, 2 March 2013

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Phantom is a drama that draws you into the reality of military life in the tight quarters of a submarine. A dramatically charged thriller, with submarine close-quarter shoot-outs and fistfights. It was especially interesting reviews were critical of the filmmakers' choice to not use Russian diction or accents, but because the ships' crew were only Russian and there was no need to differentiate the Russians from any other sect, it works well and allows the viewer the advantage of clarity of dialogue. Once the movie is underway, I found the lack of accent was a plus because it gave the film a more universal feel; it shows this human drama could be of any ethnicity. Yes, the story line is of a few rogue Russians wanting to do harm to the United States, but in the progression of the story one realizes this could be any country's agenda. The cast is quite great and each of the actors' characters are definitely believable. Harris, Duchovny, Fichtner, and Schaech portrayals are spot-on. Each of them draw you into their character's psyche and propel you deep within the motivations of action. Fichtner and Schaech perform as true professionals; really believable and quite riveting in their actions and sometimes non-actions. Schaech always brings his best to the screen, making his character shine; proving himself once again to be a great character actor and, as we know, also able to carry a lead role because of his great diversity and good looks. Kudos to the cast and crew and especially, for me, the casting director. Great choices all the way around! A drama thriller you should not miss!

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A piece of history needed to be seen., 6 June 2011

This film is not a Hollywood portrayal of this war with the purpose of demeaning Russia and exalting Georgia. It is a meaningful story of the plight of Georgia to be independent and free of any dictatorship of any kind. Renney's directorship is brilliant in that he does not color it to be pro-anyone. The history of Georgia and Russia and all of the events leading up to this war would be more than one screenplay could cover. Georgia's fight is heartwarming for it is always great to see 'the little guy put up a good fight'!! Val Kilmer and Andy Garcia are as good as they get. There is the role of the Georgian officer played by an American actor, Johnathon Schaech, who does a fantastic job of portraying a man who leads his men victoriously. Schaech shocks you a bit when he actually speaks Georgian and from what I understand does it extremely well. A film worth your $$ and time.

So very worth watching - even more than once..., 1 June 2009

"The Poker Club" is truly a well-done film, providing a dynamic cast of characters, a gripping tale, great diversions, and the actors do a wonderful job in each of their roles.

Kudos to Johnathon Schaech for his capable writing and smooth character portrayal. Oooo I love that guy!

Kudos to Judy Reyes, playing her character so very well. She met this challenge!

The story unfolds holding your interest because of the actors' capable performances.

I'm not much on dramas but this captures your interest and holds your attention. I watched is several different nights and each time I found myself as interested as the first time. WONDERFUL FILM!

8MM 2 (2005) (V)
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Title was confusing. . . Film was good, , , Lead actor was great. ., 18 May 2006

Why 8MM2? Sure does not fit; no reflection, reference, resemblance to 8MM!?! The story line was good - the ending was the bomb! Did not expect it - for sure. The photography was good and the main characters definitely had chemistry. I don't know that all of the sex scenes were necessary - some were definitely for shock value. The actors really made the story believable and held your interest.The lead actor was awesome - I've seen him in other films and his characters are believable - he generates passion. His acting is as good as his looks -awesome!!! This would have been great in the theater - not many better films shown on the big screen.Go figure!