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Bandits (1997)
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Good actresses and some interesting songs make up for underachieving story and disruptive "music videos"., 13 November 2004

The actresses in this movie were pretty good, making a fairly clichéd plot Four female convicts start a rock band and escape from, jail, get chased, take a good looking hostage and have sex with him. Along the way they bond and become pop-music superstars. The story could have worked, if it wasn't interrupted every five minutes with a music "video" (it's shot beautifully on 35mm film). I like musicals, whether it's Tommy or Singing in the Rain, but while in those films musical segments create character depth or further the plot, most of the music scenes in Bandits seem like filler. The film is all about surface, and while this surface is often beautiful, the end left me unsatisfied.

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Brilliant!!!, 12 September 2003

This film takes a brilliant thrust at British notions of class and propriety, if not Western Society as a whole. Peter Sellers plays Guy Grand, a man with a perverse sense of humor, and to whom money is no object. The film begins as Grand legally adopts a young vagrant, (a monosyllabic Ringo Star), and the two set out to turn everyday life into a kind of black surreality worthy of Monty Python. Though Grand has no spoken manifesto, his overriding goal is to mock, humiliate, and freak-out his pretentious peers via elaborate practical jokes, revealing the underlying hypocrisy of polite society. Ultimately Seller's character is dismayed when his social-experiments prove his suspicions: respectable citizens will do ANYTHING for money and prestige.

This movie is not for normal people, in fact, this movie hates you. Don't watch it. Go away.

(this movie has some colorful freak-out scenes that put Austin Powers to shame, especially when visually contrasted against the gray bleakness of industrial London)

Xanadu (1980)
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A Roller Disco Cult Classic, 12 September 2003

Everyone skates, there is an animated sequence, there is some crazy disco music both good an bad, there is some really, really bad acting, but none-the-less, it's an incredible trip into the pop culture of 1979. What other movie has lazer-beams, Greek gods, AND Olivia Newton John??? If you like camp movies, you will truly dig this retro-classic. (I saw it at a local independant theater, there was a group of gay guys sitting nearby who were quoting every line. Interesting...)