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TRON (1982)
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I feel it must be evaluated in context, 16 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The problem I see with some reviews is two-fold. One, the movie was not viewed in it's context. Perhaps that's a bit fair, but if I watch Metropolis and I give it a 1 / 10, people will flame me.

When the movie was made, the graphics were so ahead of their time, they had to hire multiple companies to do the graphics. And they used super computers.

The graphics are mostly important as impressive for the time. The costumes, did not fully work, nor did the sets. But forgive the movie makers that (The visual effect work for the costumes alone, was an amazingly difficult and tedious process, and could be considered a brave experiment.) Instead of focusing on that, I focus on the story. I think of it as a classical "myth" of sorts. You have your archetypes such as Tron as the night, and Dumont as the wise man, etc. It could be viewed in a religious or philosophical vein...there's a higher power of some sort you put your faith in blindly. Or there's technology vs the spiritual aspect of nature, etc. You can see many messages in the story.

Good defeats evil. People's faith is rewarded.

The weakest part is the dialog. Perhaps they simply had too many technical issues to concentrate on better dialog. I think Bridges is entertaining, if nothing else. No one else is really given the dialog to shine, except maybe Dumont and his real world self.

I liked it then when I saw it, and I like it now. But I understand a modern audience may not see what I see.

Machete (2010)
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Completely entertaining, 25 September 2010

Words fail me on this movie.

Of course in some ways, it does not break new ground. Making movies that intentionally try to look like grade B drive in movies has been done.

Loading up a movie with stars and guest stars has been done as well, and this movie has plenty of that - it was not until the credits I realized an actor I did not recognize was Don Johnson. There's plenty of well known faces here.

I think of this movie as a synthesis of a lot of movie ideas. Somehow, it works. I got vibes of blaxpoitation films at times (the sex scenes,) a kind of pulp fiction vibe, a general B movie vibe, a modern action movie vibe, along with hint (maybe) of real political commentary (about immigrants.) It's quite violent. I don't care much for violent movies, but at times the violence is SO over the top I just could not take it seriously. Nor did I think I was supposed to.

If you dislike violence, don't see this. If you dislike gratuitous nudity, don't see this. If you dislike camp, don't see this. On the other hand, if you like a quirky, campy, violent movie, with a little T&A and a whole lot of attitude, this is the movie to see.

I was surprised to find I totally loved it, and almost wanted to give it a 10 out of 10, but that would have implied perfect execution of their concept, and I felt maybe a few things could have been better done - and it's not my new favorite movie, so that also makes it 9 / 10.

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Moderately amusing, 5 September 2010

I feel this movie is a bit in the vein of Get Shorty.

It's a comic take on Hollywood and cop movies.

I feel it just falls short of being as great of a movie as Get Shorty.

For one thing, Harrison Ford's character is not that likable. His main schtick is trying to run real estate deals while solving a murder case. If we had some sympathy for him, this might work better.

His partner is slightly more interesting, but also falls a bit flat in his role as a yoga loving, womanizing wannabe actor.

That being said, the movie is good for some laughs. I found the interrogation scene pretty amusing. I found the final chase scene pretty amusing.

Failing to find a better comedy on cable, this might be a possible choice for some mindless viewing.

I should note that the plot is moderately complex, so you kind of have to pay attention at times IF you really want to understand the whole plot (I was surfing the internet while watching the movie, and missed some plot points.)

Get Shorty (1995)
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One of my favorite comedies, 9 August 2010

I realize some will disagree with 10/10.

Given that this is one of my very favorite comedies, I had to do it.

The best parts of this movie are the dialog and the mood.

A lot of the dialog is lifted from the novel if memory serves. It's intelligent and funny. Almost no dialog falls flat.

The mood, as I would call it is amazing. The jazz score sets a nice tone as does the overall style and the pace. It's cool, to use an overused term.

Chili Palmer amazingly played by Travolta reminds me a bit of Bugs Bunny. Totally in control at all times, with everyone else looking a bit silly. Like Bugs Bunny, it's the total fantasy of being totally in control. Probably one of the more appealing aspects.

The cast is full of stars who are given great lines to deliver as well.

The characters are all fun.

In short, I can't think of too many movies that are this enjoyable over the whole movie.

I own the book, and have read part of it (it's signed by the author.) The movie is so good, that the book never quite holds my attention long enough to read it. I think if I had read the book first, maybe I would feel differently.

Someone suggested watching Jackie Brown rather than this movie. They are both great, and totally different. I suggest seeing BOTH.

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Laugh out loud funny comedy, 27 June 2010

I see a bunch of recent bad reviews. So let's try to understand why people might not like this.

1) Adam Sandler annoys them - as we all know, not everyone will appreciate a comedian. Adam Sandler plays a very specific role. He's outrageous. He goes from this little voice, to this manic swearing out of control guy. 2) They don't appreciate dumb comedies - And this is a dumb comedy. It's written that way. 3) They are of the wrong generation - My dad hates many very funny movies. He's of the wrong generation. He thinks Bob Hope is funny. He prefers gentler humor. I hated Super Troopers, but kids love it. 4) They have no sense of humor - I have met these people. They should stay away from comedy movies. Their instinct seems to be to hate comedies until proved worthy of their refined tastes. I feel sad for them.

That out of the way, I give this 9/10. Do I like all dumb comedies, no. But this one is special, like Airplane, Caddy Shack, Stripes, etc.

First off, Sandler's rants slay me. "Don't you want to go home! Are you too good for your home??" His sudden violent impulses are just plain silly. They are meant to so outrageous as to be funny. He has funny lines, and delivers them with perfect timing. He's a born comedian, love or hate him, and this role perfectly suits him. And he's quite likable just like the Hansons' in the movie slap shot. I think because we all want to vent our rage sometimes. It's not like he's mean to people who are nice to him. Or rude. He just has a short temper.

Carl Weathers as Chubs is priceless. I think there's real talent in how he delivers his lines. He plays this passionate person who denied his own shot at fame, wants to make Happy great so he can feel part of greatness. His part is played almost totally straight. I almost wish he had more lines in the movie.

People have complained that the movie is basically a bunch of gags. What's wrong with that? Almost everyone I know loves Airplane, and it's just a bunch of gags. Almost everyone I know loves Caddy Shack. Even more so, a bunch of gags tied together by almost no plot.

Best scenes -

Bob Barker vs. Adam Sandler (The Price is WRONG B***!)

Adam Sandler asking the ball why it does not just go home (I love to golf, and who doesn't sometimes feel like the ball just does not want to go to it's home)

Richard Kiel wearing the T-Shirt, "Guns don't kill people, I kill people"

Funny light comedy, 24 June 2010

With talents like Kelsey Grammar and Rip Torn and a some funny lines, this is a great comedy for when you don't want to think.

Premise is a bit dumb. As Russia is selling Diesel boats to other nations, an admiral wants to know how well one would fare against modern subs.

Thankfully, with comedies of this sort, the plot is second nature to the dialog and comic acting. In this movies case, there's some pretty funny dialog, and some funny characters.

I especially like Grammar's understated comedic acting. He delivers funny lines pretty straight. His character assumes sort of a kind fatherly relationship with his command.

The "bad" guy is pretty well played. Nothing special, but solid.

The supporting cast is decent. I liked the radio guy who made connection using his own body. He was pretty funny. The fat cook was too cliché. The chick was pretty. And her role was OK, a bit more depth might have been welcome.

If you like your basic cliché comedy with some good lines now and again, and like Gammer and Torn, you will probably like this.

I like it so much I have seen it three times. Why? I find myself in need of a movie where I will laugh a few times, and never have to think. This is that movies.

Get Smart (2008)
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Moments of humor, 9 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, I understand they were not going to duplicate the original characters. But Maxwell was supposed to be kind of clueless. In this movie he was mostly not clueless.

I would have preferred a bit more of the clueless Maxwell.

The movie had some laugh out loud moments. Props to the writers. There were also some slower parts where I did not laugh much.

The rock was pretty funny, as usual. Not sure why he's funny. He just is.

I liked agent 99 mostly. She was cute, and had some good moments. I think the original 99 character needed to be a bit stronger anyway so having her play as a stronger female was all good.

In general, I think there was enough humor in here for most people. Some dumb stuff I did not like, but that's humor for you. Not every movie can be Airplane ( one of the funniest movies ever made of course.) I am surprised by both the very positive and very negative reviews. I felt this movie was pretty average.

Great Entertainment, 8 May 2010

So let's get the bad out of the way. Over the top acting at times. The worst side of football is portrayed in most cases (one assumes there are many professional players and staff who just go about their job every day.) But it's a MOVIE. Rejoice, if you can, in the clichés. The "modern" generation of football with players getting music videos. The bad language. The clichéd sports speeches. Drugs, corruption. Rejoice I say in things taken to their extreme.

And why the rancor against Dias? She's good, I think, as the mercenary owner who seems to only care about money and winning but not the game. Maybe she's a little too pretty at times, but she puts in a solid acting job.

Al Pacino is good. Predictable in some ways, as he sort of has this stock character. But he LOOKS like a worn out coach. And you kind of expect him to give the big speeches, and let's face it, he's good at it.

The race part is kind of dumb. By that, I mean, the movie pushing the racial equality thing. OK, so the NFL has had few black QBs. This has been discussed many times, I saw no reason to address it again. But it was not a big part of the movie, so no big deal.

Anyway, I did not take this movie seriously. Think of it as an amalagram of NFL stereotypes. The egos which are huge in some cases, the drugs, the excess, the corruption etc. These have all existed, just maybe not to this extent and at the same time on the same team. But it's not like players have not used drugs, or let their egos get the better of them, or play with injuries through painkillers, etc.

If you are going to take this movie as some sort of morality play, it's probably not worth your time, IMO. Just watch it and be entertained. I think the acting is good, the dialog is entertaining, and the pace keeps your interested. If you want to watch real football, you know where to find that too.

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Not for everyone, 8 May 2010

I like animation. I like racing. I can handle simplistic plots.

I could not really enjoy the movie for a number of reasons. I fully understand not everyone would agree, and that's OK.

* First and foremost, I was annoyed by the racing. I don't mind a bit of unrealistic racing. But time, and time and time again, cars would spin for no reason - apparently in this universe spinning 360 speeds you up. I just could not suspend my believe. I suggest anyone doing the movie in the future make the racing a little truer to reality. Just a little! * Graphics are too bright. Some will love this. I like bright video games. But this was too much at times * Graphics are too chaotic. Go look at the awesome animation in Kung Fu Panda. Beautiful. You have time to enjoy it. Even if the animation was cool in the movie from time to time it happened too fast. And why is everything so blurry looking.

I think my problem is I love real racing too much. On real tracks, not on tracks made from a light bright set. I am 100% sure this movie was just not for me. If you love real racing, you may find yourself annoyed at times.

The Rocker (2008)
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Enjoyable light movie, 6 May 2010

So, when I watch movies, I don't look into their depths. I either enjoy them, or I don't.

The start of the movie really brought me into it. It was so over the top it was funny. You kept thinking his band was done with him, and he came back to attack them. Classic.

OK the story is totally unrealistic. Who cares. I laughed. That's all that matters.

You have to like rock and roll, rock and roll clichés, and you have to watch this with no serious intent. If you don't appreciate the rock and roll clichés or light humor, go watch something serious.

I realize some people complained that Wilson was channeling Jack Black a little. But I think he had a bit of his own thing too. Aging rocker trying to relive his youth. Those of us old enough to understand that get it. Some of you won't.

The cast who played the teenage kids did great. The "nerd" could have had a little more personality, but he did fine. The emo guy was great. The girl was great too.

I gave this a 6 out of 10 for being entertaining, which is more than many movies manage. I laughed out loud quite a few times which most movies can't manage.

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