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They might have a few other films but they're known (some of them) and recognised by just one. In current construction.

Criteria: below ten titles, only counting films and TV films, and with less than two known works (that's why you won't be seeing Heather O'Rourke here, just an example).
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Handsome, hot, pretty, cute, lovely, adorable, beautiful, real life ruiners. From past times and present, some well-known and probably listed on thousands of lists in here, others not so much, and few to make your head spin on why they're here (don't judge me on my weird taste). Going in no particular order (RANDOM) and sometimes followed with an explanation.
P.S.: Read and look all the pages carefully, please. I'm tired of people asking me 'why didn't you put that guy?' when the mentioned guy was already listed.
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Here's some known personalities who died on their birthday (different year, obviously). Not listed on IMDb: journalist William Monroe Trotter (April 7, 1872 - April 7, 1934); and terrorist Yakub Memon (30 July 1962 – 30 July 2015).
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