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The Season (2008)
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"The Season" In Season Any Season!, 1 March 2009

"The Season" is a refreshing change from the "bloodbath coed summer camps" and the "brutalized babysitters club" story lines we've all become too familiar with. Like any good horror film The Season has its share of violent acts,blood and gore but with excellent actors who can convey their pain and suffering so well that you can feel it too!

My hat's off to the fine actors playing the Amish Wheeler family that carries out these twisted and unnatural acts.Who says it's not good to keep it in the family? It was so easy for me to relate to the soon to be victims, because they draw you in to their world of problems so easily that you almost feel like you are one of the group,because you've "been there". Overall I think that when you put all these facts in a big ole movie blender, I think you're going to enjoy an excellent Shake of Horror!