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Bound for Snorey, 28 February 2009

Who in who's name thought that David Carradine was the man to play Woody Guthrie. His portrayal of one of America's greatest characters & song writers was empty, listening to the songs was an ordeal, they were butchered, which is a big problem when watching a film about a singer / songwriter. As a result the films attempt to tell the story of the downtrodden, misplaced masses of the time has no emotional affect, has no affect. Nothing about this film was right, there didn't seem to be any serious ups or downs, just some guy called Woody, he meets a few people and he sings some songs. I read Woody's book and it is a fascinating real life adventure story, this film seems in no way related. Damn, i'm disappointed. Maybe someone will pick up the story again some time and do it right. If you are a fan of Woody Guthrie, listen to his music and I also recommend you read his book but there's nothing for you here.