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Woeful, 18 September 2015

Are u watching a different show?! "BETTER than The Walking Dead" - WTF???

This show is simply woeful. The characters are hollow, hindered by appalling acting which is not helped by some seriously poor writing. Just watched show 3 and unless ALL the main characters are wiped out I will be devastated. I was screaming at the TV it was that poor. I could bear it if any of the characters were even remotely likable.......but they simply lack anything u can empathise with. On top of this, the pace of the show is painful. Slow build up fine, I appreciate good plot building and character development but this is devoid of any of this. This show annoys me as much as The Following and Revolution......thankfully they got cancelled.......unless there is dramatic changes I will be hoping this dies a swift death.

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Disappointing, 12 November 2014

I have been an Izzard fan since Unrepeatable, having seen 3 of his shows live (Circle/Sexy/Stripped) and even meeting him - I was really looking forward to catching this latest live show -- alas only on DVD.

How disappointed I was.

The major issue for me is that the "laughter" seems to have been edited VERY badly - they seem so forced, it really distracts from what Izzard is trying to say. This is very evident throughout the show it just ruins it.

Izzard himself seems to be a little reserved - I know he is older but in past shows he has a higher level of energy where as here it seems a little laboured. His material is as usual surreal, historical mix which does work to a certain extent, but think his reliance on historical "stories" misses a beat, and with so much happening in the world he could have utilised much more.

Alas this is not a show I will revisit (unlike Glorious & Dressed to Kill) I hope if he is to come back with another show he goes back to basics.

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No Hard Men Here..............., 10 December 2008

After a number of "UK Football Hooligan" movies - I.D, Football Factory to mention two and being a football fan and seeing scenes of violence between rival fans, I was hopeful that Green Street would be equally if not better at depicting the insular culture of a small group of society.

I think the first major flaw is the casting, no offence to Ejija but if he were to enter this culture he would be hospitalised before he could open his mouth. Not only is it the main man that is a flaw but the rest of his "firm" as they are called are all about 12. Although most firms do have younger members, these are normally the watch outs for the old bill, they would not be allowed to take part in the actually "meets" until at least 16 or 17.

The scenes of violence although quite well edited are on the whole unbelievable, there is no way the old bill would allow the fans to wait outside the train station as they did.

Football Factory is a much better depiction of the way the firms are run and what happens when opposition firms meet, this is almost a school boy version, and really not worth your time.

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Oh dear, 17 November 2008

There are very few examples where anything remotely linked to a computer game has been devised in to anything other than a poor attempt at a film and Silent Hill is I am afraid to say lumped in with the likes if Doom, Double Dragon, and of course the shocking, Street Fighter & Super Mario Bros! From the outset, no matter how much you willingly suspend your disbelief you simply can not understand why what is happening IS happening. The entire film seem confused as to what it is but also what it wants to state. The story is unclear and by the time you get to the point you have switched off, either mentally or literally.

I much prefer a thought provoking horror/thriller to a slash em up, however I would say for the 148 minutes this ran for I would would have much preferred 85 minutes of a hockey masked, knife-fingered clad, ghost faced, hat wearing, rotted faced, patchy teen slasher any time.

Epic Movie (2007)
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Shocking, simply shocking!, 19 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are simply not enough words in all the languages in the world to honestly state how BAD this film is. I say film, it is not a film, it is a bunch of badly thought out, unfunny and incoherent "sketches" that last for just over an hour.....and trust me this hour seemed to last days! After 20minutes I wanted to walk out, but the fact I paid to see it, made me determined to watch the entire shambles to the bitter, bitter end. From the very start this film was bad, the opening sequence, oh dear. I was hopefully (foolishly) that it would get wrong can I have been! Tha acting was less that abysmal and the "plot" (this is the biggest laugh of the entire film!) well there wasn't one. I did laugh once! and that was a sympathy laugh. If you are 4, then you may laugh twice, but that is at a push, how this film got made I will never know! The only reason I voted this film as a 1 is cos you can not vote a film as a minus! Please taker my advice, avoid this film, do no watch it at the pics, do not rent it, do not even watch it if it ever comes out on TV, I have lost an hour of my life that I will never get back, I don't want you to waste your life too!! AVOID!!!!!!

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Great Sunday Hangover Film, 5 February 2007

Hand on heart I did not want to watch this film. Although I grew up with the TV series and really enjoyed it, when the film was released I have to say that I was not keen, I can not put my finger on why, perhaps it was Stiller, who, Something About Mary apart, has never really done it for me. But what ever the reason, it remained unveiwed.

That was 2004 - Xmas 2006 and I get DVD vouchers, so In the January sales off I go to see what I can get, I do quite well, but have £3 remaining, I have 2 or 3 to chose from 2 I have already seen, and Starsky & Hutch.....So I bought it.......yet still it was unwatched until yesterday.......hungover and feeling a little lazy I needed something to pass the time that was easy to watch, funny, and not too on it goes.

How surprised was I then when after only a few minutes I was giggling away. Stiller was actually entertaining and I was enjoying watching him, Mr Wilson was very good and I got the vibe that the characters gelled as the ones in the TV series did. Vaughan was a good baddie, and Snoop was hight entertaining if not as camp Huggy Bear! All in all this is a good solid comedy film, not brilliant don't get me wrong, but worth a watch.

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Why oh why!!, 20 April 2006

Now, I think Eddie Izzard is without doubt the best stand up comic performer of recent years, I have have all his live DVD's / videos, I have seen him live on stage and I have even met the man. I think he is great, very very funny. But yet, when he gets in front of a camera for a movie, everything seems to go wrong. He is not funny scripted, he seems very awkwardly delivering lines and he comes across very uncomfortable.

This film, in my opinion, was awful. It had so much promise, yet the comedy was either badly written (if written at all) or the actors just could not deliver it. I managed to watch it all the way through, but I was glad when it finished.

I would back Eddie to the hilt regarding his stand up, but movie wise, I think he needs to take a back seat.

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Awful, 15 February 2005

OK well I have to put in 10 lines before I can submit this comment, well I say comment more angry rant!! Why was this film made? It was awful. Please do not do as I did and waste you money and more importantly your life with this awful film. The pace is so slow it is backwards, the story is very weak, and the "twist" is as effective as a chocolate tea cup.

I have seen some poor films, a few of them admit as much before you see them so at least you know what you are getting, but this like so many others, makes you think it is one thing, when in fact it is totally different.

Please please please do not watch this film. It is right up there with Jeepers Ceepers and Darkness Falls!! Did I mention this film was awful?

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Poor Poor Poor!!!, 5 January 2005

I think that sums this film up!! Quaid was wasted, although he is not the best of actors he has been given better roles than this, Stone was awful, I know that she is not the best again, but with her clothes on, she offers very little.

The guy playing the "evil" bad guy was as scary as my Gran.

The plot so it was laughable. I was hoping for suspenseful shock horror type film, this was more carebears. After 20 minutes you knew what was going to happen, who was who and how it would end.

As for suspense? not a chance.

And then the pace of the film, how do I put this? A turtle on dope would be quicker!!

All in all, poor!!

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Christmas Giggles, 16 December 2004

I have just read the lead comment for this film that is on the front page with the voting results and cast run down.

Why is it that some people can not take a film for what it is supposed to be.

This film is supposed to be a light hearted, tonge in cheek, family comedy, things to make the kids laugh and things for the adults, and that is exactly what this film does.

I laughed my nuts off at this film, I thought Carey put in a great performance and the whole film (if watched at Christmas) really give you a bit of festive cheer

So to all of you film reviewers stop trying to sound like film students and knock every film because it is not "Taxi Driver" or "The Godfather" and take films for what they are supposed to be, entertainment!!

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