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It's not a comedy - it's a tragedy !, 12 July 2004

At a time when the term "British film comedy" is likely to invoke a groan it is a tragedy that this film is being prevented from reaching a much wider audience. For whatever reason I find it incredible that this little gem of a British film comedy cannot obtain clearance either for television repeat or for issue in video or DVD format. Something must be done ! I cannot understand why anybody involved with this film would not be extremely delighted to give clearance for its revival particularly as the performances, writing and direction of this minor masterpiece of comedy drama could bring so much more pleasure to so many more people.

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A brilliantly funny and original film, 4 February 2003

This is a very very funny film. A British road film (Lake District to Harwich). With some of the funniest dialogue and visual gags all to a Tamla Motown soundtrack.

The high spot being at the USAF base Mildenhall with Lenny Henry and John Shea duetting on "Drift Away"

A must see film. Why is it not available on Video or DVD ?