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Beautiful, 16 February 2009

I don't comment on movies that often,but this film really moved me. I didn't think Erik Poppe would top his last film Hawaii Oslo,but this film really did something with me emotionally.

It is beautifully shot,with some similarity to Hawaii Oslo, with a warm summer and shots of the city. The music used goes hand in hand with the whole feeling of the film and made me enjoy the film just watching and listening. While watching I got so pulled into the story of the film that it was emotionally painful to watch at times.I actually caught myself screaming at the screen in desperation. The acting must be of the best I've seen in a Norwegian film. Especially the two leading roles impressed me, but Trond Espen Seim is also worth mentioning. I really hope this film gets a wide audience because it really deserve it. I hope this will be Norway's contribution to the Oscars for best foreign film.

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One of the best films I have ever seen, 11 January 2005

I had heard good things about this film but didn't have too high hopes actually.I didn't even think the first half of the film was that good,but from there on and out it blew my mind!I actually caught myself sitting with an open mouth when the credits started rolling. In Norway we have an expression,the film is good for being a Norwegian film,but this film is just incredibly good.End of discussion!The acting,the mood,the music and the stories are just excellent.If this film don't win an Academy Award, I don't think a Norwegian film ever will.I hope this film will be released in countries outside Scandinavia,because it deserves a big audience.Another Scandinavian film you can compare with Hawaii,Oslo is the Swedish film Tic Tac,which also is a really good film.

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Extremely good, 11 April 2004

If you have seen Twin peaks the TV-show and liked it, you will most likely love this film.I think it is one of Lynches best films.I have never been so scared when watching a film before.Lynch uses extreme images to drag you into "his world",and he does it in class.I also think Sheryl Lee acts extraordinary well,her character is really believable and you can truly feel her fear.And Kyle MacLachlan delivers as always.Lynch really captures the mood and feeling from the TV series, which is quite unique.I think this movie is nearly perfect, because it keeps its tension through the whole movie, and you never dear to relax.The scariest scenes in this film are some of the rawest i have seen in a film and I am very surprised that this movie is not more acclaimed when speaking of David Lynch.