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Comic Book Men (2012– )
Kevin smith fans will love it... unfamiliar viewers will remain puzzled
13 February 2012
As a Kevin Smith fan I can say that I enjoy most of his work in both film and in in recent years Smodcast Internet Radio and to be quite honest I think that this show is targeted for Smith fans only.

The humor has the signature "Smodcast" written all over it. There is comic talk, there are escapades to the flea market and there are dick jokes. In the radio show when the conversation works it is really funny and, when it doesn't you keep listening waiting for the conversation to improve and it applies also to the TV show: When the "comic book men" bounce on one another it is funny to listen but I felt that the haggling with the customers was too "weird" for the sake of being weird... yes, I know there are customers like that in comic book shops - I've dealt with them - but in no way, shape or form would I consider filming them, those are the parts that I'd "switch-off" waiting for the funny talk.

Like I said at the beginning. If you are a Smodcast/Tell'em steve dave you'll enjoy this similarly to how you enjoy the podcast,(see/hear once, laugh, forget about it). If you are a casual viewer... well I don't see how this would appeal to you, not because it is bad but because it is targeted for a very specific demographic for better or worse.

As a SMod fan the only thing that I feel is that this is a bit redundant, specially in the form of a TV show. It is filmed for the sake of being filmed instead of told in a podcast as a funny story.

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Bored to Death (2009–2011)
I'm gonna speak frank, George. I'm out of shape and you're old (a bored to death review)
18 December 2010
Note from the author: this review has been written after watching two seasons. Bored to death is a TV show whose charm relies heavily in its three leads Jason Schwartzman, Zack Galifianakis and Ted Danson. The main problem that I found is that during the first season Schwartzman's character is given the most weight out of the three leaving Danson and Galifianakis as secondary characters that have mini-subplots around the main cases - as the story revolves around a writer drawn to be a detective to solve it's financial difficulties -. Thankfully this has been solved in the second season with an even repartition of plot for the three and consequently has improved the stories, the cast and the overall dynamic of the show. Throughout the two seasons I felt that the show gradually turns from a solve-the-case of the week show to a hang-out-with-us show while the story flows...and boy what a blast it is to hang out with this cast. Danson's hedonistic charm is suave, subtle -and even slightly touching in some episodes with a cancer subplot- with the best laughs when his facade of elegance is down due to his drug use. Galifianakis is perhaps the geek hero (but not a geek himself) as the comic-book writer in a dysfunctional relationship with his girlfriend played by Heather Burns - who's first in the list of recurring character's of the show, also including Oliver Platt and Kristen Wiig-. Finally Schwartzman's character is a struggling writer with relationship problem's and a tendency for solving weird-cases in a very unprofessional way - high point for me is the first episode in season 2 when he has to go into a fetish dungeon-. To sum things up. Bored to death was a slow burner for me, by the end of season 1 I was ready to give up but, with season 2, it pulls out a "The Office" and gets much better. Each season has eight episodes which leads to very cohesive stories and arcs but then again the charm relies on the cast which are great if you like these type of characters. Thanks for reading.
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Man vs. Wild (2006– )
Turn off your brain and enjoy Bear's adventures
3 May 2009
Like it or not this is reality TV hence this show should be taken for what it is: a man applying survival techniques in a moderately safe (but usually horrible) environment. I am not a fan of reality TV but I can't help but to sympathize with Bear in each episode -a truly charismatic and intelligent man-. He will show ultimate survival techniques for different parts of the world, some of them helpful some of them a little too weird but ALL of them fun to watch. The episodes are filled with excellent trivia about the different places and hilarious situations (from a viewer perspective there is nothing funnier than watching a dude eat bugs). I won't deny that this show is not for everyone but I find it hard to believe that any person remotely adventurous won't enjoy watching this fine piece of entertainment.
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Castle (2009–2016)
Classic murder-to-solve show with outstanding writing
26 April 2009
Castle is a show that has many of the characteristics that make for a fantastic TV show. Superb writing both in terms of plot and character development, Castle dips in the classics elements established in the lines of "Murder she wrote" in terms of plot (why fix what ain't broken, right?) but brings in a fresh breath of air when it comes to the protagonists of this show. Cult-icon Nathan Fillion (always try to name drop Firefly in case someone is still unfamiliar with this great show -check it out-) and Stana Katic are the dynamic-duo that carry the weight of this show. Fillion's capacity to play a character like Richard Castle and absolutely conquer the audience is an absolute pleasure to witness BUT I was even more surprised by Stana's performance of Detective Kate Beckett, her role in the infamous "The Spirit" was one of the few things that could be salvaged and this show proves that this lady can act really well. The supporting cast is spot on, Castle's peculiar family often gives a nice relief from the main case to solve, either bringing laughs or moments of intimacy that manage to make the viewer sympathize with Castle (thankfully avoiding being extremely corny) and also the NYPD police department working with Beckett is worthy of mention. Overall: 8.5
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The production values of a porno movie applied to sci-fi
29 March 2009
This "movie" is perhaps the most insulting piece of science fiction I've ever see. There is literally nothing redeeming about this film. Bad scrypt, horrible actors (I can't believe the guy from JAG is in this piece of garbage), special effects that could've been done better in the 1960s. This is the kind of film that you watch to see if it can really get any worse and IT DOES... A LOT. We're introduced to a spaceship "The Visitor" that is meant to be explored by a crew commanded by Mr. JAG himself. This crew does not only act like the most unprofessional bunch of "soldiers" you could hire but it definitely taught me that you can flirt and make sexual comments under any situation, yes "Alien Spaceship" included. If at this point you are thinking this might be one of those "it-is-so-bad-it-is-a-good-movie" please don't. The previously explained plot is only followed by some of the worst acting possible. I'm talking porno acting which coincidently suits the crappy scrypt and the rest of this abomination.
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Castle: Flowers for Your Grave (2009)
Season 1, Episode 1
Pilot is good
10 March 2009
The pilot manages to introduce several characters and set a background for Fillion's character extremely while keeping along a first murder plot. Both lead roles show extremely good chemistry, Nathan Fillion plays once again a cool character and manages to bring to the table that quirkiness that have made his characters so good in the past. His counterpart is not only pretty to look at but also provides a strong female role and not the standard damsel in distress. The pilot is promising: the writing is good for both plot and dialog, the cast is solid and the mandatory sexual tension flows really well with the witty dialog.
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Firefly (2002–2003)
Joss Whedon did the impossible and this show made him mighty
8 March 2009
Firefly is the show that redefined sci-fi's standard both in TV and later on the big screen (with the film Serenity). So the question that remains is simple: Why isn't this show some huge franchise like Star Wars? I honestly do not have an answer for it. Not only did this show manage to unify sci-fi "non-buffy" fans with Mr. Whedon's already large fan-piric base - thus making it an instant cult classic - but it gave the viewer something NEW. I have yet to meet one person that does not become a 10th member of the crew (technically 11th if you consider the mighty ship)upon watching this. The premise: the western cowboys are now galloping in the 'verse... sorry space. We approach this scenario through the eyes of Malcom Reynolds and his crew of lovable and multi-layered characters. With each new episode and adventure there is always something you can fall in love with or become extremely fascinated. Wheter it is the characterization, the wonderful world portrayed through the clash of cultures, the sci-fi vein of the show, love... there is just simply something for everyone!!! Joss Whedon made a show and movie about something that captivated many but for ME, he is responsible for something that I can proudly say I am part of: the browncoats. Can't stop the signal.
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