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Populaire (2012)
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Uninspired generic romantic comedy, 20 September 2013

I can only imagine this was the kind of movie that inspired the "French New Wave" movement decades ago. Not because of it's brilliance mind you, but rather the opposite. A visually stunning studio film that does nothing but stick to generic conventions while giving the audience nothing new.

A cute but vapid story with nothing more clever than what is at the surface. A good romantic comedy says more with out being so obvious. If you like romantic comedies this is no Brigitte Jones, Amelie, Silver linings Playbook, or When Harry Met Sally, this isn't even "You've got Mail."

I wouldn't waste my time, because I want mine back.

My total score is a 5. I gave this a +5 for being well made, and a -5 for the lack of originality and terrible level predictability.

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A Beautiful Short Film about Falling in Love and Drinking Sprite, 6 August 2012

This is a Sprite Films Finalist for 2012. "Love Refreshed" is beautifully shot, 3 minute short film on the magic of the movies and falling in love. It was shot on 35mm Fuji film, which adds to the filmic aesthetic of the plot. The story follows a young man named Charlie, played by Matt Devine, and his love interest Angel, played by General Hospital Sweetheart Jen Lilley as their love travels through the decades. The film is smart, funny, cute, and extremely professional, one can hardly believe it was shot by students. (The Director Sandra Stenzel and Writer Josephine Green are currently Graduate MFA Students in UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television.)

The lighting is great, the performances are amazing, and the whole film is so well put together, you can hardly help but fall in love. I highly recommend this film to anybody who wants to enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and to be a part of a really enjoyable film.