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Very touching movie!, 14 August 2004

The first time I saw Princess Mononoke I was completely moved and surprised. Since it was a Studio Ghibli film dubbed by Disney I liked the fact that it wasn't a "they all lived naively ever after" film. There were no complete "good" or "bad" guys. Even Lady Eboshi the most antagonist character in the movie had a reasonable motive for trying to get rid of the animal gods and cutting down the forest. Although it her actions were environmentally damaging and wrong in general, she did it to help her people survive which is what all the species on Earth strive for. Another wonderful aspect of the plot is that it sends a message - Protect the Earth and all will survive in peace - a message either discreetly or strongly portrayed in many of Miyazaki's films. Perhaps the portrayal of this message (and the tiny hint of San and Ashitaka's romance and Moro's views on nature) was what made the film so touching to me.

Like many Miyazaki movies, the animation (as always) is wonderful and nicely detailed which is also another quality that genuine Disney films lack (thank goodness for Studio Ghibli). The music was beautiful and well suited to the movie.

The only predicament to the movie is that it is a bit downbeat and does not contain much happy laughter (oh well, I can watch My Neighbor Totoro - also a good movie - for happy laughter.).

10/10 - And my favourite movie of all time.

"Pokémon" (1998)
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4 youngesters only show!, 24 August 2003

I have to say that Pokemon is a pretty lame show. Then again that may differ between the ages since I am now a teenager who grew up watching anime. The show is pretty cool at first but the BIG problem with it is that everything is so repetitive, the whole episode can be predicted in 3 seconds. The only thing that might grab our attention is the pokemon but I think that this show is entertaining for kids is that kind of thing small children have which they laugh at the same jokes again and again. The show can teach you a few lessons the plot gets boring afterwards and even worse, one of characters most favored by the girls, Misty will leave the show. But I guess this series will soon lose its popularity in North America and disappear totally from our TV sets.

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This is the best Canadian kids show ever to hit TV, 11 July 2003

Right now even in my teen years, I remember those precious toddler years when I was still learning my abcs. Every morning I would watch Mr. Dressup with my friends and everytime we watched it, it was like a magical spell was put over us. We watched quietly without speaking a word and I think I learned from this show more than any other kids show I've ever seen. When I get a holiday and watch the present children's programs, I see shows that do not benefit the children's learning in any way. The shows are meant for entertainment and I found a small increase of violence in the shows. But even if they stopped filming Mr. Dressup, it is still broadcast on TV and his kind and loving spirit is still greatly appreciated in Canadian children's television.

And as for Mr. Dressup, thank you for all those wonderful years of all those crafts, songs and stories. I loved this show even more than Sesame Street or any other show in my early years.

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I think its a pretty good show, 8 July 2003

Many of you seem pretty peeved about the show but in my opinion this is one of the better anime shows. Even if the US/Canada show any of the season 1 shows, the plot, characters and theme are pretty clear.

For one thing, I really enjoy this show because of the animation. Many people may not really notice things like this but some shows have better animation quality than others. I mean compare Sailor Moon to the powerpuff girls. Even if Sailor Moon is no longer popular in North America, it is still broadcasted from time to time. And if you watch it, watch the movements the characters and the way the people are drawn. Look at all the exquisite detail. I tried drawing the Dark Magician (one of the monsters on the show) and it took me 3 or 4 hours to perfect every single detail. This kind of detail and animation is rare in most animated shows.

The characters can be sappy (i.e. Tea, Serenity) but this is a kids show.

The plot is well developed and well thought out. It intrigues the viewer after a few minutes and makes you want to keep watching. Overall I would give this show a 9.5/10 and already many out there have proclaimed this a very interesting show and I completely agree.

Its time to duel!

"Beyblade" (2002)
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Shows, 3 July 2003

I haven't seen the movie but i have seen a few shows from the series. The plot is pretty childish and the animation is ok but in a way, its a show about friendship and trust. Some of the characters are sappy *cough* Tyson *cough* but I do have a strange liking to odd characters. My personal favourite character is Kai for being a bit different (okay very different) from the others and I like his sarcasm. Anyways I hope that the movie is good and I hope they continue the series!

Let it rip!

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This is a cool show!, 3 July 2003

I've watched this show before and I have to say, the storyline is interesting and intriguing, the actors/actresses are so good @ acting its like they really are the people in the show themselves. Even if I don't like Science fiction that much, this show has caught my attention and got me stuck on the plot. And I do agree, Vaughn and JOsie do make a cute couple. My favourite character is Josie but I do know the cousin of the person who plays Marshall (Noah Reid). Keep up the good work ppl working on this show!