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WALL·E (2008)
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High Expectations, Good Results, 10 April 2009

When Wall-E was released into cinemas the hype and reviews were all very positive. Everywhere I went, and anyone I talked to mentioned how great Wall-E was, finally I got to sit down and watch it. To start off the movie was good, it was a great ordinary Pixar tale with very detailed animation and a educated look into the future, but despite it's accurate animation and such the movie never really did bring the high enjoyment for me. The characters were great, Wall-E and Eve was lovely but all seriousness I can't see why this movie got raged so many positive reviews when it felt like another Pixar animated movie but with better animation and a realistic look into the future. No doubt it deserved Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, it was the best animation of the year by far but I expected something more magical and touching in Wall-E. Critics call it the Best Animated Movie Ever Made, that's a quote I strong disagree on. It just felt like another Pixar Movie. Sorry Wall-E fans but it's nothing that special.

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Too Much Hatred, 9 April 2009

When I walked out in the cinemas just watching the remake from the 1953 version, I was exceptionally pleased. War of the Worlds is a thrilling dark action/adventure starring Tom Cruise about a supernatural piece of high destructive equipment decides to take over the planet earth, leading to a rampage of survival, war and justice. It's not just all war and violence, it tackles and illustrates deep emotions such as trust and family. Family is a big important issue in this movie as Tom Cruise's character has a weak relationship with his daughter and son, through-out the movie you see their relationship develop either for the good or worst. Spielberg's War of the Worlds has a servilely weak rating on IMDb, and receives far too much hate and hatred, it's a break-through for Spielberg and a highly entertaining piece of work. Each Spielberg and supernatural fan should give this a watch despite it's general criticism and shown rating. To me, War of the Worlds is a strong remake from a strong director.

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Exceeded It's Limit, 9 April 2009

ET was one movie I grew up watching and enjoying. I loved the characters, music and famous scenes that brought it back to cinema about ten years after. But, giving it a re-watch I realized the movie was on a very slow pace for a majority of the movie and there were only smalls scenes or such that brought high entertainment. The effects of the extra-terrestrial were just average, the character ET looked quite fake at times, but what can I expect it was created in 1982, there was no CGI or high powered effects. The movie exceeded it's limit and should of finished thirty minutes after, too much slow paced dialog and impatient waiting to see what's going to happen next. Apart from that, it's still just a good movie, the acting is okay, characters (apart from ET) are again okay, overall a nice family movie but with it's exceeding parts that slows the movie down is a high negative.

Horror And Krueger, 9 April 2009

I grew up watching this, and believe me it used to give me several disturbing and horrible nightmares through-out my childhood. A Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by horror legend Wes Craven, the movie is simply put and executed brilliantly. A mysterious, freakish looking semi-human being enters the dreams of the humans at night, violently attacking them, not knowing that the damage and suffering caused in the dream will affect them in real life. The make-up, music and horror is a big positive in this movie, as Freddy Krueger looks utterly disturbing, thanks to those who added the scars, and burnt effects to the character. The movie itself is fantastic, a real horror classic that has a villain that just can't be tracked down and defeated, Krueger is something that nobody else can get but those who suffer and witness his dreams. This movie created one of the most famous horror icons, a true cinematic achievement.

Maniac Cop (1988)
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Low-Budget Stupidity, 9 April 2009

Maniac Cop is a silly, low-budget 80s horror flick with fake-looking killings, ridiculous dialog and a predictable plot, that guarantees no satisfaction at the end. Obviously this movie can't be taken seriously, but I guess it could be recommended as a fun horror with home-made acting. Sometimes you don't want to watch highly acclaimed movies and pay attention to it sometimes confusing plot, why not watch a horror with very little plot that filled and scared with killings, chasing and perhaps a little bit of laughter. A very fun low-budget 80s horror, but in general movie speaking, it is seriously a silly piece of film-making that has no improvement or statical change within the movie. I say give it a watch if you want to see very poor film making.

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Drugs And Violence, 9 April 2009

To be honest, I expected more out of Pineapple Express. Watching it just felt like 111 minutes of drugs, violence and some comedy. Wait, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's sort of a good thing, I mean comical violence with weed is pretty fun to watch but the movie itself dragged on for way too much and it felt like the director wanted to take a risk, which is absolutely fine by me. But, by doing that he takes out all the modern humor and makes it into a comical action/adventure still with the typical characters and such, but by doubt the movie itself just got old half way through just watching it. Seeing constant drug taking and violence with no real plot-development isn't entertaining to watch, it's rather boring and that's what Pineapple Express felt like. Apart from that, it's quite funny, got some very quotable dialog but too much of the same thing turns it into a disappointment.

I Am Sam (2001)
Simple, But Good, 7 April 2009

I Am Sam is a touching drama about a mentally retarded father who isn't capable of taking care of his daughter. The movie is slow-pace, touching and very simple. Sean Penn was terrific and I believe this is by far his best role in a movie (thus far). It's very shallow with the odd humor here and there and a terrific performance by a very young Dakota Fanning. Through-out the movie we see mixed emotions, decision making and heart-brake as Sam tries to get his daughter back. Those who have had a similar situation that Sam is having in the movie will touch you deeper and emotionally tear you apart. A very simple, original drama with great performances, the self-acclaimed modern villain and a terrific opinionated ending. I Am Sam is nothing particularly special, there's no massive stand-out as some elements found within were quite weak. But, a good movie that will touch different people in different ways.

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Wasn't Expecting What I Saw, 7 April 2009

Steve Carell once again stars in a light romantic movie about choices, family and pressure. By judging on the plot and cover art of the movie I was expecting a flat-out comedy, lots of laughs and unrealistic elements, but I guess I was wrong. Sure the movie had some comedy, but it felt much more of a light Drama to me and Steve Carell once again gave a great performance. The movie itself really tackles true observations and that was a strong element I found. But, the ending felt a little bit rushed and predictable. Through-out, the cinematography was great, the acting was great and the message it delivered was obvious but yet still very important. Though, it came down to old, flat and predictable ending. I'd reckon if different choices were made at the end of the movie (perhaps for the bad, even) this movie would get better publicity. Still a fun movie.

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Disturbingly Beautiful, 6 April 2009

To inform you, I gave A Clockwork Orange a view about a year ago, I didn't like it. In fact I only watched twenty minutes, my view towards all the sex and violence turned me off the movie completely. I just recently gave it a watch again, looking into the movie seeing the message it sends and how music and words can be so vital. A Clockwork Orange is beautiful. A fantastic movie that has all important key society elements transferred and directed by the famous Stanley Kubrick. Like 2001, the movie is set in the future and Kubrick along with the fantastic performance by Malcolm McDowell gives us a imaginative look on punishment and science. A Clockwork Orange is something very special, the sets, the acting, the violence and the disturbing scenes make it all into one fine movie.

Not The Best, 6 April 2009

Nacho Libre definitely is one of those comedies, when they just feel rushed and have the typical modern day comedy elements. Jack Black again didn't deliver anything fantastic, he just put on an easy accent and then there was all the stuff that we expect in a comedy like this. There's no real character development, but besides from all that it's a fun movie to watch. Half the reason why I wasn't particularly fond about this movie is because yet again they make wrestling look bad. The movie was supposed to be in Mexico where the finest wrestlers recruit from, but yet again they make such a tough and physical sport look so bad, which certainly does irritate me. Overall a small comedy, with a few laughter's but a multiple viewing won't be necessary.

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