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I think the director needed an encylopedia of history!, 1 August 2010

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I was LOVING this film until I realized how careless the director was. Where in the world did a dumpster come from during the Little House in the Prairie times? And I also don't think there were chain link fences...Other than that, I liked it a lot. Those monsters were really scary! I guess I would have been happy to be blind too, so that I would be able to not see them! And what's with Joaquim Phoenix's lip? Was he in an accident in real life, or did one of the monsters on the prairie do that to him? At any rate, it was interesting how they incorporated the drug problem and the community center part. I didn't know they had them back during olden times either.

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The Man Disappears, but the Love Never Does!, 1 August 2010

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If you thought that "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Mr. Benjamin Bratt taught you a lot about life and love, then hold on. There is something else coming your way, and it's name is "The Time Traveler's Wife." The lovely Canadian starlet, Miss Rachel McAdam, turns in a powerhouse performance as a young lady who learns about the value of standing by the man you love, even though sometimes he is 45 years old when you're 12 years old, and sometimes he disappears inexplicably and then shows up naked when you least expect it. Talk about popping in unannounced! Maybe you think it's stupid that this lady planned a large wedding in front of tons of people, knowing full well that her beloved Eric Bana could disappear at any moment, leaving her with the catering bill that as you can imagine came to quite a hefty fee. But as for myself, I find it appealing and devil-may-care. "The Time Traveler's Wife" is a valuable lesson about life, love and second chances, if by second chances you mean that this guy shows up multiple times in the nude and tells you that he loves you. It's a realistic portrayal of love and relationships in today's world, and I think we all stand to learn a lesson.

Inception (2010)
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Where's my Totem?, 1 August 2010

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I felt like I was in a dream within a dream as I sat back in my comfy movie theater seat and sank into the multiple dream worlds of Mr. Leonardo di Caprio. If you're a big fan of mazes and word search, then you'll be thrilled and horrified by Inception. A jauntily bescarfed Miss Ellen Paige joins a crack team of serious-faced crazy dream thieves who forget to tell her certain rules and regulations until after they're inside the dream. Or maybe it was another dream within a dream, I'm not sure and I can't remember. How many times I've forgotten to tell people important things too, until it's too late. This happens at work frequently. So I understand Miss Paige's nervousness and excitement, but luckily she is more than skilled enough to figure out how the heck someone can wiggle their way into Mr. Di Caprio's personal dreams and pointlessly stare at the zit on Miss Marianne Cotillard's French forehead. Confusion? Sure! Irritation? Guaranteed. Pointless gunfights? You ask for it, you got it. But as long as you can remember that 10 minutes in real life equals four hours in the dream world, you'll be happy as a clam as you watch a Ford Econoline van take nearly two hours to fall into the water. It's a fun time for all. Realistic yet completely unrealistic at the same time. Where's my totem? I can't tell if I'm in a dream or a nightmare when I watch Inception!

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The Preposterous Pecadillo of Benjamin Button, 22 February 2009

If you have always wanted to see a really wrinkled baby grow up in reverse while he learns valuable lessons about life and love, then this is the movie for you. First off, any time that you see a title that has double alliteration ("Curious Case" and "Benjamin "Button") and then up the ante with a whimsical name like Benjamin Button and the promise that you're going to see a truly Curious Case, then you know you're in for something good. They even bring in the sultry seductress, Blanche Devereaux, from Golden Girls to get the groove going (although I was upset that Rue McLanahan wasn't available to play her this time). Still, imagine how thrilled I was to sit through something like four and a half hours of life, love and tears, as wrinkled baby becomes handsome huckster becomes young boy with the mind of a 90-year-old. What better way to learn how you should feel about life and love? After seeing this movie I totally re-evaluated everything I've done so far, left my husband, quit my job and left on a search for the giant-sized, adult baby man with whom I fell in love so many years ago. My search continues, and I shall let you know how it goes. Thank you, Paine Webber, and thank you, Benjamin Bratt!

Get ready for heart warming lessons!, 22 February 2009

Tammy also luvs TV and REALLY loves those wonderful Huxtables. If you think you know it all from your own childhood, Claire and Cliff have plenty to teach you. It would seem as though the show is mostly about Cliff trying to sneak in a nap, or famous guest stars delighting the kids with visits (what kid doesn't love Lena Horne or hearing Christopher Plumber ("Sound of Music") recite Shakespeare???) but it's so much more than that. It was high time wealthy TV parents finally taught the kids that the money doesn't belong to the's Claire and Cliff who were rich and successful! The kids were poor! And a great lesson was learned by all Americans when Denise was kicked off of the show for appearing in the altogether in that film with Micky Rourke. The rotten apple was hurled from the tree! Bill Cosby really knows how to make us think and I thank him daily for this ground breaking series.

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Family Fun for All, 22 February 2009

Yours Mine and Ours is the tender, touching and tantalizing tale of a mildly retarded 70-year-old red-headed woman who accidentally gets drunk and then miraculously gets pregnant with a baby. A complex color- and number-coded system teaches the children the value of sticking to their own bedroom and bathroom, and not only is a good time had by all, but a valuable lesson is learned by all. Nancy Roth's near-award-winning role as Rosemary Beardsley is a haunting practice in joie de vivre, as is Mr. Tom Bosley in the role of the cuddly, mildly hairy gentleman known as "Family Doctor." Keep your eyes open for a young Larry Hankin as "Supermarket Clerk/Harry."