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A Hard Day (2014)
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True Roller coaster.....Gripping...Enthralling..., 18 October 2014

Whoa! what a thrill efffin ride!! this was my first reaction after watching the movie!!i gave it a standing ovation.It has been a long long time since a movie captured my attention from beginning to end,without even a single dull moment in its running time of over 90 minutes. I was so looking forward to see this one,and boy did it mesmerize me!and how!!

The movie has a dark undertone to its mischievous and reckless plot.Here we have a tense,gritty protagonist Lee Sun-kyun running through several escalating situations on an unfortunate day leading to a face off with a manic antagonist.There is a swift swap between the antihero-hero nature of the protagonist.I don't want to give away the plot but i will give you this,the plot is just exploding with an unrelenting exuberance that does not stop until the end credits start rolling.There is a never ending sense of what happens next.This relentless thriller captivates your attention from the opening shots,and never lets go.Special credits to the lead actors for they have done a neat job playing the characters straight,the only way to play it for a gripping plot such as this.Sometimes the movie feels like a highly stylized comedy of errors with some ingeniously crafted action sequences.

All in all 'a hard day' is a well shot genuine thriller disguised as a crime drama with underlying dark humour.It has all the scope of becoming a future cult classic.I would be surprised if it didn't.You would not be disappointed even if you watched with high expectations.


Barfi! (2012)
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Highly Overrated Straight Lift Collage, 17 November 2012

I felt that the only part in the movie which kept me interested was the cinematography...and nothing else...barfi is just another movie claiming to be"entirely original" but is nothing more than a straight lift collage..RK tried his best but went in vain...and for chopra...she seriously needs to join somw good acting classes and learn to behave rather than "putting up an act"....barfi is filled with shameless plagiarism...and don't know what the so called "NATIONAL JURY" was thinking when they selected this crap for Oscar nomination.....i watched this in 3 days......couldn't sit through the whole movie for it was so long and slow with a pathetic script and dumbest of direction...anurag basu should try to be inspired by the western flicks rather than just copying the scenes as it is....and that too in the name of paying homage ...this is just not right...and barfi strictly doesn't deserve any of the acclaim that it is getting......

4/10....3 fr cinematography and 1 fr RK because fr except him no one cud do this role....

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Pathbreaking, Unlike anything you have ever vitnessed on screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 23 September 2012

I finished watching this movie at 3AM and instead of fallin asleep after,I decided to write a review coz believe me, this movie was UNLIKE anything I have ever seen in my entire life. To begin with ,the movie starts on a low note but once you allow it to grow on you,it becomes a heavenly experience.Most of the movies get to you through your head,this is where MOONRISE KINGDOM differs it gets to you through your heart.This movie is filled with innocence,humor and melancholy. Coming down to the script,it is carefully and delicately written,but the way in which Wes Anderson has portrayed it on screen is what lays its path to your heart.It has some of the hallmarks of his previous movies like Eccentric characters,Off-beat sense of humor,story book visuals etc. but still there is something immensely likable about this movie.I am not going in detail about the story as the mere description of the plot in no way prepares you for the sheer brilliance and the delightful quirkiness of his work.Anderson has cleverly worked on the plot and in here there is a scenario where the kids have the exact idea of what they are destined to do and the adults here are the troubled ones ,they panic and are clueless over how exactly to handle the situation.The movie is immensely whimsical and witty and gives us a feel of vitnessing a quirky fairy tale due to its overstylized production design. On the performance side Murray and McDormand are pitch-perfect as a pair of married lawyers unplugged from each other and their kids.Edward Norton also does well as the scout leader who sends his troops for hilarious missions.But the true show stealer is MR.Willis with a moving performance as the tedious cop who has never found true love and finally last but not the least,the movie's protagonists – the immensely talented Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward–whose weird,endearing romance is the beating heart of this emotionally honest movie. Please do watch this movie on big screen or on blu-ray for this movie exhibits cinematographic brilliance,shot entirely on 16mm sepia,hats off to the cinematographer Robert D. Yeoman. Watch this movie if your childhood was awesome and it will show you a heartfelt portrayal of first love and how such love inspires the lives of people who encountered it.Feel it,for it will take you back to innocence. Thanks to all the folks who read the review,enjoy.........CHEEEERRRSSSSS!!:-)

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Mel Gibson is back!!!!!!!!!!.....seriously back..., 11 May 2012

While watching this movie i was wondering why this movie was provided on a VOD service.....with such awesome stunts ,a strong script and brilliant acting this movie deserved a wide release .I was never a big Gibson fan but now i think i like his style of action thrillers never meant to say that i didn't like lethal weapon series but this in a way is more simplistic and tough.

This movie is seriously meant for fans of tough action movies and is not for people looking out for a highly intelligent action movie.This is a smartly and slickly written piece of work which definitely has its ups and downs.The story is nothing new, first half hour is Mel settling into prison life ,but when the action begins it's a very brutal affair.

The ups of the movie include the sublimely realistic acting of all the lead actors with Mel Gibson leading from the front,a tightly and smartly written screenplay(courtesy Gibson)and a smart yet simplistic approach from the director.

The downsides include the quality of shots taken which i think they should have taken with a much higher budget in hand and also a pretty unimpressive trailer. If only it had been marketed well and had a wide release this movie would have hit bulls eye.

All in all this movie is a Mel Gibson show which is highly gripping,thrilling and which I found is all the more absurdly entertaining.

Thanks to all the folks who read the review.CHEEEERSSS........!!!

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Highly complicated....but yet highly entertaining,enthralling and of the best of 90's, 30 August 2010

Guy Ritchie had a pathbreaking directorial debut with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ,the slick slomotion tecnique was first ever introduced by guy ritchie through all the death sequences,ritchie's manipulation of these sequences forces people to experience the intensity of the events by seeing every sequence frame by frame, something particularly apparent in the director's handling of the boxing-ring poker game that catalyses the story,the film is like a roller-coaster twist n turn experiences of action, fear,violence,conspiracy and dark comedy that is definitely worth should also be given to the film's grainy texture and amber lighting causing a fairly enthralling viewing experience.Acting has been superb overall,but the performances of jason statham and vinnie jones stands out though .Above all it is a superior thriller made with the guts and gusto that too many recycled entries into the genre fail to exhibit. According to me what other movies till then had done summarily or languidly, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels does with marvelling crystasl clear novice stumbles ,It's creative and very clever nd an instant trend setting classic.