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simply another standard look at the making-of, 9 October 2014

4 making-of featurettes: Alice Vision/Pre-production; The Big Bang/Shooting Re:E; Bigger, Faster, Stronger/The Undead Evolve; Vegas Visual Effects/Miniatures Nothing new, but who WANTS something new? Simply a standard look behind-the-scenes into how they made the 3rd Resident Evil. "This is not a conventional zombie movie." How many times have I heard that before? Wish to learn more about the history of zombie films? Here's where. "Kids loved zombie movies." Inspiration from the post-apocalyptic movie. "When we did number two . . ." If you want to hear how he finished that sentence, you'll have to watch this short. How different is this Resident Evil from the others? Watching the old flicks with a 14-year-old. "We want a real director, not some video kid." Can horror happen in broad daylight? Shooting a flick in 135 degrees! They're just gonna tear down Las Vegas when they finish shooting the movie--that's so sad. (No, not to me.) "And it's all made of wood." "High-tech but soulless." "We had a lot of fun making the cars." "I've spent a month of my life playing the games." "I got to blow one of the zombies out the window. It was a blast." "We have two types of zombies in this movie." "The challenge of putting together 300 zombies in 145o desert heat is astounding." "Zombies with Jobs." The fear of being an actor running away from a full-speed stunt zombie. Fan of tentacle-handed zombie. Models vs. CGI. If this sounds like it'll be fun, it'll be fun. But don't expect to see anymore of Milla's nips. 'Sorry.

an actor looks at the California Trail, 22 August 2014

Not simply the histories of several old roads but also why those histories are interesting. Tom Bodett shares the cultures found stretched across America's Southwest with us showing us little bits of stuff all over. For either those looking for a preview of what their own vacation drive may be like or more likely for those like me who never came closer to exploring those trails than my VHS player. Why the travelers were there. What they did there. What effects they had on their surroundings. What effects their surroundings had on them. As much as can be covered in half an hour. How various rivers figured in. And the mountains of the Continental Divide. And even the story of the Gold Rush, too.

Walking the Mile (2000) (V)
blah, 23 February 2014

There are two types of these behind-the-scenes bonus features that get added onto videotapes & DVDs. There are ones where the director really puts out an effort to explain a bit about the movie-making process, what they were trying to accomplish with the feature film's project, and showing you a bit of what you didn't absorb from simply watching that feature film itself. And then there are those where they simply splice together a few minutes of footage showing the crew actually shooting that feature film, just created to give them something to taut as a bonus feature. This "Walking the Mile" is one of that second kind. And that's why I'm afraid this "review" of it is so "blah". What is there to say about such an unimaginative, unoriginal short? 'How ironic that the feature film that this was behind the scenes of was such a creative science fiction assault on religion.

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tedious tepid worthless slop, 13 October 2013

What would a film written & directed by a ten-year old boy look like? That may sound like a cute idea but I assure you it's miserable to suffer through.

Now I've seen yet another Laura Gemser performance but I am not kidding when I say that you'd see more of her in a 30" commercial for dish soap. My girlfriend is less covered up when she's walking around in a below-zero blizzard, and at least I get to see her all day, instead of simply several seconds now & then.

I realize that part of this supposedly features a TV battle game but any such TV show would be canceled after one episode. This whole film appears as though they were attempting to make all characters move as if in a video-game. That may sound like an interesting concept but it is not. If you wish to make things more exciting, you speed things up; you don't slow everything down.

"Futuristic action" No, it is not. "Futuristic" means as if in the future. It does not mean claimed to be set in the future but written & produced by such uncreative slags that it more resembles the distant past, as predicting the future would require imagination, intelligence, and a decent budget. "Hey, Zimbo, they didn't have machine guns or motorcycles in the distant past." But if they had, they wouldn't have gotten off their zippy transportation, dropped their automatic weapons, and fought hand-to-hand with swords. Those moronic nonmutants deserved to die! This was "action" in the sense that jumping off your scooter and engaging in a "battle" dance is, i.e. it was not.

"fun" "romp" -- No character in this film had any fun, and I don't grasp how viewers can. I guess some people enjoy watching hospital soap operas but not me. "Romp" implies fun & humor but I saw none whatsoever. There's a difference between a train wreck and a panel van which slowly gets mired in a puddle of muck. Oh, but we were taught an important lesson about how we should be kinder to the mutants we meet, as they likely have hidden good features to make up for their mutantism? How could Laura Gemser have sunk this low?

Dollface (2011/II)
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something to watch while soft-boiling that egg, 2 October 2013

How does one write a dozen lines in review of a seven-minute-long film? There's more of a plot here than in a few of the full-length films at IMDb but that's not much of a compliment. The characters here looked more realistic in their make-up than kids do in their costumes at Hallowe'en but that's not much of a compliment.

Next time, I'd suggest they title their film with a less common name. I had to struggle through IMDb's list to figure out which short I was actually looking for. That positively reminded me of the depicted gal's struggle against her captors.

I'm always happy to see some more entertaining shorts over at YouTube. "a short horror movie made in 51 hours for the 2011 Producers' Guild's Debra Hill short film contest" - It sounds to me like they expended as much effort & inspiration as those who developed the new TV series I've seen so far this Fall.

hottest day of the year, 18 September 2013

An interesting, competently assembled behind-the-scenes feature which told me everything I needed to know about what went on before and during the shooting of that big-screen film in Bedford-Stuyvesant. How they made use of community locals. How they kept them off crack for a couple months. How Danny Aiello looked at things differently than me. How the film crew fit nicely into the neighborhood, with some snippets of those who did not see everything working out perfectly, just to round out the story. How they fitted their film site into that block of Bed-Stuy. What happens when you shoot a fire on a street. The part Melvin van Peebles played in things. The fun of converting 8 weeks to one day. I enjoyed this film of St. Claire Bourne's to that of Spike Lee's.

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short comedy vignette, 15 September 2013

A light six minutes of amusing fluff about nothing too much. _ June Crenshaw: Sex Kitten To the Supreme Court _ What that would manifest itself as, if creator David Mamet was one of you college kids.

Not "bad". Simply not long enough to work out to be "good". The sort of humorous, little short we make to show our friends or that we see on YouTube.

After finding & watching this thing, I found myself wondering why it's listed here on IMDb, while so many longer and more meaningful flicks are not. Well, now it's got a review, too -- about as deep as the film itself. Our thanks go out to Mamet and the actors for occasionally making this sort of stuff, as well as their bigger, more profitable shows. It's nice that they enjoy their work more than I do mine.

Greg Peck & J Thompson clue you in, 27 July 2013

A half hour of Gregory Peck and (original director) J. Lee Thompson sharing all the inside dope about the making of the original Cape Fear and looks behind the scenes and even capped off with a few little comments about the remake years later.

The days of censorship. How some actors get into character. How some actors miss out on acting jobs. How some actors get misjudged by directors. How some actors keep from drowning. How some actors get ticked off. How some producers choose titles. How some actors look too lasciviously. How to storm past violence. What Hitchcock had to do with Cape Fear. All interesting.

Just another Making of Featurette, 12 July 2013

How all the actors in Slipstream have different visions of what Slipstream is portraying. What you write about if you're Anthony Hopkins. This explains Slipstream. Though that doesn't mean you'll understand it after watching this. But it can't hurt.

See the camera. See how Hopkins writes. See how Hopkins directs. "That's the trick of directing -- get out of the way." Fifteen minutes later everything's been clarified. Yeah, right. Well, it's interesting.

It's nice that they save these extra video snippets and collect them into these Making Of Featurettes, isn't it, instead of simply throwing them all away? It's nice that they periodically try their hands at those experimental pieces isn't it? It's nice that they enjoy themselves while working anyway (unlike me in my job).

simply a standard promo, 2 July 2013

The director/executive producer: "Once every few years a show comes along that is ground-breaking, that is thought-provoking, that is compelling, that has a great story but also makes you fffeel & care about these characters. So I think Prison Break you know is one of those shows. . . . It's the thinking-man's TV show." After starting off with that load of bull-oney, it's not so surprising that this isn't so much a behind-the-scenes short as simply a half-hour promotional piece. "There was heart." How many promos have I seen with that line?

They did go a little bit into how they cast the Prison Break series but their comments were more illuminating for how much they revealed about how differently the developers and actors saw the series than me. If you're expecting to actually learn how they shot these shows, as I had been, you'll be disappointed.

Several actors commented on how they didn't see what the writers were gonna have happen next, while I didn't tend to have that problem with the series myself.

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