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Ben-Hur (2016)
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worst Life of Brian parody ever, 8 September 2016

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i had the misfortune of sitting through this chariot wreck a few days ago. only thing that kept me going was the obviously unfunny attempts to parody the life of brian.

in the scene where the Roman general was grilling Brian (Ben Hur), i expected him to say 'thow him to the fwoor centurion' and in the crucifixion scene i wanted them to sing 'always look on the bright side of life', but they didn't unfortunately.

and is Morgan Freeman so hard up for cash, he needed to take this job? did he even read the script?

avoid this at all cost, just awful

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Don't waste the opportunity to see the original Belgian show on this crap, 8 July 2016

I wasted most of this show before I realized it was based on a Belgian TV show called Cordon. Well, by based on, i mean ripped off. Unfortunately, this is so close Cordon, i'm not going to bother watching that since i now know the plot.

But unlike the Belgian show which has realistic characters who are believable, occasionally funny and who you care about, the US show characters are clearly chosen by a diversity committee, are completely one dimensional cardboard characters, and frankly, you are waiting for for them all to die a slow painful death.

But my biggest gripe about the show (and I suspect this may be true for the Belgian one but i haven't got that far into it), is the show is about 5% story, 95% filler.

It starts out OK, but the story quickly runs out of material enough to stretch it for a whole season, so most of the time is spent on irrelevant characters that are not in any way connected to the plot.

My recommendation, either check out the Belgian one, Cordon, or better yet, check out The Last Ship which has a similar premise but every episode is 100% story, no filler, lots of action, great story.

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"Z Nation" (2014)
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better than walking dead by episode 3, 27 September 2014

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sure, it started out very bad. but they quickly killed off the annoying guy from Lost and the characters started to develop in ep2.

by ep3 it got very dark, far more so than the soap that TWD has become.

don't worry about the bad reviews, at least watch to ep3 and see if you agree, this show is far better than TWD.

the pacing is faster, the gore is gorier and most importantly, it has a sense of humor, something totally lacking in TWD. i like that its moving from location to location each ep, with an eventual goal of getting to the lab in CA. TWD had that at the start, getting to the CDC, but that was a dud and it kind of lost its way after that. maybe this will too, but for now, its fun.

apparently i need to add 10 lines, not sure what else to say. i don't usually write reviews but felt this was getting a bad rap.

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best TV in well, forever, 15 April 2010

its been said many times on this site but i want to add by voice, Spartacus is the TV show now and one of the best ever, along with Sons of Anarchy.

sure it started life as a 300 clone but now the story line, acting, characters, plots twists, everything are beyond the best TV and movies ever made. sure, that's a bold claim, but how long does a movie last, even multi-part epics like Godfather and LOTR only last a total of about 7 hours. in only 1 season of Sparticus we've seen characters evolve and schemes develop.

the script writers must be some kind of gods to come up with this. like many, i love that the bad guys aren't all bad, the good guys not all good. all TV and movie writers should study this to see how real characters are developed and stories created.

and the acting, where to start, Andy Whitfield and John Hannah are brilliant and Peter Mensah just owns the screen every time he's on camera. That guy should be the next Denzel or Samuel L Jackson.

and as to those who say 'too much sex, too much violence' i say 'bring it on!'

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absolute genius, best show on TV now and maybe ever, 21 December 2009

i've loved Sons since the first episode and it continues to get better, now we are close to the end of season 2. the primary story line is the conflict between the original MC club co founder, Clay and the son of the other co-founder Jacks. the conflict is played out perfectly as it grows from episode to episode culminating in , well i don't want to spoil it, but really great writing.

the acting is 100% top notch, Charlie Hunnam is perfect in this roll, Ron Perlman who is not my fav actor from other movies is brilliant, Katey Sagal is awesome and the list just goes on, not a bad roll in the whole show. the only small grip i have is Tommy Flanagan (great acting BTW) who is very obviously Scottish and sounds it, plays an Irish man, which is odd because every thing else in the story line makes sense, why make such an obvious error? Kurt Sutter is a freaking' genius writer to come up with such compelling stories every episode and keep the pace ever building, just like in the Shield which he has now relegated to the second best TV show ever.

i just hope season 3 stays this strong, i'm sure it will and maybe Kurt Sutter need to write a movie, movies seem to suck compared to TV these days.