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Eroica (2003) (TV)
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Heroic film, 16 August 2007

Eroica is a well done blending of film and symphony concert. Beethoven was a rebel pushing against the social status quo in his life and with his music. How we hear this symphony today is so completely different that it is nearly impossible to imagine how it seemed to those hearing this kind of music for the first time. This film helped me to do that.

I have had the great honor of performing this masterpiece when I was a student at Duquesne University, so it's always like coming home when I hear this piece. This film gave me an opportunity to visit it with fresh eyes and ears.

One thing I have to complain about is the usual one, the violas nearly always get short shrift when orchestras are filmed, but this is a small oversight in view of the entire movie.

Well done!

I.Q. (1994)
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A lovely romantic comedy, 18 October 2003

I just watched I. Q. again tonight and had forgotten how much I love this movie. It is wonderfully entertaining and leaves you feeling that all is right with the world. I love the allusions to Mozart all throughout from the opening with "Einstein" playing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the violin to him humming Eine Kleine Nachtmusik during the IQ testing of the Ed Walters. I love that a woman is portrayed as intelligent and encouraged to have a career, an especially unique situation for the 1950's, the time in which this movie is set. (I myself have been a teacher but stayed at home to raise my children, so please don't think I am some staunch women's libber.) It's wonderful how a man who is "only a grease monkey" is finally seen to be just as important and worthy as Catherine's fiance, a clinical behavioral researcher. The message to me is that we are not what we do, but who we are is defined by so much more - no labels. There are so many little gags and one-liners that are almost throwaways if you don't watch and listen carefully.

I did catch a few things in the movie that are not listed on the goofs page. In the scene when Ed Walters is to speak at symposium, there are 3 instruments (protractor, ruler, etc.) hanging on the right from the chalk ledge. In the next camera shot, there only 2. In the credits on our video, it lists Tony Shaloub's character as Bob Watters, not Bob Rosetti as he introduces himself in the movie and is listed here on Imdb.

I highly recommend this movie. It may be a piece of fluff in some estimations, but has lots more substance than many give it credit for. Not only that, what a great cast is assembled here. Watch it and enjoy!

Houseguest (1995)
Great funny family film, 24 May 2003

From the first time we saw Houseguest, we loved it. After renting it 3 times, I decided it would be more cost effective to buy it.

Sinbad is hilarious and Hartman is the perfect foil. It's unnecessary to describe the film because so many others have done that, but suffice it to say it's a wonderful, funny feel-good movie. Your kids will love it and so will you. It's clean and very family safe.

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We Love It!, 24 May 2003

We just happened upon this movie a couple of years ago when looking for some movies to rent. Somehow we had missed it when the movie had been released and it was new to us. We figured with Jack Lemmon and James Garner it couldn't be too bad.

We thoroughtly enjoyed the movie and think it is one of the funniest movies around. Lemmon and Garner play against one another perfectly. After seeing it the first time, we went ahead and purchased the movie. We have watched it more than a few times and have never grown tired of it. There are some favorite scenes that we still laugh about even thought we know what is coming.

We highly recommend this movie to anyone who is the mood for some good laughs and even some thoughtful moments. You might not want children to see this because of language and a couple of scenes in bedrooms.