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It's a great movie
1 June 2011
The first installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, "The Curse of the Balck Pearl" is the best movie from the original trilogy. Since the creators consider "On Stranger Tides" a reboot, I won't mention it except for this time.

This film is about a blacksmith in some Caribbean island that tries to get his beloved one back from the pirates who kidnapped her. In the process he teams up with the eccentric but very likable Captain Jack Sparrow. We find out later that their stories are connected somehow to the mighty ship "The Black Pearl", that used to be led by Sparrow before Barbossa and the rest of the pirates took it over in a mutiny.

One of the best aspects of this movie is the plot, is not simple as you might expect from a Disney movie about pirates, it's really original, with the correct amount of adventure, romance, action and fun. I wasn't excited about this film when it came out, but when I caught on TV years after its original release, I was blown away. At this point, I watched all the movies from this series and liked all of them, but this is far superior than the other two.

It has some kind of magic, I was really excited when I was watching it for the first time, it made me feel something, and that is the reason why this one is better than the other two (They were not bad, but I think that they didn't match this one). It has many positive sides, like the outfits (I don't know if they were historically accurate, but they looked great nonetheless), the breathtaking scenarios, the dialog, and obviously, the actors.

Every actor was great. Bloom was convincing as the reluctant pirate, Keira was charming as Elizabeth, and she is beautiful, and the rest of the cast was great also. An special mention goes to both Rush and Depp who were extremely good in their roles as Barbossa and Sparrow respectively. Even if Rush plays the bad guy, is likable as a character because he was both funny and evil, and had a strong presence on screen. I won't even try to spend words to say what everyone thinks about Sparrow, nobody could possibly play that role like Depp.

But not everything is perfect in this movie. One of the negative aspects I found were some "funny" lines that felt out of place and little forced. On the other hand, it was a bit long for my taste. There are also some mistakes in the plot, but they weren't big thankfully.

I recommend it to everyone because is really entertaining , it has great actors in great roles, and it was like a real adventure. You won't be disappointed
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Inception (2010)
Excellent but not without some flaws.
23 October 2010
The story of this movie is about a highly skilled man in the "art" of dream invasion. Somewhere in the future and with some unspecified technology, people can enter each others' dreams. The main character is a thief in those dreams but he needs a crew to do it. When the chance of going back home (He was extradited) in exchange for one job presented, he took it right away. The problem is that he is somewhat haunted by his past and that may interfere with his last assignment.

It is difficult to give this movie a bad rating because it is a great movie. Nonetheless, its current position as the number 4 of the "IMDb's top 250" seems exaggerated. I have no doubt that its position will drop down in a few weeks so I will give it a good score too.

The reason I believe its current position is undeserved is because of its many flaws, but we will get there later. First lets discuss its positive aspects. One of the good things it has is its plot. It is not very complicated, but not so average either. It develops itself in such smooth way that you feel involved. Obviously the performances of the actors help a lot. The cast was superb and everyone stands out. But I think Di Caprio deserves a special mention. He became a very talented actor. After some average movies around the year 2000, nobody would claim he was as good as he is now. He has done some excellent choices and now is considered as a top class actor.

The technical part of this film was great also. From the score to the photography everything was really good. The special effects were very well polished and very impressive. All those details contributed in the final product.

On the other hand, there are many negative things about it. For example, it has many contradictions. One of them is about the method of waking up. It is stated that people wake up when they fall or when they touch water, but in some part of the movie the characters were falling into the water but woke up when they touched it (They were falling first, so they should have been already up right?).

Other example would be the "dying" rule. If you die in a dream you wake up, except for the final job. Otherwise it wouldn't be dramatic right? It seems like the rules apply only when it's convenient, and I didn't like that. The last thing that I didn't enjoyed was its length. Some scenes were useless to me, specially the ones in the beginning.

To finish this review I will recommend this title since it is very entertaining despite its flaws. It has some great scenes with some great actors and everyone will enjoy it.
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Extremely entertaining.
23 October 2010
This film is about three bandits in the hunt of a map that supposedly leads to a treasure. But they are not alone and all of them have hidden agendas too.

It is certain that this movie is not popular in occidental countries. I believe that I'm the only one who knows about it in my own country. But if you get the chance to see it, then don't hesitate. I guarantee that you will enjoy it at least. Now lets move onto the review part.

Many people give this action packed film good scores here, but often complain about the lack of story or that the plot is weak. I believe that this movie has a very interesting story with many elements and twists, so it can't be categorize as weak for me. The characters were well written (Except maybe for role of "the good") and very well portrayed by the actors, specially the bad and the weird who were very believable and interesting. The scenes were outstanding with so much action (But not in the "nonsense action" style) and with the correct amount of quirky dialog and depth. The photography was incredible also, some landscape shots were really great and finally, the costumes were good as well.

On the other hand, this film is not perfect and it has some flaws. The first thing that comes to my mind is the "the good" character. He didn't felt authentic and had very little depth. It is the complete opposite from Clint's character in "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly", which is obviously one of the films that TGTBATW wanted to pay homage to.

To sum it up, this film is rare in the good sense. Almost everyone will enjoy it, and for that reason it shouldn't be missed.
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Terrible "horror" movie.
14 July 2010
Based on a true case, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is about a priest being accused of negligence when he tried to perform an exorcism on the title character but she dies.

I know that movie trailers must be entertaining and appealing so the audience will go to the theaters. But nowadays, those trailers show all the best stuff in the movies and leave nothing but the long boring scenes for the actual movie. The trailer for this movie was entertaining but contained all "possesed" scenes and left a long, tedious and boring trial that lasted 110 minutes. It was supposed to be a horror movie not a court room drama.

Many people seem to like this film despite its obvious flaws and that is OK, but this movie is not scary by any means. The script was bland, the acting was bad. Carpenter was the only decent actress in this film and she did a good job. It's a shame that the movie went nowhere so she ended up being overshadowed by this awful film.

The plot was terrible, I mean, why would you accuse a priest of medical negligence when there was a doctor present in the exorcism? That was just stupid. And the final "veredict" was like a kick on the throat. Many mainstream films feel the "need" to have happy endings, which I think is wrong but acceptable. This film forced that somewhat happy ending and the whole experience just became worse.

If you are a horror fan do not watch this movie. Go watch something else.
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Stay Far Far Away!
13 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The third installment in the Shrek series is about the duties of Shrek and Fiona as prince and princes. The king died and Shrek must take his place. Obviusly, he doesn't want to do so. His only hope is to find the next relative in the line of the throne and convince him of becoming the king so he and Fiona would live happily in their swamp.

I don't know if it's just me or this movie is an entire (and cheap) rip-off of the first one. I mean both movies had Shrek reluctantly taking a trip to find someone so he could live peacefully in his swamp. The producers, directors were too lazy to make a "new" Shrek movie, but they had to do so in order to make more profits of this franchise so they took the first one, added a few characters (with awful character development) and this film was the result. The first one was good, the second wasn't that good but still was worth watching but this one is just bad.

There weren't enough funny moments and those moments weren't funny enough to make this movie good. I don't recommend this film.
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Spread (2009)
No genre.
13 July 2010
This film is about a guy who seduces women in order to live from them. He was a parasite who didn't even had a job in his whole life. I think that the producers didn't take advantage of ideas like these (Even if there was too little to take advantage in the first place).

A friend of mine rented it and told me that this was a comedy. Even in this site is advertised as a "sex comedy". The result was the most insipid movie in the history of film making. But even if it was a drama, it would have been awful too. It wasn't focused, there weren't any concrete ideas in this film and painfully lacks direction. I was bored to tears right pass the middle. The movie went nowhere and it's a shame because it had potential to be a decent comedy, but the directors and producers didn't have a clue of what they were trying to make.

The acting was bad, but the awful script and direction were the real trouble here, so I will be a little less hard about the actors and actresses. What is intolerable is the way they portrayed women. This was the most sexist movie I've ever seen by far. It was actually far worse than Iron Man, which I think had the first place in objectifying women before I saw this one. Some of the characters were successful women with good jobs, lots of money, pretty houses, etc. and you might think that they are strong, independent and self confident enough to be smart when it comes to relationships. The fact is that this movie shows us those women as miserable persons that had such a low self esteem and self respect to fall for the (unlikeable) protagonist of this film. They support Kutcher's character beyond reason, even if he violated their thrust. I know that there dumb people in the world, but this was too much.

This film would receive a lot more attention for its offensive style towards women if it wasn't incredibly boring. The fact that it is almost unwatchable is enough to make it a disposable film. The final "redemption" was poor too. Overall, this film led to one question: why would a normal person wear suspenders all the time?. Stay away at all cost.
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Citizen Kane (1941)
Perhaps it was the best movie 60 years ago.
23 June 2010
Citizen Kane is about the life of a notorious media mogul. Based on the life of an actual person, this film takes us through his life as he finds love, power,etc. Considered as one of the best motion pictures of all time and granted the tittle of technically brilliant.

To me this film was bad. It might have been brilliant in terms of art, direction and on a technical level but, all of those aspects make a movie great? The answer is no. I think most people pretend to like this film just because is supposed to be great. Don't get me wrong, I think I can appreciate its achievement in the aspects I mentioned above, but the merits of this self-indulgent film end there. It was really boring, the plot was just average and the acting was terrible. I really hated Kane's wife. Comingore was a lousy actress, her accent was bad and all the emphasis she put when her character asked questions was like torture.

As I said before, this movie is so self-indulgent that it almost feels like Welles knew beforehand all the praise he would receive in the future. What I can't believe is that this film is often compared to Casablanca (Well, compete would be more accurate) when people talk about classics. That was a great movie and there's no way this film can compete with it.

I don't recommend this title to anyone, unless you claim to be a film lover. In that case you should see it just because it is "the best movie of all times". You will judge if that is correct or not after you saw it.
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We're not running out of overrated movies.
23 June 2010
This movie is about a man who finds cash in a suitcase after a drug deal went awry. But the villain (Who has nothing to do with the drug dealers) wants the cash too, so he started chasing our main character.

That didn't feel like a great plot to me. It was so average. I respect people who love this movie, but calling it a "masterpiece" is just wrong. It was entertaining but it wasn't great. The acting wasn't perfect. I think Bardem did good, but most of the praise he has been receiving is undeserved. Sure, he played a good character and did a good job, but I never ran out of breath when he was on screen like some people told me. The others were just OK. Nothing really memorable. Plenty of random characters were introduced with no apparent reason, like Woody. Jones wasn't good also.

Overall it was an interesting film. But the ending is important too and the directors forgot about it. I'm not giving it away, but I will say that it was unnecessary to me. If this movie ended 10 minutes before, it might have been a little better.
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City of God (2002)
Very amusing film.
17 June 2010
I don't really remember the first time I watched this movie. It was many years ago, but I do recall that I loved it. I don't know if this a very realistic movie, but it certainly feels like it is.

The story centers around a young boy from a favela called Cidade de Deus. We follow the growth of the main character as well as other really interesting ones. This boy wanted to become a photographer and leave the extremely poor conditions in which they live in. As the character meets more people he ended up in the middle of a drug war. There is of course the love interest, which feels very genuine.

The plot is very good. The script was great as the acting was. These Brazilian actors enjoy more renown in their country, but even if you don't recognize any of them, their performance will be remembered many years from now. I really liked this movie and I think that this is one of the few titles that actually deserves its IMDb rating.

You will definitely enjoy this film since it is very entertaining. Many people will love it.
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Saw (2004)
17 June 2010
I wasn't expecting anything from this movie. I rented it almost reluctantly when there was nothing else in the store. One friend even told me that this was just OK, so I was a bit hesitant. In the end, it turned out as a great movie. I liked it from beginning to end.

The story is about two guys who wake in an old and very disgusting bathroom. During the movie we see why they end up in there.

This is not a horror movie by any means. It is a suspense thriller. I wasn't scared once during the whole movie, I was amused instead. Some people complained about the lack of scary scenes, but this movie didn't use the same old and cheap tricks to keep the audience in suspense. The plot was brilliant and it was developed in a good way so the viewer might be interested. The script was good as well. Those elements were very well polished, even more than other high budget films.

The acting contributed a lot even if it wasn't perfect. There weren't any super famous actor, and that is exactly what helped this film the most. We were able to relate to the characters because of that. Another good thing I found was its length. I don't particularly love very long movies. This one had the perfect runtime for me.

The negative aspect is that there are many sequels. this should have been the only movie in the whole series, but the greed of its producers, etc. made them ruined this saga (Which should have never been a saga in the first place). I liked this one, so I just ignore the rest (I was excited about the second installment at first though).

To finish my review, I recommend this title. Almost any person might like it. There are some who felt it wasn't plausible though. They complained about certain aspects that weren't totally realistic. This is a movie people, so it shouldn't be too realistic.
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