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Rated 9-10 by me.
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Female lead are not so common, so here's a collection of my favorite movies is case you're in need of some female inspiration! :) These are all rated between 7-10 by me.

Animated films like Disney/Pixar and Ghibli are not on this list, despite having a lot of lovely female leads.
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I have a huge obsession with foreign movies. And by foreign I mean everything except USA. Hollywood may have the biggest budget, but they definitely lack originality and imagination, so I like to lurk around cinemas from all over the world to expand my horizon. Here's a list of my favorites rated 8-10. The Korean cinema is definitely a big favorite of mine.
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A dedication to the few female directors out there! I truly admire and support you hard work in such a male dominant business!
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A great mix of movies, both scary and not scary, but who still sets the mood :) Rated between 7-10 by me :)
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my favorite European movies so far.
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my favorite east asian movies. (Japan, Korea, China etc)
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Here's a small list of sci-fi's worth watching if you're no big fan of sci fi like me :) Also by sci-fi I mean a movie set in outerspace and/or involving extraterrestrial life.
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in no particular order.
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These are all rated 8-10 by me.I have excluded all animated movies, they have their own list.
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