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Pazhassiraja - A must watch movie, 19 October 2009

The movie is recommended since: 1. It has a gripping script even though it stays true to history. 2. The fight scenes are awesome 3. The cinematography is praiseworthy. It captures the beauty of Wayanad forests and war scenes well. 4. The sound design is one of THE best ever in Indian films. Resul Pookutty captures the sound of war and the song of rain effectively. 5. You won't be bored for a minute considering that the movie is around 3.5 hours 6. The film uses the best talent in Indian film industry. Lead actor with more National awards than anyone else, music maestro Ilayaraja, singers Yesudas and Chitra who holds the maximum national awards for the best male singer and female singer respectively, editor with the most number of National Awards, script writer with the most number of national awards and Resul Pookutty who won a Oscar. The team can't be better!