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For the fans ... and those who might become one if they like this movie! - *May contain light spoilers for mind readers*
14 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
'I am so F***' is what I thought when I started watching this movie seeing Rube being replaced by the most predictable and unfitting character for the head-reaper. Similarily the inadequate replacement for Daisy. For folks having watched the TV show and equally loved it it must have been a hard first 10 to 15 minutes into the movie. It certainly was for me but latest when Crystal gave us her look again and Dolores went skydiving with Murray all my worries were like blown away.

I am not so sure as how to folks may be able to watch and get like half of the movie with never having watched the TV show. It is entirely impossible. So if you are watching this movie and have never seen Dead Like Me before use this as your chance of getting your teaser to watch the rest of the show. Then come back, re-watch the movie and you'll love it as much as I did.

After all I like it how this movie wraps up a bunch of loose ends that many of us fans were waiting for. Maybe not all but it felt much better than the season 2 series finale.

Top this off with a very nicely build-in soundtrack (partially borrowed from the shows episodes or not) plus a final scene of the movie with a message from Rube underlined by the beautiful tunes of Metisse and you got me writing this review.
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