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Homo card, 3 May 2016

I watch this show due to TWD, and from day one it has been a bit of a let down. But I understand that as TWD is pretty hard to match when it comes to zombie entertainment. But now that they are bringing in man kissing it has lost me, sure many will get all high and mighty and call me whatever they want, but I don't care for any of this kissing/romance thing when I just want to watch a zombie show for escapism, too much boy kissing a girl and I will move on to something else as I don't watch a zombie series for that, so when they play the gay card like they did in TWD with 2 of the females and than with man kissing in this show, than yeah they have lost me.

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Cheap and nasty, 15 December 2015


Just a word of warning there are hints of the story line!

I think this is based on a novel, if so I have not read the novel or was even aware of it. I like Sci-Fi and always look for something new, well this show is not new! It feels like it is been put together from the left over film bits!

Besides this production looks cheap and nasty, but where the wheels came of for me is, it is acted really wooden! And who directed and did the terrible editing?

One scene this special agent and his squad pull their guns out and are close to shooting the main character and his girlfriend, few scenes later they are both in the back of a car and best friends! And there are other parts where I thought, did the story jump or something? There is no real natural flow of the story line.

Now I understand who made this, but why make something cheap and nasty and half done is beyond me, as if they would have had somebody direct this better, got someone that knows how to edit a story line to make it flow, it could have been worthy of the high score it has at the moment.

I also think that this show is being inflated again with over the top ratings, as when I looked at the ratings with less then 100 people voting for it, it was score around 5, but now it has way to many 10 ratings, for something to be rated a 10 it is ready for awards! And take my word this rubbish is far from getting an award.

My first score was a 4, as the ending of this pilot was sort of funny, although a blind man could see it coming a mile away, but when I saw the overall score go to around 8 the next day, I revised my score down to 1, as it is really not even OK to watch.

I really really wanted to say ''WOW'' after watching this, but the word ''CRAP'' came to my mind!

1 out of 10 to pull the fake ratings down, real ratings is a 4 for me.

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2452, 30 November 2015

Yeah I am the 2452nd reviewer, and yeah it took me a few years to watch this. I have never really gotten into the super hero thing, I find Spiderman, Batman and all those other superheroes and countless made for TV super hero series boring, but I love a good story, I really dig Scifi, and will always give a thumbs up to anything if it is done well.

Well there is only one word for this production, EPIC!!!!!!!

The special effects are of this planet, the characters are really well done, absolutely loved the bad guys in this, and yeah I really dig Superdude as well.

Now don't thumb my review down because I still don't care for super hero films, but thumb my review up for what is a fantastic edge of your seat EPIC film!

This film blew me away, and has made its way into my top 25 best films of all times.

If like me you have not seen it, get your butt into gear and watch it! You will love it.

10 out of 10 for me.

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Simple but very effective film, 28 November 2015

I sort of stumbled across this film, and thought yeah it has got an OK cast, the ratings on IMDb (specially the amount of 1 votes) were sort of on the low side, but glad I gave it a go.

It has a very simple story line that guides you along from the minute it starts, and I really got caught up in it, the music was partly to blame, but it was filmed with a feeling most high end Hollywood products would kill for.

Great performance by the whole cast, especially the kid, and seeing it has a low score of 6 on IMDb, I gave it a 10 as it deserves a way better rating than it has. If you like a film that gives you that chill kind of feeling, with out blood and guts purely because of the great acting and simple but very effective story, than you will love this film!

10 out of 10

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Half baked, 12 June 2015

I was sort of looking forward to this, on paper it sounded just like a maybe hit SCI-FI series. Take Blake's 7, mix in a bit of Stargate Universe and sprinkle it with some Star Trek and presto! It took all of about 10 minutes and I had this feeling that I had seen that hangar decor before, but things went pear shape when the crew wakes up and they have no clue what their names are, so they number them self, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and yeah this android in a skin hugging outfit appears and could her name be number 7? Get it? Come on, what do the producers and writers of this series think? Us viewers have memory loss as well? Just so many reminders of other series cramped into a pilot to a new series! The overall look and not so special effects are of lets say 20 years ago, the acting was wooden, and the story line was just way to predictable and worn out from previous TV series.

Now I am not saying its bad, but it is not good either, sort of in the middle, could turn out to be OK if they write some good story lines, and polish up the old re-used Stargate Universe decor.

I really really want this to be great, I doubt it hence my score of 5 out of 10!

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Regurgitated viewing!, 6 March 2015

Is this show terrible? No not really but it is like eating the same pizza for the last 20 years, same taste, same smell, same look and just a repeat of the same old thing, yeah I am sort of over these shows, it is the same thing again and again, and bringing in celebrities into the mix might only work if you know who they are, otherwise it is the same old same old boring viewing!

Look somewhere else people, surely there must be something better than this? The same old boring Bear pissing in a bottle stuff does not do it anymore.

1 star for me!

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Solid fantasy film, 22 May 2014

I have read some reviews on this film on here, and I agree in large that this film is historically very inaccurate. But should not be put down for that with a rating of a score of 1 by some.

It is well acted and is pleasing to watch on decor alone, but I will point out the way they depict Isfahan is totally wrong! My ex wife is from Iran and I spent 6 glorious weeks in Iran in 2007 and spent my honeymoon traveling all over Iran ( and what a fantastic country Iran is) and spent several days in and around Isfahan, and it is nothing like what is portrait in this Hollywood German produced fantasy film! You have to take this film with a huge grain of salt, and not seen as a historical film of any kind, sure the great Ibn Sina is apart of the story line, but is again wrongly portrait as to what history will tell you if you do some research on a great historical figure.

I gave it a 6.5 but IMDb won't let me score in half points so I rounded it of to a 7, due to the fact it brought back memories from when I was madly in love with my than Persian princes.

7 out of 10

Battlefield 4 (2013) (VG)
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Dice has done it again! NOT!, 23 April 2014

I am sure I am going to upset some people that read this, but as much as I want to love this game after putting 2000+ hours on BFBC2 and really tried to like BF3, I just can't give this game the thumbs up.

Why you might ask? Well the main problem I have with this game it hangs my slim PS3 more than any game ever has, my PS3 hangs at average 2 to 3 times a hour (none of my other games do), and I am pretty sick of sending that stupid message to Playstation explaining why my $120 AUS game seems to freeze all the time, yes here in Australia we pay over $100 for new releases, and there is no way in hell I am going to pay another $75 for the extra maps/content.

Besides the hanging part, again BF4 tries way to hard to be like COD, lots of guns, tons of add ons for your weapons, even paint schemes for all your weapons, and the wham bam spawn and die type of game play.

I have lost count of how many times I have pulled the trigger at close range on an enemy, got the first shots of, for the enemy to turn around and kill me! And their health bar is 100%! It is not all bad as I gave the game a 5, to keep it sort of neutral as the maps are good, I like the large range of weapons. But every time I play I feel like I am walking on egg shells, be careful as it will freeze/hang! Dice seems to always bring out a game that could be fantastic but always seems to have problems.

If there were lemon laws for games, Dice would find them self's in court sitting next to Playstation trying to explain why their highly priced products always seem to fail! Like I said the game has good points hence the 5 out of 10 star ratings, but I am waiting for BFBC3 to come out, and hopefully put 1000's of hours into it, I have about a 100 hours into this game, and had enough of it! No HI5 for Dice! 5 out 10 stars for me.

UPDATE! You can now rent a server for cash! why? their own servers don't even work proper, I give it a 1 now based on their money grabbing ways, why add private server whilst their own server always hangs and acts like a rubber band.

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As scary as Gost Busters!, 8 April 2014

It takes a real special film for me to think it is scary, and this film is not even registering on my scary meter! Hey good cast, and it is visually nice to look at, but it tries way to hard to be a serious scary film, way to much trying to be scary music! Would I recommend it to a friend? sure if you scare easily, but all up a very overdone none scary film.

I gave it a 3 as it is OK viewing, and enforced my standard of what a scary film! HI5

And here is some more text so my reviews makes it onto the great IMDb!

And here is some more text so my reviews makes it onto the great IMDb!

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Where are the subs?,, 15 September 2013

I really tried watching this, but I could not understand most of the dialect, sure the swear words sounded like English, but most times it sounded like I was watching a foreign film. sort of sounded like the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show! But not funny at all.

It really needed English sub titles, as I lost what this mess of film was all about with in 5 minutes! But if you like watching a bunch of toothless not so pleasing to eye want to be actors, and don't forget that drink before hand then yeah I could see the appeal if you were Irish.

Do your self a favor, do get that whiskey, but don't waste your time and money on this paddy film.

A solid 1 out of 10!

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