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UK/US Blu-Ray Release:

From the Land of the Moon - February 21 2017
Manchester by the Sea - February 21 2017
Christine - February 27 2017
Moonlight - February 28 2017
Elle - March 04 2017
Arrival - March 14 2017
Nocturnal Animal - March 14 2017
Silence - March 28 2017
Paterson - April 04 2017
La La Land - April 11 2017
It's Only the End of the World - April 24 2017
Graduation - May 15 2017
Passenger - May 28 2017
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No best movie update till half or end this years because i'm busy with my screenplay,I apologize but I will do my best

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And from now on at least a weekly, I'll add a comment from critics concerned about the films on my list expect rangking 1 & 2 by me

I will not provide a critique review from many critics for films who out from top 500 or even out of the list

Top 10:

1 Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941, USA)
2 Bicycle Thief (Vittorio de Sica, 1948, Italy)
3 Tokyo Story (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953, Japan)
4 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968, USA/UK)
5 Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958, USA)
6 The Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir, 1939, France)
7 8½ (Federico Fellini, 1963, Italy)
8 The Godfather: Part 1 & 2 (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972 & 1974, USA)
9 Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa, 1954, Japan)
10 The Decalogue (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1989, Poland)

Because a variety of reasons a few film will be replaced with another film

Top Tv:

1 The Decalogue (1989, Ranking 10)
2 Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980, Ranking 127)
3 I, Claudius (1976, Ranking 136)
4 Seinfeld (1989, Ranking 176)
5 The Singing Detective (1986, Ranking 200)
6 Scenes from a Marriage (1973, Ranking 215)
7 Roots (1977, Ranking 238)
8 Fawlty Towers (1975, Ranking 302)
9 The Honeymooners (1955, Rangking 400)
10 The Sopranos (1999, Ranking 428)
11 Ill-Fated Love aka Doomed Love (1978, Ranking 432)
12 The Wire (2002, Ranking 493)
13 Lonesome Dove (1989, Ranking 568)
14 Twin Peaks (1990, Ranking 580)
15 Riget (1994, Ranking 660)
16 Jesus of Nazareth (1977, Ranking 733)
17 The Twilight Zone (1959, Ranking 843)
18 Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995, Ranking 862)
19 Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969, Ranking 920)
20 Heimat (1) (1984, Ranking 928)
22 Future Boy Conan (1978, Ranking 950)
23 Cowboy Bebop (1998, Ranking 999)
24 Pride & Prejudice (1995, Ranking 1008)

The only reason why The Simpsons is not included in the list is because The Simpsons has not been finished because the requirement for the Tv Show to get into my list is the Tv Show should have been finished.
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ps: actually I want to add Gengsi Dong (Warkop Prambors, indonesia, 1980) because that's one of the best comedy I've ever seen, but yet I don't find the profile on imdb
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Potential to enter:

Gravity (2013)

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011)

The Man Without a Past (2002)


Cemetery of Splendor (2015)
35 Shots of Rum (2008)


Father and Daughter (2000)
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Simon is an ex boxer turned provocator, an active agent for a left wing clandestine organization. It' an anti-government, pro-riot, pro-sabotaging, pro-mass provoking. The organization is run by a man who is politically active.

Simon shares his life with Laurence. Both his parents were killed in a riot in Los Angeles by an group that was was run by none other than Simon. Both his mom and dad was shot in turn for fake accusation that they created the riot. The shooters are Simon's men who pretended to be the police. It was said that Mayor of Los Angeles has ordered on-the-spot execution to whoever involved in the riot.

And of course most of the victims are those who actually most loyal to the government. Laurence was attending a singing class when this happened, oblivious to the sinister scheme Simon played to murder his parents. He was eerily singing John Lennon's Working Class Hero when the shot silenced her parents.

But with his active involvement in left wing movement, Simon is now a taret for major American law enforcement. The FBI wants him, as does the CIA and the police. Thanks to a double agent named Paul Danke, the law enforcer found out about Simon and his whereabout. Danke, a swedish by origin, infiltrated Simon's organization for many years, attempting to gather information to be given to the government.

He used an alias by Sam Michel, a low-level member within the organization that preventa him from being able to access clasaified information on who runs the organization on its highest level. He almost run out of patience especially while being regularly pressured by the police about such information.

Order to watch over Simon comes directly from the American President Jacobs Huston, as he found out about Simon and his plot in many riots. Huston suspects Simon, the ex-boxer, to have many followers from the underworld, that caters to the business in murdering people by order. The victims are mostly those who have a pro-government stance, and although killing seems to be rampant so far no man has been successfully arrested on ground of murder for they are being protected by some mysterious figure.

President Hustons thought the figure would be a person highly involved in politics as well as the leading man of the left wing for the group of rioters had to be governed by a highly skilled and intelligent person while the movement of the left wing and the rioters are identicals.

Being highly intelligent himself, Simon knew that he was being closely watched. He moved between houses but his evil instinct made him a natural rule breaker for he rarely paid his apartment rent, leaving an apartment owner, Louis, furious. A CIA agent who saw Simon walked out of the apartment then approached Louis and offered him a deal. CIA promised to erasi of of Louis' s criminal record, including him being an illegal immigrant of France, plus a permanent job while in return Louis would talk Simon into being a campaigner for Democratic presidential candidate, Aldan Waldberg.

Waldberg will be running for presidency while the Democrat is in power. It is the top man at the CIA who ordered the scenario for Simon, a man who belongs to a group of anti-government.

Head of CIA is confinced that Simon wiould eventually take the bait for he will be tempted to spy on the government's ruling party, while at the same time they hope they'l be able to reveal the left's long term plan trough Simon. He will be brainwashed and intimidated as well as being slowly repressed in order to eventually nail the head of Simon's organization.

And Simon did take the bait. He went on clandestinely with his left wing position while also working as a campaign speaker for presidential hopeful Waldberg. He passed on every information to the organization including up to 8 confidential info on the government. Among them is a plan to fire Joshua Pernambucho the current Chief Justice of the country.

Very little people aware that it is actually Pernambucho who set up and run the organization to avenge Hustons for failing to reappoint him as ecretry of Defense under President Hustons' s second tenure. Pernambucho has all it takes to sit in such position having both military and police general credential in the past. Upon hearing n info about his sacking, the born-Mexican is committed to ruin Hustons government.

The justice has long been known as the most corrupt state institution, for 70 percent of 1250 corruption cases in the US comes from it under Pernambucho's lead. He argued the bad mark comes from rotten moral of his underlings, not from his leadership. In the end he built the Organization as more and more members of the Republican party, also under the leadership of Pernambucho, were being caught for both corruption and bribery. He insisted his party fellows are no dirtier than the Democrats, under the rule of Hustons.

Main activities of the left organization that Joshua created isto turn law-abiding citizen against government, usually by provoking them through issues that could make them hate the authorities. This is where Simon plays major role: he's really good at convincing people that the riots he provoked involved hundreds of thousand of people. The U S have never seen the chaos of this magnitude that eventually the country was declared under emergency.

Simon works on a personal provocation too, one Paul Cohen had been successfully being provoked to kill 17 members of parliament under allegation that they're guilty of masterminding the republican accused of corruption while only two were actually guilty. Others were killed under false pretense after a highlighted news on the media. Cohen killed all the MP to avenge for the death of his lover, a member of the republic an party. He's a bisexual who has promised would never change partner and only married his wife for fear she would tell people of his sexual orientation.

Paul son's is Jordan, happens to be Laurence's class mate. They get along well each telling proud stories of their father not knowing that Jordan's father was victim of Laurence's step father provocation. But Simon doesn't know that both Paul and Jordan are related despite of the shared last name.

When he was campaigning for Aldan in Washington Simon was kidnapped by the CIA and later being subjected to torture and interrogation. He was kept in a seemingly random old building wherehe saw with his own eyes how anti-Americans were being abused until near-dead. It was a technique meant to torture Simon's mind to force him talking. But he wouldn't budge. He was willing to die and but soon the CIA realized that he was their prized-hostage and CIA field chief Joseph Murdock changed tactics. He offered to finance Laurence education to a doctoral level, a secret ideal that Simon has kept for his adopted son.

Murdock asked Simon for names of the secret organization's top people accused of planning mutiny, but Simon refused. He said Laurence is very intelligent she wouldn't need any help getting the degree. Murdock changed course: he published pictures of massacres including towards Laurence's parents. The headline said: Simon the boxer and tomorrow we'll never know. Laurence was shocked and furious, she started to find ways to avenge. CIA used this to ask Laurence to find any documents that Simon might keep at their home. Laurence was also given a promise of financial help for her education up to a doctoral degree.

Simon and the headline made a very popular topic among members of the public until he was sentenced to death. But apparently for political reason, he was kept alive to force the disbanment of the leftist organization because he was seen as vital member of the organization. But they were wrong, for Simon was nothing but a busyboy.

Johsua has picked a replacement for Simon, Ron Hubert who received order to finish Aimon in jail. Stewart Johnson was sent to do the killing but after many attempts he failed. Meanwhile public has started to panic with rumor about left organization left them to be suspicious of one another for fear each was involved within the organization. Couple broke up, school students expelled, all for the same fear. Even Laurence became the victim of this mass suspicion especially because his step father was known to be a left wing leader. Laurence eventually find the place where Simon hidden his documents: under his own bed. he gave the document to Joseph. It revealed names of members of organization who mostly from eastern Europe, Middle East, and latin America.

Some are even member of the Taliban, or other underground organization such as the Illuminati and Freemason. A distinguished name surfaced: Mahmoud Farhad, a man who was suspected of trafficking arms for Taliban. Next was Lorenzo de Emmanuel, a marijuana dealer from Cuba. He served as organization's treasury with hundreds of million dollar money-per-week he made from marijuana business. Current President of Cuba is Bunuel Olivera who let everything goes on for he himself is a marijuana addict. He passed the law legalizing drugs which invited opposition from inside and outside the coountry, including criticism from the UN. But Olivera's party is very strong, he has no match in power. In the US the ruling Republican party always vetoed proposal to attack Cuba under the reason that attacking Cuba would only claim civilian lives with no tenable target achieved.

Another name that comes up was Zuran Yimak, very important figure for organization for his role in connecting external people to internal from the organization. He also recruited civilians for the organization the way MOSSAD recruits to civilian. One recruit will only be given one task, once it’s done the civilian will be expelled from the organization and ordered to shut up, with reward of some amount of money.

Zuran and Farhad were arrested while Lorenzo was surprisingly later released to the rumour that the source of massacre pictures was him. Lorence then went missing for 8 months to the rumor that he was given luxurious life by the CIA for his cooperation. The truth is although he did receive hundreds of thousand dollar from the CIA, Lorenzo lived fearfully hiding in a bunker and after for months he tried to find a job in a cruise ship as a waiter. But he was much into depression for betraying his best friend Simon for hundreds of thousand dollar and he eventually committed suicide. His body was found in the ship. The authorities concluded that he was killed by the organization while the organization thought the CIA killed Lorenzo.

Meanwhile Simon is about to be brought to court but hours before judge Stephen Wildmark who will preside over the court room was shot. Wildmark survived, but he has to be treated in a hospital under heavy security. Court was being adjourned. The shooter is Steve Qualis, one sympathizer to Simon. Qualis hates the government but he has no connection to the organization, but for his action the conflict between the organization and the government rages on.

As was mentioned before Peter Danke - under the disguised name Sam Michel inside the organization – is a double agent trying to inflitrate the organization for government. Peter is best friend of Luke Lewis, who is a friend of Jacobs. But since Luke chooses to rally for Nganko Sembene, an American of Nigerian descent, for presidential hopeful from the Republican party, relationship between Luke and Jacobs broken. Knowing this, Jacob’s enemy, Johsua, recruited Luke for the organization. Nganko also got support from Jacobs, both men has made some political deals. Luke later got a lot of support from Jacobs and CIA, the police and FBI. Sam Peter from inside the organization has compiled many informations especially with involvement of Luke in many cases against the law, but he can never process it because Luke was being protected by the three big institutions.

Several days before Simon is about to be executed, he received a new offer: if he’s willing to reval who the head of the organization he will be freed. Jacobs has some plans, but so does Johsua. He is very vengeful to Jacobs for he is the one who lethally injected his wife, Marlene, because Marlene was once known to be vey vocal against the government. From Marlene, the authorities soon suspect her brother Abraham Starley and Johsua, her husband. Abraham soon cleared from allegation of involvevement with the organization for he is a pro-government personality. However he is still under the authorities watch list for fear he disguised his action for the benefit of the organization.

Simon found out that Johsua wanted to kill him, via Stewart. Even some police officers have also been recruited to do the mission to kill Simon. Simon soon realized that both government and organization are playing nasty trick to finish him. In court he revealed all he know about the government and organization so that public knows that both are the roots of all the country’s problem. Soon public perceives Simon and several of arrested members of the organizations are just victims like them while the the conflict that fuels Jacobs and Johsua’s enmity is triggered by the political system. Hence people are protesting on the street for a demand to change the political system. A revolution was born.

The film ends with scenes of people power with demands to reform the whole governmental system and dibandment of the organization. Simon cries and smiles at the same tie watching all this from his court room.