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best comedy in my opinion

ps: actually I want to add Gengsi Dong (Warkop Prambors, indonesia, 1980) at position 32, because that's one of the best comedy I've ever seen, but yet I don't find the profile on imdb
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Already 126 years since the discovery of the first film in the year 1888 through Roundhay Garden Scene although this includes a short film but this is the first film ever made in the historical records, within a period of 126 years that too many events like the bitter sweet sorrow in the film industry for example, began to distrust of the people on the speak film when the silent film era was victorious until competition with television industry many movies economy made in a difficult or made during the war at that time not a few directors and producers who fear and choose how to safely make the war film genre to support the dictator on it, it's no wonder a lot of 40s films like propoganda nazi or communist soviet but there is also a brave fight like Charles Chaplin's satire on Adolf Hitler through the work of satire war comedy, The Great Dictator.

When the movie is more developed in the presence of staining not a few who are still wearing black and white pattern due to the expensive cost of color film when it is considered superior but not a few critics and laymen consider black and white film is better because it has been accustomed.

In 1941 the boy genius Orson Welles also appears with his movie titled Citizen Kane a film inspire the next independent film for more work, Orson many changes including the cinematographyor lighting a peak into the movie Citizen Kane was named best film of all time by critics and Any layman, I mention this as a Welles film independent film because this is the first film made by Welles although the cost is not cheap, well from the film Welles is a link that is not always a movie madeby the director not named at that time meant that ugly mean time, Welles was not named as it is now.

While in another country for example in France during the year 50 to 60 large-scale changes in the industry that the era before the end of the 40s too bored with the movie genre Kingdom or the theme of nobility, although there is also apraised Les Enfants Du Paradis such as society at that time was more interested in seeing a beautiful woman and the scene shooting from Hollywood movies than seeing a movie by them are considered boring but in the era of the late 50s to 60s showdirectors who make major changes to the French cinema, one of them is Jean-Luc Godard.

While in Japan although its history is long but that marked the era of Japanese film revival is a 50s era began in 1950 starting with success film Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa in 1950 and followed by other films including Ugetsu Monogatari from Kenji Mizoguchi and Shichinin No Samurai Masterpiece from Akira Kurosawa.

Talking about movies, films can also be called a culture, yes the film is the culture it describes our current situation through celluloid, arguably yes film is a time machine that connects us with eras cultures before, even my feel if the culture of a nation is good then it will produce a good film too, then the long history I will release best films of all time in my view, it might be controversial but I know my choice because I've thought about this carefully, this is the best movie of all time in my view.

And my messages do not look at movies from one or two sides but look at it from the whole, I am also here trying to straighten misplaced that old movie is bad and movie today was good

I gave an assessment of some aspects that influence, stories, plots, cinematography, shot as well as virtual creative, beauty, witty dialogue and acting that are right on target, not contrived as natural and film are real events, wardrobe and makeup are excellent, the setting and the proper lighting, editing is not flawed and imperfect, complex scripts yet easy to understand precisely the film does not deviate too far from a script already written, as well as a reference list of best film by critics and media assessment survey as a list list AFI, BFI (Sight & Sound) or TSPDT, Village Voice, Films101 more often a film into list best critics and survey various media it will be increasingly high rangking.

But from it all there's also which has special conditions such as Ladri Di Biciclette because I consider that film to be the most beautiful films ever made and The Tree Of Life which I consider that film is best film with best cinematography ever created or Shichinin No Samurai as the most influential film in the face of the Earth according to me personally, and Casablanca with the best film with best screenplay ever writen version Writers Guild of America, the privilege of each of those movies give assessment plus than other films.

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Simon was a former boxer, but now he known as a provocateur, he is active in left-wing secret organization, the organization is often against the government, sabotage, provoking the mass, make a riot, slander and pitting, and make various other covert crime, the organization is driven by a person who is still active in politics, Simon lives alone with Laurence, Laurence’s parents actually slaughtered by Simon’s men when Simon served as chairman of the field when he and his friends provoked riots in Los Angeles, had been told that Laurence’s father and mother with other victims had been shot in the riot, because through provocation Simon and his friends, the victims including Laurence’s parents maligned that they are provoking mass, causing many casualties, Simon comrades who claimed as a police officer execute those accused of being a provocateur, with an alibi there was a direct orders from the governor of Los Angeles that time that any provocateur should be put to death in the place, the people who are victims of slander itself is very loyal to the government, when the riot happen, Laurence was in her singing lessons so that she does not know that Simon who ordered his men to kill Laurence’s parents, and the song sung by Laurence in singing lessons is “working class hero” by John Lennon, by chance she sings along with when both parents were executed.

As a member of the left-wing organization, Simon is hunted by the judicial authorities in the United States such as the FBI, CIA, police, they know about the organization of a person who faked his death and went by the pseudonym to the organization in order to satisfy his personal vendetta, traitor within the organization that was collecting information for years to be leaked to the government, in short the person was a double agent and that person is a person named Peter Danke, a swedish who in the organization using the name Sam Michel, over the years Peter also reported on the circumstances of the organization, but because he is only a low grade member, Peter never know who is the head of the organization, over the years looking for evidence Peter was also trying to find out who is the head of the left-wing organization, but to no avail, Peter is desperate because he is threatened by the government because he could not reveal the head of the organization he infiltrated.

The secret agency is overseeing Simon by the orders from the president of America, Jacobs Huston. Because he felt uncomfortable with Simon’s actions which sometimes leads to riots and Simon considered as a serious threat because he is the leader, driving and the brain in every melee, the other reason is because Simon is a very clever in provoke mass, Jacobs also feels anxious because Simon was a former boxer and have many thugs friend who control paid-killing-business specifically accepts the murder of officials or people who pro-government, It’s difficult for government to catch the tugs because there is no strong evidence to catch them, and they are backed by someone who is still mysterious, Jacobs considers and has alleged that lies behind them is the head of left-wing organization and Jacobs believe that he is also involved in politics, because according to Jacobs, the movement of the left -wing organization and the thugs seem to be controlled by people who have high intelligence in terms of politics, especially dirty politics. And the movement between the thugs with left-wing organization is identical.

With a high level of intellectual, Simon is well aware that he is being watched, he is always moving house, but the evil side of Simon makes him often does not pay the rental apartments, apartment owner named Louis who feel cheated then want to take a revenge, a CIA agent who saw Simon out then approached Louis’s apartment and offers will provide permanent jobs and delete Louis’s black records as an illegal immigrant from the French, with one condition that is Louis must be willing to trap Simon by offering him to be a campaigner from Aldan Walberg, the presidential candidate of the Democratic party, the party belongs to government which is the enemy of the organization Simon joined, a member of the CIA was ordered directly by its own leaders, the CIA said that the leader understands very well that Simon would receive the offer to be a campaigner with the intention to spy on the government's biggest party, the leader of the CIA read and utilize Simon’s intention to the governments because of he is an important figure of the left-wing organization, Simon is expected in the end will eventually dismantle the plans of the organization through long-term brainwashing and intimidation and delicate pressure and expect Simon want to divulge the information from his organization, especially who is the chairman of the left-wing organization, as expected, Simon accept the offer and he intends to oversee the government from inside the party.

By remaining a member of the left-wing organization, Simon becomes a campaigner of Aldan, he continues to collect informations from the party and leaks it to the organization, during his campaign as Aldan’s spokesman, Simon leaks for about 7 until 8 the party’s secret informations which are strongly associated with administration plan, including the dismissal of Johsua Pernambucho from his position as supreme court justices, Johsua is actually a head of the organization, he formed an organization because he has resentment to Jacobs because in his second period as president, he didn’t choose "Johsua" as the secretary of defense, whereas Johsua has the capacity to lead the defense department of America, take a look to Johsua’s background as a former military and police generals, after the issue of his removal Johsua the descendants of Mexico is even more revenge and want to destroy the government, the reason of Jacobs fired Johsua is because the institution led by Johsua considered as the most corrupt institution in the United States, as of 1250 cases of corruption in America is 70 percent come from the institutions led by Johsua, Johsua considered that he had led the agency well, he considers the low moral of his men that cause his agency into a corrupt institution in the United States, the other reasons why Johsua formed the organization is because many party cadres of republic which Johsua became the chairman one by one arrested, accused of corruption and bribery , while Johsua himself considers his party is nothing more than a corrupt and rotten democrats led by Jacobs in which Jacobs is now the board of supervisors.

The main activities of the left-wing organization formed by Johsua most fundamental is to make the people who pro-government becoming contra-government, usually by performing various provocations to raise issues that discredit the government as government policy is considered inappropriate and even trivialities that can make people into hating the government, these are Simon’s job that is very good at talking assigned as the leader of the field, he is assigned provoking and pitting people with issues of government weakness in providing the state policies even because of Simon’s cleverness he usually provoke people involved in the riots in the tens to hundreds of thousands of people, America went into the crisis they have never experienced before, even because of alot of casualties from the riots the government declared a state of emergency in America.

In addition to clever provoking the mass, Simon is good at provoking as individuals, Paul Cohen who did the massacre to 17 members of the legislature because the legislature is the mastermind behind the arrest of the republican party cadres who accused of corruption and bribery, whereas only 2 of the cadres republican party really committed the crime, other names are arrested is the result of political imagery because the people that are not involved in bribery and corruption overdo reported by the media that they were involved in corruption and bribery, do not want his government looks ugly because of the corruption and improper information sourced from democrat party cadres who maligned the republican party cadres Jacobs was arrested republican party cadres that are not involved in corruption but the media overdo consider them doing corruption and bribery, the corruption and bribery in the spotlight are the case of grant disbursement United bank which was then being bankrupt, Paul Cohen slaughter 17 cadres because as a bisexual his lover who is a cadre in republican party is arrested so that he can not satisfy his sexual desire, Paul is the paranoid type of bisexual who afraid to acquire HIV Aids if he has relationship with a lot of men so that Paul promised all his life will only relate to his mistress who is the republican party cadres and also with his wife that he was forced to marry because of Paul is afraids his sexual orientation will be uncovered.

In coincidence Paul’s son, Jordan Cohen is in the same class with Laurence, they are best friends and talked to each other about their father, but laurence don’t know that Jordan's father was a victim of Laurence’s foster father’s provocation, they were familiar companionship and even Jordan often returning with Laurence, even once Jordan was delivered by Simon to his home but Simon didn’t meet Paul who is Jordan’s father, Simon himself considered that the last name similarities between Jordan and Paul is just a coincidence because Simon considers Paul to be a gay that it is not possible that Paul is married and have children, but in fact Paul is not gay but bisexual even though Paul was marry a woman.

When campaigning Aldan in Washington, Simon is kidnapped and thralled by the CIA, he is interrogated and tortured physically and mentally by one belonging to the American intelligence agency, he is thralled in a secret place that belongs to the CIA for the layman it seems only old buildings, many times Simon see with his own eyes some of the people who anti-America and intend to detroy America are tortured to near death, it is intentional to torture Simon’s mental so that he is afraid and he will divulge his organization’s secret but Simon keep his mouth shut, even Simon states that he will say nothing and will let himself tortured to death, realize that Simon is the key for the government to reveal the secret of left-wing organization, the CIA field chief, Yoseph Murdock is trying to offer something to Simon, which is if Simon would reveal information about the organization, CIA will pay Laurence’s tuition fee until she goes to college and gets her doctoral degree, Laurence’s dream, CIA itself knew Laurence’s dream from Paul through Jordan, when in prison Paul is interrogated secretly by the people who visit him and those people actually are CIA, the police who have cooperated with the CIA invited the CIA to interrogate Paul because it is a secret presidential orders directly, the CIA agents are interrogating people who had contact with Simon while the FBI interrogating people who had contact with the organization, although they are not directly related , the government agency trying to find a weak spot of Simon, for example the dreams of his adopted daughter, his family and Simon’s fears as a spy and CIA utilize Laurence’s dream to be a doctor, Laurence said her dream to Jordan when they were chatting and Jordan told it to Paul, Jordan knows his father will go to jail even be put to death because of Simon’s provocation from CIA agents who told him, when he was often delivered home by Simon, " Jordan " did not know that Simon had provoked his father, after knowing the truth, Jordan became vengeful that turn this child to gather as much as possible information from Simon’s foster child, Jordan, the other reason is Jordan was promised if he succeeded in getting information and it is beneficial for the government, his father will be freed and will be separated from the death penalty.

Yoseph gives the offer on the condition that Simon must tell them who the leaders of the secret organization which is being considered will destroy the integrity of the country, but Simon refused the offer because it is meaningless, Simon believes that Laurence is smart enough to get the doctorate title, feeling angry because of Simon’s denial, Yoseph then use the dirty way, he publishes the photographs of the massacres carried out by Simon including photographs of Laurence biological parents massacre in the media with the headline: “Simon the boxer and tomorrow we'll never knows”.

Laurence who knows this news feels very vengeful on his adopted father and she is very shocked, a sense of revenge is used by the government, the government through the CIA asked Laurence ransacked their house because who knows there are important documents belonging to Simon about the left-wing organization, Laurence accepts government’s request, especially Lauren is given a lure that the government will give her a schollarship until she graduates and as chairman of the CIA field agents, Yoseph is the one who gives this offers.

Simon arrested as a member of a secret organization suddenly became warm conversation in public, Simon is imprisoned and sentenced to death, but apparently political interests play here, Simon made ​​a political prisoner that left-wing organization would disband because the government considers that Simon is a vital member of the organization, but apparently the government was mistaken because Simon is actually nothing more than lackeys in the membership of the organization, thus the organization ignores the threat from the government, even they don’t care if Simon be punished on the death penalty, especially if Simon actually executed the government will lose the main resources of the organization, so the main reason a court sentenced to death Simon was just as threatening as Simon considered a vital figure in the organization where if Simon is dead then movement organization would be chaotic but the government was mistaken because Simon in the organization is only considered as a lackey.

Johsua already chosen a replacement for Simon, he is Ron Hubert, even Johsua orders Ron to send his men to prison in order to kill Simon. Stewart Johnson, Ron's men is sent to prison, he initially in the different cell blocks with Simon because the case is trivial, namely robbery with assault forces, but then Stewart kills two other inmates in prison that makes him sentenced to 40 years and move into the same cell block with Simon, Stewart 's own type of people who are willing to sacrifice, even though he must sacrifice his life in order to carry out the task from his superiors, many times Stewart is trying to kill Simon, but always failed, the reason for Stewart’s failure in eliminating Simon is because his behavior as a spy of the organization should not be flashy and it is the command of the organization itself, while the murder of two prisoners is purely because Stewart was ordered by the organization to be transferred to the same cell block with Simon, and the orders came from Johsua through Ron just before Stewart infiltrates to the jail. The murder of 2 other inmates is made to look like an accident because of a quarrel, but the fact is Stewart has planned it and the actual brain is Johsua, because Johsua ordered Stewart to kills 2 prisoners so he could face severe penalties and even sentenced to death, so that Stewart could be in the same block with Simon so that the organization can shut Simon up forever through Stewart, because organization is afraid that if one day Simon will dismantle and expose the organization because the organization considers that nobody won’t be afraid of death, moreover the government promises freedom to Simon if Simon would disclose all confidential information of left-wing organization, but in fact there is no shred of Simon's intention to dismantle the organization, even he is willing to shut up until death, Simon is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the organization.

Mass panic occurs, people become hectic with the issues of left-wing organization, they become suspicious of each other even to close friends or their own family members, many couple split up and bring their children unilaterally because of fear if only their partner involved in the left-wing organization, many students are out of school for fear of their school has connections to the left-wing organization, otherwise the school was also issued many of his students who were allegedly involved or their parents or family involved in the organization, Laurence became one of the children who were excluded because his father was widely known as a member of the organization, Laurence is still surprised by the fact that Simon was the one who slaughtered his parents finally execute Yoseph’s commands to look for Simon’s important documents. First coincidence, Laurence often see Simon hides documents in a bag under his bed, because Simon thinks Laurence is just a kid he hides the document in a common place, Simon never thought that Laurence was already more mature beyond what he thinks, and Laurence is not like most other children, Laurence always be suspicious when her father comes home and in rush save documents under the bed, the secret documents that are still hidden under her adoptive father’s bed is found easily, then she gives the documents to Yoseph.

From the document Yoseph gets members’ names and find that the most members come from the middle east, eastern europe and latin america, and some of them are known as members of the Taliban or other black organizations who are even considered as members of the illuminati or freemasonry, from that names Yoseph gets an important name that is Mahmoud Farhad, his task is to oversees weapons supply from the Taliban, the Taliban soldiers team up with left-wing organization because they have been pledged one-third of American territory to be their territory, in addition, Farhad is a big brother of the secretary general of the Taliban who has a large influence in the Taliban organization. The second name is Lorenzo De Emannuel he serves as a treasurer of finance, he gets funds by dropping the price of marijuana in Cuba, but by dropping the price, the marijuana is selling well, even it exceeds previous earnings, the average cash generated from the sale of marijuana could reach hundreds of millions of dollars per week, Lorenzo also provides fund to farmers to grow marijuana in Cuba, but on one condition a quarter of the harvest must be delivered to the organization, they gives farmers compensation for the eventhough the compensation is very low, but cuban farmers’ intellectual level is very low, it makes them acccept the offers eventhough with a very low compensation, after getting marijuana from farmers, Lorenzo sells at a price 10 times from the real price, but it is still cheap than the price in other place. Cuba's current president, Bunuel Olivera also allows it to happen because he is a drug addict , even he is formulating a legislation to legalize narcotics in the country, of course it is opposed by their own people as well as the UN, but because the party that has power in Cuba is led by Bunuel, it makes Bunuel’s policy can not be contested by anyone, moreover a republican who also has the same veto to the state as democratic Party. In the UN, republican always cancels the veto invasion to Cuba by the United Nations states because of drug problems proposed democrat party, republican party itself argues that the invasion to Cuba will only makes civilian casualties and will not produce anything, a logic which indeed makes sense.

Then, the third name is Zuran Yimak. Zuran’s role is the most vital in the organization because he is the primary link between people in the organization who are outside America with inside of America, he is also the part of recruitment leader, who recruits civilians to be a member of the organization, just like MOSSAD, civilians who become members of the organization is only given one task and after they finished their tasks, they are removed from the organization and forced to shut up, if they open their mouth they will get a deadly headache because there is chip which is embedded inside their head and this chip is also used to spy on them, mostly civilians involved agree to be implanted a chip inside their head because the money given for them is not a little, despite the fact that the money given to them is far from worth it, because of that the target of the organization is lower class people who are already fed up with the American government.

Zuran and Farhad are arrested while Lorenzo is surprisingly released, then, there is rumors spread among members of the organization that Lorenzo is the one who submited the massacre photos to the CIA, Lorenzo disappeared for more than 8 months, rumor said that he got the luxury facilities from CIA as payment over the photos that he gave to the CIA and now lives with a new identity and the got the CIA protection ptogram, but that rumors are wrong, Lorenzo only got hundreds of thousands dollars from CIA and living in fear in a bunker for almost 4 months, and then, Lorenzo begins to find a new job by falsifying his identity, his experiences as a member of the organization make it easy for him to forge an identity and he was working on a luxury yacht as a waiter, but apparently he feels guilty because he has betrayed Simon who is also his best friend only for the sake of a few hundred dollars make Lorenzo goes deep into depression, he commitef suicide and his body was found in a ship's cabin, the government recognizes the corpse as Lorenzo concludes that the organization kills him to make him quiet, but the organization also thinks that the government killed Lorenzo because of the government is afraid Lorenzo could be a double agent whereas Lorenzo was not killed by anyone but he killed himself.

The trial court for Simon is ready to be held, but a few hours before the trial, the judge who will lead the court, Stephen Wildmark was shot in the chest when he was getting ready to go to the court, Wildmark fortunately survived, but the result is fatal, the trial court is canceled because the trial court does not have backup presiding judge, Wildmark is going to hospital be under guard with the CIA and FBI, because the government is afraid that Wildmark who have high loyalty to the government will be killed, the government suspect that left-wing organization who did this, when in fact the one who shot the judge is Steve Qualis, he is sympathetic to Simon, Steve is one of many people who are sympathetic to Simon as fed up with the American government, and he has no relationship at all with the left-wing organization, at the hands of Steve war between left-wing organization with the American government increasingly flared.

As already mentioned above, Peter Danke uses fake name as Sam Michel in the organization, he is a double agent who leaks the existence of the organization to the government of the United States, Peter is a friend of Luke Lewis, Luke Lewis is actually a friend of Jacobs, but because Luke would prefer to support Nganko Sembene, an American of Nigerian descent who is elected as presidential candidate of the republican party in the conversion republican presidential candidate last election makes the ​​friendship between Luke and Jacobs breaks, knowing a rift between Luke and Jacobs, Johsua who is actually Jacobs’s enemy offered Luke to enter the organization, whereas the rift between Luke and Jacobs is actually just a role play, because Nganko who is well supported by Luke actually gets support from Jacobs because they already make a political purchase, Jacobs and Luke have an intention to trap Johsua, Johsua does not directly offer Luke as a organization member but he gives an offer through a third party, because Johsua is very careful to believe anyone, although person closest to him, that’s why until now Peter does not know who is the real head of the organization.

Don’t want his identity known by public, Luke asks his best friend, Peter to replace his position as the member of left-wing organization, but unfortunately Peter has another intention, he wants to take a revenge to Luke, Peter knew Luke repeatedly had sex with his wife even he has seen it by his own eyes, but Peter is too coward to confront Luke, he uses an alias for a moment, so maybe someday when he is out from the organization, his name is clean , that is why he became a double agent, he has motivation to get revenge on Luke, that Luke is arrested and severe punishment, but out of Peter’s prediction, Luke is close to Jacobs and CIA, FBI and the police, it makes Jacobs and the three government agencies have an agreement to not involve Luke in this situation, over the years Sam a.k.a Peter collects a lot of information about the activities of the organization, especially activities that is opposed to the law, he does it in order to drag Luke into the jail, but unfortunately all is useless because as I wrote above Luke is close to Jacobs and the 3 major American institutions.

Jacobs injects to dead Marlene, Johsua's wife. Because she is considered too vocal to the government, she is also determined to establish an organization she will be used to protest to the government policies, then by chance, when Jacobs is desperate with the plan, Jacobs suddenly realizes if Johsua’s wife has an intention to establish an organization that oppose any government policy, he realizes that Jonathan Marvin who was once rumored to be the secretary of the organization that was founded by Marlene caught because Jonathan apparently become the member of the left-wing organization even he has a very important role in there, and plus, he manages to arrest people who previously had sounded will be the members of the organization which will be established by Marlene, the suspicion leads to Abraham Starley, Marlene’s brother and her husband, Johsua, actually, Abraham is not involved in the organization, because he is very loyal to the government, but because he is afraid of his brother's in law and his sister, he chooses to be neutral in all policies taken by the government, but Jacobs is still suspicious with Abraham because Jacobs believes that Abraham is only feign so he will not be suspected as chairman of the organization, Johsua and Abraham becomes the government’s main target.

Simon finally knew Johsua wants him die, Johsua intends to kill Simon through Ron Stewart's men, even now several police who works for Johsua are ready to be martyr and kill Simon anytime, be aware of his condition and knows that either government or Johsua have cornered him, realize that the government makes Laurence as a weapon to attack him and the organization that has an intention to kill him, Simon finally can’t hold his anger, he now realizes that the government and anti-government sides are equally dirty, in the court, Simon tells everything he knows and feels, he does not side with the government or organization, he sides with the people and himself because he feels that he has been betray by the organization and government, Simon is very anger when gives tesimony to the judge, many times he shouts and kicks his judgement seat, that's when people know that Jacobs and government and Johsua from left-wing organization is the root of all the problems that arise in the community, Jacobs’s regime makes people miserable, while the organization make people suffer because they are involved in a real war which is due to organization’s selfishness, people realize that Simon and some members of the organization who is also victims, they just want peace should be essential eventhugh they must be martyrs and people realize that the root of all these mess come from the system of the government, and therefore in the ending of the movie , American citizens go to the streets demanding a reformation, they all are fed up with the government and organizations or any sides which always bring them to suffer and doing anything only for their interests, the citizens fight and revolution happens.

the film ends with all American people goes to street and demand a reform of the system of government and the dissolution of all organizations that give nothing to citizens, Simon cries happily seeing this from the courtroom.